Avoidable Situations We Voluntary Put Ourselves In

If we can possialy avoid a situation that we know would hurt us, why is it that we still allow ourselves to keep doing it?

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1 Listen to Sad Songs After a Painful Break-up

Yeah because crying too those songs feel amazing! - Curti2594

We know doing this is going to destroy us, yet we still do it - time and again. - Britgirl

2 Cheat On Loved Ones

Cheat on a loved one is one of the few on here which doesn't apply to me (this, and listen to gossip, since I like to make my own mind up about people) I just wouldn't allow myself to fall into the trap to cheat; only a certain type of person would do this...
A simple message some might like to take notice of before cheating on the one you supposedly love is: If you don't want to get found out, don't do it! If you still go ahead with it, you deserve all you get. - Britgirl

3 Say Something We Immediately Regret

A massively awkward thing, this. You always have to think first, but sometimes thinking first doesn't work. - PositronWildhawk

We can avoid it, we just have to think first - but still we don't and it's a shame. - Britgirl

4 Pay a Fortune On Expensive Cosmetics

...Just too look no better than we did before - Britgirl

5 Sit and Watch Films We Dislike Only to Moan About Them All the Way Through

It is annoying, though, when you see a film that looks excellent but turns out to be terrible. And I've been in this situation on many unfortunate occasions. - PositronWildhawk

Just doesn't make any sense. - Britgirl

6 Listen to Gossip
7 Do Silly Things Just to Impress People We Don't Even Care About

This is Instagram's life source. - Entranced98

8 Read the Ending of a Book Before the Beginning

I'm not guilty of this but I know people who do do this and then moan because they find out the hero/ine has been killed. Pointless. - Britgirl

Okay...I've done this, But I swear I read the half of it and then committed this sin!
But...I've got some self control now..don't do that anymore :-) - Ananya

9 Listen to Bad Advice
10 Wait to Do Homework

Urgh I hate myself sometimes! - Curti2594

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11 Repeat Our Mistakes
12 Asking Questions Where We Know the Answers Could Hurt Us
13 Say Something Stupid Twice

Why do we do this?...Why do we do this? - Britgirl

14 Listen to a Song You Hate Again
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