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21 Losing Grip

It's one of my favourite songs... I think every girl whose hearts are broken by their loved one's should absolutely hear this great piece of avril..

29h position.. Are you kidding me? This is my all time favourite song.. The music is powerful. She put so much energy into this song. It's different from her other songs.. MUCH better than complicated.

There's no way in hell that this song can be rated like this! I prefer 'Complicated' more than this one but this is no place 4 this song!

I wish avril make more like this songs :(

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22 Things I'll Never Say

How every girl feels towards her crush! Come on this should be number 1

I don't understand why this song I so down on the list. It, at least, must be in the top ten. It is personally my favorite. I am totally in love with this song!

This is like the 3rd best song from her best album "Let Go" only behind Complicated and I'm With You. This is better than Sk8ter Boi so it should be in the top 10. Listen to it, it's really good.

This is too upbeat for an acoustic song.

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23 Give You What You Like

I'm listening avril for 8 years and follow all of her musics. this is one of the most beautiful song

I'm sure almost everyone has heard this song somewhere but nobody knows its name.. This is the only logical reason why a song like this might be here.

This is one of the best from her last album. She sounds (and looks, the video is great as well) very sensual and mature, more than usual.

I love the beat of this song, it's very alternative. The lyrics are great and meaningfull. The rhythm is kind of peaceful but you can feel violence on it

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24 Forgotten

OH MY GOD! Why is this song not in the top ten list? I thought people knew Under My Skin was Avril's best album? So songs of Under my skin should be on the top ten list.. I love this song and I'm saying it openly that this song is the story of my life... My mom hates me and I feel forgotten... My mom has her boyfriend.. My dad has my mom... But whom do I have? No one.. I feel forgotten by my family but the only two people I Love are Natalie and Anastasia: MY cousins with whom I share everything...

Most powerful song. This music can't be considered hard rock or punk?

By far the deepest Avril Lavigne song, and also one of the most rock songs!

Alternative rock, post-grunge and even metal!
It's not like her pop rock radio singles.

Why is Under My Skin so underrated? Most people don't know or even forget that album, but it's her most straight rock album!

So amazing song!

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25 Alice

This song is amazing and probably one of my favorite songs of all time. I'm not a huge Avril Lavigne fan but there is just something about this song that makes me want to listen to it over and over again. It amazes me how it didn't become huge

I love this song. It's melody is kinda haunting but it sticks and inspires. I love alice in wonderland, and this perfectly portrays it.

Alice all the way! Why its so far down the list I'll never know! But I must admit, I love all of the songs listed above... And below :L

Um this my best friend mom name that's why I vote this number 1

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26 Unwanted

What!? Best Avril Lavigne song and from the first album too! Her best ROCKING song anyway.

THIS SONG IS SO AWESOME! Like, what the hell guys! This could so be in the top ten! Like she totally rocks the song! I love it when she says you don't know me, don't ignore me! My list would look like:
1/. Unwanted
2/. Everybody Hurts
3/. My Happy Ending
4/. Smile (Clean Version)
5/. Keep Holding On
6/. Complicated
7/. Sk8ter Boi
8/. Innocence
9/. With You
10/. Stop Standing There
Girlfriend would be in this list, too, but I'm not allowed to listen to songs with the word girlfriend or boyfriend... Except for Taylor Swift's 'You Belong With Me'! I totally agree with Lewis, this IS the older, punkier, better Avril! Vote for UNWANTED!

"You don't know me, don't ignore me! " - Avril Lavigne

Epic! Rocks out loud! Deep! Dark!

Super tragic but better when sped up on YouTube! I love punk!

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27 Slipped Away

The Song does not try to be a happy song about death, which is rare. But for some reason Avril portrays it in such a way as you can move on but you will always miss that person. But above all it's a song for everyone in the world to feel. I feel it right now and I haven't had anyone close to me die yet, but this song will be able to sooth me in a way that will make me remember them and sooth my soul. When that day comes. I hope I will find more inspiration like many should. LIVE LIFE FOR THEM as well - Drewstar

I lost my daughter in 2006. She died a week before her due date. Stillborn. This is her song. I played it over and over. It still makes me think of her. She was my only daughter.

I would give you a hug from here in Australia. Just remember she will always be in your heart and in there nobody can feel any pain. - Drewstar

This song reminds me of my unsuccessful romance, I used to hear it often on those days, it reminds me a part of my sad and happy times - MatrixGuy

This song is not on the top 10 just because it's a sad song. Should be on top 10.

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28 He Wasn't

This song is so underrated, but it's the most badass song she's made. I really wish she was still a tomboy. She was such a better singer when she was a tomboy.

love all of her music but this must be the best song - chantella

So amazing. Great pop rock punk anthem!

