Top Ten Songs by Avril Lavigne

The Best Song's by the popular pop rock/pop punk singer.
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1 Complicated Complicated Cover Art

"Complicated" is on the soundtrack of my teenage life. It takes me back to the beginning of my love for music. But it's not because of nostalgia, it was a favourite song of me right from the start.

Complicated started Avril's journey and speaks about something not a lot of focus on. It talks about conforming and being what others want you to be. It also has a great instruments. Oh yeah top 3.

Complicated is one of my favourite songs of all time. It was released when I was born (2002, as a single) and I found it when I was around 11 years old. I would just listen to it for hours, even though I only understood a few words (I don't come from an English-speaking country.) I think Complicated is Avril's best song to this day.

Best song from Avril ever! It's a song that comes purely from the soul of Avril Lavigne and it has a killer catchy chorus. I remember about how cocky and ignorant I was when I was younger every time I hear this song! This not only one of her best songs, It is one of the best songs EVER!

2 I'm with You I'm with You Cover Art

Beautifully composed and sung! Cozy (yet damn cold), reflective, full of longing. It captures this deep emotion we know so so well. A powerful ballad showing off Avril's talent in songwriting AND singing, so relatable and true that it links her heart to ours.

Avril lavigne is an awesome singer and I find it amazing that she is so good with the lyrics... I'm with you is like one of her best songs with good lyrics and there's nothing to say about the tune... It's an amazing song and I like to cover it a lot... It's easy and simple... I've been away listening to metal music more than any other and this song's got me back to track... I amainly a huge fan of rock music and pop is like my childhood so they are my favorite. Genres of music... Avril lavigne reminds me of my childhood...

This is my favorite song by Avril Lavigne. It's one of her slower songs, but it really hits home for me and I know there's other people in the world that can also relate to this song. What it means to me is about someone who is all alone. There are times where I just feel alone and unwanted and this song makes me feel comfort. I know that I'm not the only one that feels like that. Thank you Avril Lavigne for an incredible song.

This song is about a lonely girl just searching for somewhere to belong and just wanting comfort in anyone. It is one of the best songs for me, because it speak to me and reminds me of how I used to feel. Truely one of her best songs; esspecially with the insane vocal at the end.

3 My Happy Ending My Happy Ending Cover Art

I think this one and Nobody's Home are the best ones by her. I personally like her older songs better. I like this song because it's like she's expressing her anger to a guy but not too raging. She made it perfectly. My favorite female singer

This is the best song by Avril Lavigne. Once you listen to it, you want to keep listening to it. It's definitely a song worth listening. I still listen to it, and the video is awesome. Vote for this. This has to be the best song by her.

I adore this song it is one of her best it reminds me of my situation I was in with my ex and it fits it perfectly I.. You were verything everything that I wanted we were meant to supposed to be but we lost it... I love it so much it is unbelivably amazing love it so much..

"Remember When" is my favorite by her but this song is very emotional and is one of my favorites! You can feel her pain when she sings it. She is definitely my idol and always will be. I love you Avril!

4 Girlfriend Girlfriend Cover Art

This song is just so cool. I can relate to this song, SO much. There's this boy I'm crushing on, and he has a girlfriend. I'm one of his closer friends, and he's told me he doesn't really like her and that she's using him. One of his other mates said he's head over heels for me, and that he talks about me all the time.
I play this song every time I get home from school, always brings a smile to my face. I wish people would talk about Avril as much as they uses to.

I can understand why a lot of people are voting for What The Hell (because it's new) but this song was the biggest song in all of 2007. It was number 1 across the globe, it's her biggest hit yet and I don't think she'll ever beat this. On top of that, this also ROCKS! It's very Punk, and Avril is HOT in the video! Should be ahead of What The Hell! Vote!

I love this song is because I like the part with she's so stupid what the hell were you thinking it just makes me laugh out loud!

