Top Ten Songs by Avril Lavigne

The Best Song's by the popular pop rock/pop punk singer.

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1 Complicated

I love complicated & think that its much better than I'm with you. its a song you can relate to and one you can groove to as well

I love this song so thoughtful and I just love it! If you haven't heard this song yet you should! :) I love Avril Lavigne this song is a great love song. If you like love songs and pop rock then listen to Avril Lavigne!

The most amazing song I have heard, not just Avril's but among all the other songs! Avril's has the best textured voice anyone can have... Her ability to laugh evilly and demonically in between songs so fabulous!
Love her so much!

Just a perfect song.

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2 I'm with You

Avril lavigne's most beautiful song. I love the way her songs portrays so much emotion about loneliness.

the best son by avril.. followed by complicated... reaaly love it. shes got an amzin voice... included in mah favs

This song is really very touching and no doubt that it has achieved the first place because of its lyrics and the way it is sung too. Avril Ramona Lavigne you really were very good in this song and of course the video too. Dealing with me feel this song is just made for me for every girl who is like me.

This is my all time favorite song!

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3 My Happy Ending

'so much for my happy ending.. '
Very good song by avril lavigne, possible one of the best ones. High five Avril, way to go!

My Best song of Avril, with awesome lyrics and mood. The best emotional Rock ever heard. Truely uncomparable with other female Rock songs...

I LOVE this song... I think that "Under my skin" is Avril's best album because all the songs are, what I would call, "PUNK ROCK" and that's her genre. And I love the lyrics, the song, EVERYTHING! And I love her voice in this song! I think it's way better than all the songs in "The best damn thing. " (INCLUDING GIRLFRIEND.. )

Yeah so much for my HAPPY ENDING

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4 Girlfriend

I love this song is because I like the part with she's so stupid what the hell were you thinking it just makes me laugh out loud!

I can understand why a lot of people are voting for What The Hell (because it's new) but this song was the biggest song in all of 2007. It was number 1 across the globe, it's her biggest hit yet and I don't think she'll ever beat this. On top of that, this also ROCKS! It's very Punk, and Avril is HOT in the video! Should be ahead of What The Hell! Vote!

it is a really superb song

I love it so much I listen to it every morning and I listen to it when I get back from school I love you Avril Lavigne so much

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5 When You're Gone

Avril's got the most innocent voice which is sexy at the same time. This song brings tears to my eyes because of the emotion and passion she sings. I love her voice and of course, her!

beautiful beautiful song..
i like it because it reminds me of myself..
best song ever

Fabulous song... the most touching one..!
every word this song contains evokes your inner sorrow.. if you have ever passed from any incident like that..

Every time I listen to this song I feel how much I really miss somebody, I spend my time convincing myself everything will be alright when the're gone, but when I hear this it brings tears to my eyes and makes me understand I was so so wrong about everything being alright.

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6 Sk8er Boi

One of my favorite songs of avril lavinge.. I like it too much.
10 on 10. This song Really rocks. I Hear That Song everyday. Muhhxx On This Song. Too good.

Love this pop-rock song. it earned a grammy nomination for best rock vocal performance by a female.

This is the song that everyone associates Avril with Punk because that's what this song is Pop Punk. Was her trademark song back in the day.

This song must be on number 2 spot

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7 Wish You Were Here

I think every teenage girl can relate to this song

There's emotion dripping in every word of the lyrics she sings. Beautiful song.

A beautiful song anyone missing someone should hear. Avril Lavigne brings in powerful vocals set to a beautiful guitar riff. Damn! Damn! Damn! I love this song.

The best song

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8 What the Hell

its an amazing song composed by avril lavigne. I am loving it. the lyrics are damn cool. avril looks so sexy in this. please watch the video..

love this song. it's underrated yet again and should've charted higher! love avril's catchy songs like these. so playful and it's awesome to listen to!