The best... best of the best

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29 The Best Damn Thing

45?! How on Earth is this at forty-five people? How did this come to be below Hello Kitty?! Unlike that song, this one is not just catchy, it has meaning, a great beat and sass! She named an album after it! And what's more, some of Avril's best songs were off this album. It's the best damn thing!

Can't believe this is so low should be in the top 5 my favorite one

And why is "I'm With You" on top of me? This is the ultimate girl power anthem! Whenever I listen to this song, I feel so much better about myself and be proud to be a female. I have no IDEA at all why this didn't even make it to the top 10. VOTE THE BEST DAMN THING, PEOPLE.

I have no idea why this would be this low. This should be at LEAST in top 10, I mean come on guys.

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30 Bad Girl

This song is so intense! With awesome vocals by Avril and Marylin. It's awesomely disgusting lyrics and her best ROCK song ever! - ThatkidwiththeContacts

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31 My World

My favorite song of avril lavigne ever. I daydream and always get lost in my world. this song describes me perfectly

I love this song, describes me perfectly! Xx

I love this song. More pop rockish.

Perfect tennage creation.

32 Goodbye

It is impossible for me to describe this song. It is so sad, yet it sounds so beautiful and good. When I saw that this was LAST PLACE on her top rated songs, (as well as here), I was shocked. Utterly appalled. This is her most bittersweet, spine-chilling song yet. This is something that seems rather unlikely of Avril too. This is one beautiful love song, and will always have a special place in my heart. Go listen to it, if you have not yet!

AH! LAST PLACE! I cannot listen to this song without a tear falling from my eyes. But LASTPLACE?!?!? So unfair!

A song that makes me cry. Deep. The music and the lyrics are a masterpiece!

The most emotional song by Avril, of course it has to be included in her best songs!

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33 Hot

Avril looks really HOT in this video.. and the song's cool too.. good job..

This is her best song although she has many great songs, my top ten would look something like this:
1. Hot
2. Take Me Away
3. Complicated
4. My Happy Ending
5. I'm With You
6. Girlfriend
7. Don't Tell Me
8. Innocence
9. Not Enough
10. Contagious
Please listen to every song on the list before voting for just the most popular songs at the top of the list, she has many great songs so check them all out first.

I think this a a very nice song, and it's song video is the best of all of her. She have a sweet voice. I really want to meet her in real life I have heard all songs of her I am a big fan of her

Avril for life!

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34 Hush Hush

This is from fifth album " avril lavigne " and its really awesome, reminds me of a love that I never dared to tell :'( this should be on topten next to I'm with you

It should be in top 20 at least. It's one of the best song from her album "Avril Lavigne". I love it.

WHY is this song so high?! Its awesome; and one of the last songs from her latest album. Check it out!

I love this song!

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35 Take Me Away

Dis song is the best ever I can listen to it 1 million times a day and never get bored of it! And it makes me smile from it describes EXACTLY how I felt when me and my boyfriend broke up! Now I see that at that time I was pure dumb and I wish that none of it ever happened but I think its nice to reflect and thanks to avril now I can reflect on my mistakes and see what I can do with my next relationship.

I love this song! It describes EXACTLY how I feel when I'm confused or irritated. I think that this song really deserves to be at least in the top 15. It is a song that many people can relate too easily. I don't get how it is all they way in the bottom here :(

This song is amazing!
Should have been on top!
It's better than wish you were here and tomorrow!
Please vote for this song!

This song rocks! It is super cool!

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36 Nobody's Fool

This is a song where you dare again to be yourself. It gives you a kind of power to being yourself again She wrote in the song that she doesn't care what the other peoples think about her. Great! So guys: JUST BE YOURSELF!

This song is literally my bible. I love her - Anggun

Hey Do you guys forget one of the great songs by AL?

Amazing anthem for a pop punk album and song.

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37 I Love You

Romantic song, why it's down here?

It's beautiful
Come on.. If you ain't ever listened to it before, try it, and get it into the top ten

Listen to ths song. Everybody should!

It's just sooo romantically cute!

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38 Let Me Go

One of the best Duets I've heard in my life Ever it's amazing how they jell together they are A Music Power Couple Big time and they both love music! - Curti2594

This song just really stuck out from anything she'd done before. I felt like for the first time I was listening to a song that didn't sound like a bratty teen angst song from Avril. It sounded like a welcome change of pace to a more mature sound with the piano and strings. Not to mention her vocal performance on this song. Her voice sounds more resonant than ever before. - theOpinionatedOne

Chavril Owned this song! One of the best TRUE DUETs I've heard in my life!

The is a Power Ballad something you can dance to around the holidays or Wedding or whatever!

This is gonna be played a lot in my life!
Thank you Avril & Chad For making this MasterPiece! - Curti2594

Best duet from avril

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39 Get Over It

This is the best song ever! One of avril's best songs! Listen to it!

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40 Everything Back but You

AMAZING and my favourite song!

I love this song!

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