This was the 2007 anthem. Avril's biggest hit. You heard it everywhere, even a girl I know who has been living under the hellrock known as disney (she's never heard of beyonce) knew this song. It's a good song. What the Hell's good but this song is better

5 Sk8er Boi Sk8er Boi Cover Art

Energetic, wild, brisk! The skater punk anthem! The catchiest song of Avril! Simple appeal, yet a masterpiece! Unadorned lyrics, yer such a meaningful message! Very successful, yet underrated!

This song is by far Avril's best because it's different from anything else she's ever done. She's always had that punk edge, but this song brings it out more than ever. It also has a great storyline and the music video rocks! Not to mention Avril's awesome vocal performance. Plus, you know that when a chic spells skate with an 8, she's a total badass. This is the side of Avril we need to see more of, not the 'princess' side.

Hey, if you didn't vote this song and if you didn't know this, Sk8er Boi was the very song that gave Avril her 'sk8er girl' nickname. This song has a happy awesome (but unfake) feel to it and the simple storyline is sure to have won people over when it was released. DON'T FORGET OLD AVRIL SONGS!

Best song I have heard in a long time. I usually hate pop or rock but this is one that is just fun and great to listen to. I go around the house singing this song all the time and my whole family thinks I'm going crazy

6 When You're Gone When You're Gone Cover Art

Complicated is my second favourite but this is my favourite song by Avril Lavigne. It's clean but very sad. Her voice is so beautiful in it!

I don't get too emotional when I just listen to the song or watch the lyric video, but when I watch the music video I cry because of the old man in it. When he cries, it brings me tears as well. If you don't mind crying right now, go watch the video. But if you are in an upbeat mood then watch her Complicated or Girlfriend or What the Hell video. I LOVE the video for Girlfriend.

Anyway, this is so beautiful and I love this masterpiece song.

I aways needed time on my own,
Never thought I,
Need you there when I cry
And the days feel like years when I'm alone
And the bed that you lie
Is made up on your side.

When you walk away I count the steps that you take
Do you see how much I need you right now?

When your gone
The pieces of my heart are missing you
When your gone
The face I came to know is missing too
When your gone
The words I need to hear to always get me through the day
And make it ok
I miss you

I never felt this way before
Everything that I do
Reminds me of you
And the clothes you left, they lie on the floor
And they smell just lilke you
I love things that you do

When you walk away I count the steps that you take
Do you see how much I need you right now?


We were made for each other,
out here forever, I knew we were yeah
And all I ever wanted was for you to know
Everything I do I give my ...more

Like most other people here, I too can very well relate with this song so no wonder it's my favourite. But the best part about the song is it's music. It completely surrounds you and you feel lost when you listen to it. Oh and of course the music piece with which the song begins- simply too good!

Definitely the best song ever. I love how her voice resembles her feelings, I think she tells us how she feels so perfectly that I burst in tears every time I heard the song. Her voice which is so innocent adds up to the quality if this music. Best voice, best music, best music video, best song.

7 Wish You Were Here Wish You Were Here Cover Art

I feel like this song describes perfectly, how I, and many other girls across the globe feel about themselves and others. I know that I always put up this tough girl front, but there are certain people that I really enjoy being around, and I'm not afraid to be myself around them, and I don't have to worry that they'll judge me. That's the same message I get from this song.

I love this song cause it totally reminds me of someone... And if I had to make a list it would be like this,
1) Wish you were here
2) Smile
4)Hot or happy ending
6)I'm with you
8)Skater boy
9)What the hell
10) Innocence...
Don't mean to offend anyone... I'm just sharing my own views...

I love this song... Because this is the same song that my boyfriend dedicated to me, making it extra special. Right words, right music, right thing 4 all those out there missin their beloved!

I love This Song, Avril Lavigne is so cool! I love her songs, very cool, and very punk! Most of her songs are relatable for teenagers. She's the coolest singer ever!

8 Nobody's Home Nobody's Home Cover Art

This song touches my heart and soul alike. Hardly anything makes me cry, but Nobody's Home does it. The melody, the lyrics, her voice - it resonates with me deeply. And it does that although I never lived through anything described in this magical song.