This is easily one of my favorite songs by her. To be honest, I felt as though with every album her music got better. I definitely think her older music was a lot more mature, but I like her newer music better. "What the Hell" is probably my favorite song to dance to ever. I am just obsessed with it. Lavigne is able to demonstrate her true vocal ability (it's very hard to sing the 'I am thinking' and 'Whoa' before 'What the Hell' in the chorus). I think that this song is just a really great song overall and should've been more successful. I love everything about this song and its feel-good sense it has to it.

How could anyone dislike this song? It's catchy, unique, and it's one of those really great pop songs that actually involves... Well... Good quality music and a talented artist to carry it out. I love this song so much. It is so underrated and should have charted way higher because it is her best song in my opinion, and it totally defines her whole pop-rock style of music. Avril is so great, and I LOVE this song. =)

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9 Nobody's Home

I love this song because it's so honest and real and it really showcases her amazing talent.

Very hard choice here but this song is so emotional and relatable. She sings it very beautifully too.

Can't believe this is number ten it's the most emotionally raw song of hers

This song is just so beautiful, heartwrenching, and a gorgeous, powerful song. I love it so much, I can see myself definitely in this song. Best and needs to be #1! Slipped Away #2, When You're Gone #3, Complicated, Hot, Sk8ter Boy... etc etc lol :D I also love it because it was one of the first I ever heard besides Things I Never Say. Oh yeah add that to the list too! hahaha :D I wish Avril wouldn't swear so much in her songs, she has such a great voice!

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10 Smile

It makes me smile every time I hear it, I think many people can relate to it :) Upbeat but still has a strong message behind it. :P

Absolutely LOVE this song already listened to it something like 250 times

I smile every time I hear this song. Its a fun and energetic song that I can totally get down to. If someone hasn't heard this song I would totally recommend it

This has always been one of my favorite songs by Avril, even before I could relate to it. (I think the music video is fun too) I always come back to this song.

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The Contenders

11 Keep Holding On

This song is great. I really like her vocals and it describes a lot of people. It also tells us to keep following our dreams and never give up. It's true, whatever's meant to be would work out perfectly.

I can't believe Glee just ruined it.

I honestly love this song, the melody is dreamy and combined with outstanding lyrics it makes a beautiful song, which just makes you to keep holding on in your life...

All of her songs are awesome

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12 Innocence

Come on guys you know that this is a wonderful song with amazing emotion put into it and it has an absolutely brilliant tune. I have no idea why this is not in the top three on this list.. :) Go avril lavigne!

I really like how pure and innocent Avril was like in this song. Her voice is really sweet and I can't help it but to listen to it again and again.

Simply one of her best songs yet! different from everything she has ever done and yet AMAZING love this song and never get tired of listening to it.

Definitely one of her best songs and extremely underrated.

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13 Here's to Never Growing Up

The song rocks and it's perfect when you are waiting for summer to get here so fast

When the first time I heard this song, I fell in love..
It's a great song
Guys, it's great!

It's super catchy, I love it!

In love with this song, so current and although it's not like Avril'l old stuff it still is truly amazing! Everyone should buy this, such a SUMMER SONG! AVRIL FANS, WE HAVE FOUND OUR SUMMER ANTHEM!

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14 Don't Tell Me

there are just so many avril songs, but this has to be the best.

"This guilt trip that you put me on won't. Mess me up but you're no wrong. "

The lyrics are SO GOOD!

This is an amazing songs... it is amazing... best by far

I love pretty much all of her songs, but this is has to be her best! It's 100% pure rock, and the song has such a deep meaning!

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15 Rock N Roll

Should be in Top 10..
It really rocks! Vote for it everybody!

It's brand new but man it's epic this song describes a lot about her and a lot of rock Music Fans like me!

It also makes sense when thinking about Avril and Chad as a Couple there both Rock & Roll and they have pretty much the same love for Rock And Roll - Curti2594

I love this song so much. I feel like it should be ranked higher, it's just about rock and roll. It brings back memories of so many of her old songs like bad reputation, and the music video makes me laugh.