How Girlfriend is even on this on this list, let alone in the top 10. Nobody's Home is such a powerfully amazing song, I miss the punk rock Avril, who sang about real things. This song shows you that no matter how perfect somebody seems on the outside, inside they might be dying. Truly an amazing song, and means a lot to me,

It should be number 1! It has the best music video, sad story line and perfect lyrics. The other songs are awesome, but you get bored of hearing "complicated" and "what the hell" etc again and again, but this song remains awesome no matter how many times I hear it

I have been in love with this song ever since I heard it. The song is just raw. It's honest. It's about the feeling of betrayal lingering in your life and how it makes one feel so bad and broken. That's why I love it. I can relate to it. This song is just so human.

9 What the Hell What the Hell Cover Art

This is easily one of my favorite songs by her. To be honest, I felt as though with every album her music got better. I definitely think her older music was a lot more mature, but I like her newer music better. "What the Hell" is probably my favorite song to dance to ever. I am just obsessed with it. Lavigne is able to demonstrate her true vocal ability (it's very hard to sing the 'I am thinking' and 'Whoa' before 'What the Hell' in the chorus). I think that this song is just a really great song overall and should've been more successful. I love everything about this song and its feel-good sense it has to it.

This is my absolute favorite song! It's super catchy and fun. The lyrics to me are saying that once in a while, you need to let go, forget about your problems and what others think, and enjoy life. This is a great song to listen to after you've had a bad day and it's just so high spirited you can't resist singing along. Aveil shows her true vocal talent, ability to appeal to her audience, and punk rock pop personality in her number one best song "What the Hell"

How could anyone dislike this song? It's catchy, unique, and it's one of those really great pop songs that actually involves... Well... Good quality music and a talented artist to carry it out. I love this song so much. It is so underrated and should have charted way higher because it is her best song in my opinion, and it totally defines her whole pop-rock style of music. Avril is so great, and I LOVE this song. =)

This is totally the best Avril Lavigne song ever. It shows a side of her that tells you to just let go and have fun. I love how she plays hard to get. This is a Oscar winning worth of a song and lots of us fans agree. Avril Lavigne really rocks out in this song, both in the song and music video! I love you Avril!

10 Smile Smile Cover Art

This Song is awesome and also For A very Good Reason this song Makes Me Smile More then other Songs by my Girl Avril Lavigne Trust me I Love a lot of her Songs
Man really enjoyed it and it's my #1 Fave Song From Goodbye Lullaby!
Songs By Avril Lavigne!
My own Top Tens look like this
1 Smile
2 Nobody's Home
3 I'm With You
4 When I Gone
5 Skater Boy
6 I Love You
7 My Happy Ending
8 Don't Tell Me
9 Fall To Pieces
10 Here's To Never Growing Up

It's so good to listen when I am depressed it makes me feel good, it gives me courage. I listen to it 50 times in 24 hours. it makes me smile. I love AVRIL and her songs especially smile. I encourage all fans to listen to this song its quiet fantastic...I... love it...

I smile every time I hear this song. It's a fun and energetic song that I can totally get down to. If someone hasn't heard this song I would totally recommend it

I LOVE THIS SONG! This is one of my favorite songs EVER. Even though it may have some bad language it is a ver upbeat song! I could listen to this song all day long that's how great this song is! :) I LOVE THIS SONG!

The Contenders
11 Keep Holding On Keep Holding On Cover Art

Keep Holding On continues to be my favourite Avril Lavigne song. I love a lot of her songs, but this one is too good not to love. It is sad to me that this is not as popular as it could have been, or can be. The power of the message behind it is incredible, the vocals, the instrumentals in the backround are pitch perfect. This is one of those underdog songs that once you listen to, you'll try everything to make it popular, as well as listen to it thousands of times. If you have not heard this powerful song, go listen to it now!

This song is just so beautiful! There's no other words for it. Avril's voice melts my heart every time. It's such a heart-warming song that you can listen to over and over again. I can't remember how many times I've bawled while listening to Keep Holding On.

This should really be in the top ten. It's sad that it's not as well known as her other songs. You think I'm With You's better? I unrespectfully disagree.

As someone who has listened to (and loves) every single of Avril' s songs, I can say without a doubt that this needs to be at least in the top 5. It's just not as well known as other songs but it is one of the best, better than Smile, What the hell or Girlfriend by far. If you like Avril but don't know this song you NEED to listen to it. It's my favorite song of hers.

This is the best of all the avril lavigne songs I've heard. Still can't realise why this isn't in top 10. Song has a strong feeling and emotion attached with it. Great lyrics totally suited to the background music. Cheers me up every time I hear this.

12 Innocence Innocence Cover Art

How many times has this song inspiried me to keep going to school and keep my despression down? Oh right 3 months. Grade 7 was so hard for me in the beginning, but whenever I sang this song in my mind it kept me going forward, and now I'm so happy how much I've changed I LOVE school, it's so fun, the work is now easy and this song played in my mind less and less, but ill never forget it, Innocence and See you again was the two songs that kept me going forwards. Thankyou

This is the best song of avril!
It is better than I'm with you!
Seriously I never get tired listening to this song! It brings tears to my eye! This song is so emotional and amazing and Avril has just rocked it! I love her so much for giving us such a beautiful song!

I love innocence it is awesome and helped when I was sad it's a really great song but then again I love all her songs because each on has a meaning. I am a big fan of avril lavigne and hope she doesn't stop writing for a long time I am a big fan! I love avril lavignes music

This is such a beautiful deep song filled with emotion. Love that it's all about being grateful for what you have in life, and I think of being okay with the guy I'll never get, but how that's okay because this innocence is brilliant.

13 Here's to Never Growing Up Here's to Never Growing Up Cover Art

This is THE greatest song by her I love this song because she makes it so clear that she doesn't give a damn about society and rules and that is actually really refreshing. What I love about this song is that there is no 'deeper meaning' or 'dripping emotion'. It's JUST a song about going crazy and having fun and I LOVE IT!

The song will really let you feel that you'll forever be a teen. And, when you hear the song, you feel alive and young no matter what you are. Well, actually, I'm still 14, but the song lets me feel that I'll never reach an age higher than the 20! Go go go, Avril!

I love this song, and the video is AMAZING! It reminds me of the old Avril to be honest, and it makes us want to be forever young and live while we can!

My favorite songs is:
1. Heres to never growing up
2. Keep holding on
3. My happy ending
4. Complicated
5. I'm with you
6. Sk8er boi
7. Girlfriend
8. Black star
9. When you're gone
10. What the hell

14 Things I'll Never Say Things I'll Never Say Cover Art

I don't understand why this song I so down on the list. It, at least, must be in the top ten. It is personally my favorite. I am totally in love with this song!

This is like the 3rd best song from her best album "Let Go" only behind Complicated and I'm With You. This is better than Sk8ter Boi so it should be in the top 10. Listen to it, it's really good.

Every teenage girl can relate with this song...I think is one of her best song ever. This song deserves to be top in the list and is hundred times better than sk8ter boi

So underrated! Everyone can relate to this and it's so catchy! One of the best Let Go songs for sure.

15 Don't Tell Me Don't Tell Me Cover Art

This was her first single off the 2nd album, and yes, it's awesome.

Weirdly, it was a bit of a flop, peaking at #22 on the US Billboard charts and didn't gain traction on MTV nor on radio. Thankfully, the two followup singles did super well; I remember "Happy Ending" and "Nobody's Home" being played every 5 minutes.

I just find it odd, your first single is usually your smash hit (ie. Complicated, Girlfriend). I guess she simply chose the wrong song, though... I actually prefer "Don't Tell Me" to the other two. Shrugs.