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16 I Will Be

This is still my favourite avril's song despite listening to many of others

Like this song so much, not only the lyrics, but also the mood that Avril trying to share with the audience. I think this song really suit to be turned on when we've just broke with our girl/ boy friend. Xp

Beautiful ballad,

"There's nothing I could say to you
Nothing I could ever do to make you see
What you mean to me
All the pain, the tears I cried
Still you never said goodbye
And now I know how far you'd go"

"'Cause you keep me from falling apart
And all my life, you know I'll be with you forever
To get you through the day and make everything okay! "

This is the best song ever! I am Avril's biggest fan, have listen to EVERY SINGLE song she has EVER wrote or sang. Yet, this is most favorite song in the entire world! And it probably "Will Be" forever!

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17 Remember When

Oh my! This was so hard to make a decision but I listen to this song a lot so had to be this one but I love When You're Gone just as much! Nobody's Home and most Goodbye Lullaby songs are also amazing too...

I personally wood not vote I'm With You 1st but it is a good song!

Amazing website by the way...

Why this song so low? I can't understand! It's amazing! Best song from Goodbye Lullaby after Wish You Were Here

This song should be way above as I feel it is a very nice song and people must be nuts if they are discouraging this son

I can't believe this song didn't make the top ten. It's the best song of Avril that I've ever heard. No 38? You got to be kidding me

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18 Things I'll Never Say

How every girl feels towards her crush! Come on this should be number 1

I don't understand why this song I so down on the list. It, at least, must be in the top ten. It is personally my favorite. I am totally in love with this song!

This is like the 3rd best song from her best album "Let Go" only behind Complicated and I'm With You. This is better than Sk8ter Boi so it should be in the top 10. Listen to it, it's really good.

This song is just taking every girl and her inner 13 year old comes out. how every girl feels with their crush. can't believe it isn't in the Top 10

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19 Losing Grip

Losing My Grip is by far the best ever Avril Lavigne song. There isn't even a 2nd place. Losing Grip is the only song that makes her good. Every other song is just ok compaired to this. This top list is invaled for not having Losing Grip in first place

This song rocks so much, it's my favorite from Avril.

Her best song

It's one of my favourite songs... I think every girl whose hearts are broken by their loved one's should absolutely hear this great piece of avril..

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20 Fall to Pieces

I LOVE THIS SONG! I love the lyrics of this song. I feel this should definitely come in the top ten because it deserves to! Its really an awesome song and I LOVE it a lot! Please everyone vote for it!

This song is underrated. it is amazing like all her other songs. I love her! happy late birthday! the lyrics ar

I absolutely love this song. It's different from Avril's other songs. It has a soothing effect. I can totally relate to it.. I don't understand why it's so under-rated.

SHOULD BE #1! I LOVE THIS SONG SO MUCH! Such an old song and so perfect and relatable because we have all felt like we were about to fall to pieces

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21 Everybody Hurts

This is her best song and must be in top 3
She is a great singer and this song is really fantastic and in my opinion it is the best song I have ever heard
May god bless you avril! May you live long and give us more and more amazing songs

It's the best song of avril lavigne it must be in the top its much better then I'm with you any way WE LOVE YOU AVRIL

I like this song very much and Avril's voice I too cool. Hey Avril, I love you very much. Please come to Myanmar. Your fans will wait you including me. There are thousands of fans of your.

This is by far my favorite song by Avril I can relate to it and it always puts a smile on my face knowing everything will be okay

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22 Hot

Avril looks really HOT in this video.. and the song's cool too.. good job..

This is her best song although she has many great songs, my top ten would look something like this:
1. Hot
2. Take Me Away
3. Complicated
4. My Happy Ending
5. I'm With You
6. Girlfriend
7. Don't Tell Me
8. Innocence
9. Not Enough
10. Contagious
Please listen to every song on the list before voting for just the most popular songs at the top of the list, she has many great songs so check them all out first.

I love all of Avril's songs but Hot is my TOP FAVORITE! I love it because it's powerful and I think it express all that andrenaline and passion a teenage girl can have for her crush! I also love it because to me it's related to many cartoon couples I ship, like Arnold X Helga or Lazlo X Edward for example! It's that precious kind of "I hate you but I want ' want you! " I could keep talking about this song for a long time

I think this a a very nice song, and it's song video is the best of all of her. She have a sweet voice. I really want to meet her in real life I have heard all songs of her I am a big fan of her

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23 Freak Out


Why are people leaving out Avril's best songs? Her old songs were her best songs because they ROCKED.

Love this sog

One of my favorites. Lyrics and music are brilliant!

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24 Alice

Underrated *-*

This song is amazing and probably one of my favorite songs of all time. I'm not a huge Avril Lavigne fan but there is just something about this song that makes me want to listen to it over and over again. It amazes me how it didn't become huge

I love this song. It's melody is kinda haunting but it sticks and inspires. I love alice in wonderland, and this perfectly portrays it.

Alice all the way! Why its so far down the list I'll never know! But I must admit, I love all of the songs listed above... And below :L

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25 Unwanted

What!? Best Avril Lavigne song and from the first album too! Her best ROCKING song anyway.

THIS SONG IS SO AWESOME! Like, what the hell guys! This could so be in the top ten! Like she totally rocks the song! I love it when she says you don't know me, don't ignore me! My list would look like:
1/. Unwanted
2/. Everybody Hurts
3/. My Happy Ending
4/. Smile (Clean Version)
5/. Keep Holding On
6/. Complicated
7/. Sk8ter Boi
8/. Innocence
9/. With You
10/. Stop Standing There
Girlfriend would be in this list, too, but I'm not allowed to listen to songs with the word girlfriend or boyfriend... Except for Taylor Swift's 'You Belong With Me'! I totally agree with Lewis, this IS the older, punkier, better Avril! Vote for UNWANTED!

"You don't know me, don't ignore me! " - Avril Lavigne

Epic! Rocks out loud! Deep! Dark!


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26 17

One of the best songs of the self-titled album, along with Hello Heartache and Give You What You Like

Brings back memories of teenage years

This is one of the best songs from her new album.

Its pretty punk like

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27 Let Me Go

must be 1!

One of the best Duets I've heard in my life Ever it's amazing how they jell together they are A Music Power Couple Big time and they both love music! - Curti2594

This song just really stuck out from anything she'd done before. I felt like for the first time I was listening to a song that didn't sound like a bratty teen angst song from Avril. It sounded like a welcome change of pace to a more mature sound with the piano and strings. Not to mention her vocal performance on this song. Her voice sounds more resonant than ever before. - theOpinionatedOne

Chavril Owned this song! One of the best TRUE DUETs I've heard in my life!

The is a Power Ballad something you can dance to around the holidays or Wedding or whatever!

This is gonna be played a lot in my life!
Thank you Avril & Chad For making this MasterPiece! - Curti2594

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28 Slipped Away

The Song does not try to be a happy song about death, which is rare. But for some reason Avril portrays it in such a way as you can move on but you will always miss that person. But above all it's a song for everyone in the world to feel. I feel it right now and I haven't had anyone close to me die yet, but this song will be able to sooth me in a way that will make me remember them and sooth my soul. When that day comes. I hope I will find more inspiration like many should. LIVE LIFE FOR THEM as well - Drewstar

I lost my daughter in 2006. She died a week before her due date. Stillborn. This is her song. I played it over and over. It still makes me think of her. She was my only daughter.

I would give you a hug from here in Australia. Just remember she will always be in your heart and in there nobody can feel any pain. - Drewstar

This song reminds me of my unsuccessful romance, I used to hear it often on those days, it reminds me a part of my sad and happy times - MatrixGuy

How can this be 29th? It's like, the only song that understands me. Just amazing. I use to play this when I think of my grandma, who died a few months ago.