Don't tell me is just amazing performance creation in modern rock composition... I think the album "Let Go" most success album in the rock world after "Little jagged pill" by Alanis Morisette.

Great music creation... I'm sure this song heal many souls those girls who really fall on love and was tired, because love is not a perfect.

For me this is the best song because of the opening, and I like the scene in the video where she punch the mirror laugh out loud.

16 Rock N Roll Rock N Roll Cover Art

It's brand new but man it's epic this song describes a lot about her and a lot of rock Music Fans like me!

It also makes sense when thinking about Avril and Chad as a Couple there both Rock & Roll and they have pretty much the same love for Rock And Roll

This song is terribly underrated. I don't know why. The song just rocks...
It's a strong anthem for people that live the Rock n Roll lifestyle.
People that are different.
The video is also one of her best msuic videos! It's like a short movie!

I love this song so much. I feel like it should be ranked higher, it's just about rock and roll. It brings back memories of so many of her old songs like bad reputation, and the music video makes me laugh.

This song is EPIC it just totally rocks. I love the lyrics, it shows her rebellious nature. The type of song you want to sing at the Talent Show to put on a memorable show.

17 Losing Grip Losing Grip Cover Art

Losing grip is on the 22nd position? That's impossible...
The lyrics are too good. This song is too underrated... Should be among the top twelve at least... I mean "I was left to cry there,
Waiting outside there grinning with a lost stare
That's when I decided

Why should I care
Because you weren't there when I was scared I was so alone
You, you need to listen I'm starting to trip,
I'm losing my grip and I'm in this thing alone" I think these lyrics are a good cause for this song to be in the twelfth position!

Losing My Grip is by far the best ever Avril Lavigne song. There isn't even a 2nd place. Losing Grip is the only song that makes her good. Every other song is just ok compaired to this. This top list is invaled for not having Losing Grip in first place

It's one of my favourite songs... I think every girl whose hearts are broken by their loved one's should absolutely hear this great piece of avril..

The most famous song I ever heard since I was a middle age I use to memorize it, and then apply my own vocal impression as my inspirational first musical song...its me phoebeken

18 I Will Be I Will Be Cover Art

Beautiful ballad,

"There's nothing I could say to you
Nothing I could ever do to make you see
What you mean to me
All the pain, the tears I cried
Still you never said goodbye
And now I know how far you'd go"

"'Cause you keep me from falling apart
And all my life, you know I'll be with you forever
To get you through the day and make everything okay! "

I absolutely love this song Avril's voice sounds so charming in it. It has such a beautiful meaning to it too. 😍 Before I didn't know what it was but then I saw it on YouTube and I inmediately fell in love. So far this is the best song I've ever heard, and it doesn't sound like the music industry is doing any better. It's is lovely song which I am definitely singing for the talent show! BEST SONG ever!

This is the best song ever! I am Avril's biggest fan, have listen to EVERY SINGLE song she has EVER wrote or sang. Yet, this is most favorite song in the entire world! And it probably "Will Be" forever!

Like this song so much, not only the lyrics, but also the mood that Avril trying to share with the audience. I think this song really suit to be turned on when we've just broke with our girl/ boy friend. Xp

19 Remember When Remember When Cover Art

Oh my! This was so hard to make a decision but I listen to this song a lot so had to be this one but I love When You're Gone just as much! Nobody's Home and most Goodbye Lullaby songs are also amazing too...

I personally wood not vote I'm With You 1st but it is a good song!

Amazing website by the way...

I can't believe this song didn't make the top ten. It's the best song of Avril that I've ever heard. No 38? You got to be kidding me

Why this song so low? I can't understand! It's amazing! Best song from Goodbye Lullaby after Wish You Were Here

Why is this song at the bottom of the list? The lyrics to this song are amazing! It should be at least in the top 10!

20 Everybody Hurts Everybody Hurts Cover Art

This is her best song and must be in top 3
She is a great singer and this song is really fantastic and in my opinion it is the best song I have ever heard
May god bless you avril! May you live long and give us more and more amazing songs

I like this song very much and Avril's voice I too cool. Hey Avril, I love you very much. Please come to Myanmar. Your fans will wait you including me. There are thousands of fans of your.

It should be in the best 10 songs... It sounds much more meaningful in her voice... Love you avril...

This such a great and meaningful song

Should have been in at least top 5
With such a meaningful and pure lyrics with such a nice and adorable voice
But I just can't find its vedio
Does any one noe from which site I can see its vedio?

21 Fall to Pieces Fall to Pieces Cover Art

I LOVE THIS SONG! I love the lyrics of this song. I feel this should definitely come in the top ten because it deserves to! Its really an awesome song and I LOVE it a lot! Please everyone vote for it!

I absolutely love this song. It's different from Avril's other songs. It has a soothing effect. I can totally relate to it.. I don't understand why it's so under-rated.

I'm scared to tell him. I write the 6 grade comment. Avril you're the best. Why it's23. 4 me it gonna be on 3 to 4

Although all her songs are fantastic this one is my favourite! It should be in the top 10!

22 Hot Hot Cover Art

This is her best song although she has many great songs, my top ten would look something like this:
1. Hot
2. Take Me Away
3. Complicated
4. My Happy Ending
5. I'm With You
6. Girlfriend
7. Don't Tell Me
8. Innocence
9. Not Enough
10. Contagious
Please listen to every song on the list before voting for just the most popular songs at the top of the list, she has many great songs so check them all out first.

I love all of Avril's songs but Hot is my TOP FAVORITE! I love it because it's powerful and I think it express all that andrenaline and passion a teenage girl can have for her crush! I also love it because to me it's related to many cartoon couples I ship, like Arnold X Helga or Lazlo X Edward for example! It's that precious kind of "I hate you but I want ' want you! " I could keep talking about this song for a long time

I think this a a very nice song, and it's song video is the best of all of her. She have a sweet voice. I really want to meet her in real life I have heard all songs of her I am a big fan of her

You know after I saw this great song here I thought to myself "Like if this one is here then how great could the others up there be? " This implies that Avril Lavigne is a sensation.

23 Freak Out Freak Out Cover Art

Why are people leaving out Avril's best songs? Her old songs were her best songs because they ROCKED.

Super punk rock. People go crazy when Ice Princess trailer comes on back in 2005. :D I was 3 years old until this movie came out and 2 years old until this album came out.

I love everything about this song, especially the speed and the rhythm

Very talant composition... In this song so much emotion and Avril's voice is just amazing

24 Alice Alice Cover Art

So underrated. Especially the Extended Version with the special part.
One of her strongest songs.
Don't let anyone or anything get you down! Amazing lyrics! Great music! It's so strong, emotional, motivating and inspiring. You need strength? Listen to this song!

This song is amazing and probably one of my favorite songs of all time. I'm not a huge Avril Lavigne fan but there is just something about this song that makes me want to listen to it over and over again. It amazes me how it didn't become huge

I looove this song, especially the Extended Version with an extra part. Amazing lyrics that contain a deep message! Deep, dark, emotional and also one of the most motivating and inspiring songs ever!

I love this song. It's melody is kinda haunting but it sticks and inspires. I love alice in wonderland, and this perfectly portrays it.

25 Goodbye Goodbye Cover Art

It is impossible for me to describe this song. It is so sad, yet it sounds so beautiful and good. When I saw that this was LAST PLACE on her top rated songs, (as well as here), I was shocked. Utterly appalled. This is her most bittersweet, spine-chilling song yet. This is something that seems rather unlikely of Avril too. This is one beautiful love song, and will always have a special place in my heart. Go listen to it, if you have not yet!

This was the first Avril Lavigne song I ever heard. I was so sad hearing it that I didn't talk the rest of the day.

The most emotional song by Avril, of course it has to be included in her best songs!

A song that makes me cry. Deep. The music and the lyrics are a masterpiece!

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