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29 The Best Damn Thing

Can't believe this is so low should be in the top 5 my favorite one

45?! How on Earth is this at forty-five people? How did this come to be below Hello Kitty?! Unlike that song, this one is not just catchy, it has meaning, a great beat and sass! She named an album after it! And what's more, some of Avril's best songs were off this album. It's the best damn thing!

And why is "I'm With You" on top of me? This is the ultimate girl power anthem! Whenever I listen to this song, I feel so much better about myself and be proud to be a female. I have no IDEA at all why this didn't even make it to the top 10. VOTE THE BEST DAMN THING, PEOPLE.

I have no idea why this would be this low. This should be at LEAST in top 10, I mean come on guys.

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30 Forgotten

OH MY GOD! Why is this song not in the top ten list? I thought people knew Under My Skin was Avril's best album? So songs of Under my skin should be on the top ten list.. I love this song and I'm saying it openly that this song is the story of my life... My mom hates me and I feel forgotten... My mom has her boyfriend.. My dad has my mom... But whom do I have? No one.. I feel forgotten by my family but the only two people I Love are Natalie and Anastasia: MY cousins with whom I share everything...

Most powerful song. This music can't be considered hard rock or punk?

By far the deepest Avril Lavigne song, and also one of the most rock songs!

Alternative rock, post-grunge and even metal!
It's not like her pop rock radio singles.

Why is Under My Skin so underrated? Most people don't know or even forget that album, but it's her most straight rock album!

So amazing song!

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31 Goodbye

It is impossible for me to describe this song. It is so sad, yet it sounds so beautiful and good. When I saw that this was LAST PLACE on her top rated songs, (as well as here), I was shocked. Utterly appalled. This is her most bittersweet, spine-chilling song yet. This is something that seems rather unlikely of Avril too. This is one beautiful love song, and will always have a special place in my heart. Go listen to it, if you have not yet!

AH! LAST PLACE! I cannot listen to this song without a tear falling from my eyes. But LASTPLACE?!?!? So unfair!

A song that makes me cry. Deep. The music and the lyrics are a masterpiece!

This was the first Avril Lavigne song I ever heard. I was so sad hearing it that I didn't talk the rest of the day.

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32 Give You What You Like

I'm listening avril for 8 years and follow all of her musics. this is one of the most beautiful song

I'm sure almost everyone has heard this song somewhere but nobody knows its name.. This is the only logical reason why a song like this might be here.

This is one of the best from her last album. She sounds (and looks, the video is great as well) very sensual and mature, more than usual.

This is by far one of Avril's best songs. Still I believe Nobody's Home is her best but wanted to vote for this since it's too low

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33 He Wasn't

This song is so underrated, but it's the most badass song she's made. I really wish she was still a tomboy. She was such a better singer when she was a tomboy.

love all of her music but this must be the best song - chantella

So amazing. Great pop rock punk anthem!

The best... best of the best

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34 Everything Back but You

AMAZING and my favourite song!

I love this song!

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35 I Can Do Better

This song is amazing, that's also her favorite song of TBDT album

This is ny favorite song from the best dawn thing

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36 My World

This reminds me of MY imagination world.

My favorite song of avril lavigne ever. I daydream and always get lost in my world. this song describes me perfectly

I love this song, describes me perfectly! Xx

The perfect song for anyone wanting a 3-minute melancholic revisiting of their youth. - overleveraged

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37 I Always Get What I Want

What? That's one of her most trademark songs. Self-confident empowerment anthem. Pop-punk, alternative rock.

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38 Together

Together is my favorite song. For me, this song is the most emotional song she had ever wrote. Her voice in this song is powerful and I like the piano at the intro.

It is Definitely the best song of avril. She puts her soul into it. its just so much awesome! Its like all your emotions in your lyrics! Best song!

Are you guys kidding me?! Nobody voted for this song! This song is AWESOME. I was pretty surprised when I saw it at 53! It should be at the top 10.

What this song must be at top ten I really love this song it says that always being together isn't always good at all and sometimes you need to be alone

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39 Runaway

23rd? No way. I've listen this songs for 3 years and it never get me bored!

This is one of the most underrated song of Avril Lavigne!
I mean, it's one of those songs you could never get tired of even if you play it again and again and also, it kinda reflects what people think of most the time... I guess...

But seriously, this song should get more attention!

This can't be in such a low position. This song is one of the bests in the album! The lyrics are just perfect

Beautiful summer-song. Just rocks!

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40 Darlin

The very 1st song she ever wrote. She wrote this when she was like 14, & she just decided 2 put it on her latest album! Well it's about time cause this is one of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard! Avril sure knows how 2 touch your heart with her lyrics!

It should be ranked higher.. Nice song

LGBT anthem! Strong for everybody that feels shy or like an outsider!

Wrong, complicated, sk8ter boi, and I'm with you were the first songs she ever wrote

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41 Contagious

I really like this song. I sometimes wonder how she came up with the song. I love a lot of her songs, but this is definitely AN AMAZING SONG! AM I rIGHT?! GREAT JOB, AVRIL LAVIGNE

This song rocks!
You clearly hear that Avril's a huge fan of Green Day and Blink-182.
An amazing pop-punk, alternative rock summer song that makes you happy every time you're listening to it!
Sadly underrated :(

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42 Spongebob Squarepants Theme
43 How You Remind Me

Even Though This song is by Nickelback, She makes it more magical. That's Avril! You Guys must listen to this!

This song just proves how talented this woman is. I didn't know it was a cover. I just knew it's a beautiful song, and she made it beautiful

For reasons, Avril audience has become mostly girls. This song, however, remind us all that she still got some rock left. Great song.

I love this song a lot. In fact, I like Avril's version more than that of Nickelback.

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44 Take Me Away Besides

This song shares a great and very important message: do whatever the hell you want to, you won't be young forever so just BE HAPPY! It's a b-side, so most people don't know about it, though...

45 Mobile

This is one of my favourite songs, it can't be in number 61! Are you crazy?!

This hast to be top 10 it's so catchy and it even has a music video, which leaked last year. Everone should see it. And the fact that they made a video means that Mobile probably was ment to be relased at the Last Single from Let Go, it was relaseas as a single in New Zeland by the way.

So underrated! This songs catchy and has great lyrics! I love it

Why? I can see Hello Kitty before this one. This is perfection

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46 Temple of Life

That vocals. A song that proves her ability!

47 Anything but Ordinary

This song's great... can relate 2 this VERY well...

This song, I can relate to. The lyrics are so meaningful and just beautiful. It's just so underrated and so infamous, and the famous Avril songs make her image looks bad. Why can't all the haters just listen to all her songs before judging her?

I think of this, Mobile, and Things I'll Never Say as the triad of unreleased gems from LET GO. There's all touching, sweet, and nostalgic. - overleveraged

My avril favorite. This one and complicated are amazing.

One of the best Avril Lavigne songs. Stand up for who you are, fight for your rights, be yourself, stay weird!

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48 Nobody's Fool

Feisty Avril at her best.

This is a song where you dare again to be yourself. It gives you a kind of power to being yourself again She wrote in the song that she doesn't care what the other peoples think about her. Great! So guys: JUST BE YOURSELF!

Hey Do you guys forget one of the great songs by AL?

This song is literally my bible. I love her - Anggun

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49 Hush Hush

This is from fifth album " avril lavigne " and its really awesome, reminds me of a love that I never dared to tell :'( this should be on topten next to I'm with you

Best song of the 5th album

It should be in top 20 at least. It's one of the best song from her album "Avril Lavigne". I love it.

WHY is this song so high?! Its awesome; and one of the last songs from her latest album. Check it out!

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50 Not Enough

This is my favorite song. It's just beutiful and memorable and awesome

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