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61 How You Remind Me

Even Though This song is by Nickelback, She makes it more magical. That's Avril! You Guys must listen to this!

This song just proves how talented this woman is. I didn't know it was a cover. I just knew it's a beautiful song, and she made it beautiful

For reasons, Avril audience has become mostly girls. This song, however, remind us all that she still got some rock left. Great song.

Great cover on one of my favorite songs by Nickelback

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62 Who Knows

Just listen to this song and feel what I feel from this song

This song is amazing not only for the music, but also for the lyric!

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63 When Your Gone

Best of Avril Lavigne's songs ever

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64 Daydream

Love this song so much it really suits avrils voice and her style

Ohh 23 its a top 10 song I know because I listen to this song everyday... Please listen to it... Then vote its so underrated song... But best love Avril waiting for her new album...

Amazing song. Demi Lovato covered it in her concerts years ago. Avril gave the song to Miranda Cosgrove.

Shame she never officially released this.

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65 Black Star

I love this one! It's so nice and catchy! I wish it was longer so it wouldn't end so soon!

This song is from her new album "goodbye lullaby"
And this song is so sweet!
Its only of 17 minutes but rends your heart as though it is of an whole hour!
Love you avril!
Do make songs like these!

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66 Bad Reputation

Displays Avril's carefree attitude perfectly

Wasn't this something to do with the One Piece anime? I love this song

Avril Lavigne was sued by the song's original creator, Joan Jett. - playstationfan66

67 Not Enough

This is my favorite song. It's just beutiful and memorable and awesome

68 Adia

Beautiful, I love both the live versions and the studio version. Excellent Sarah McLachlan cover!

It may be a cover but I think it sounds better with Avril's voice than the original.

69 Hello Kitty

I like Avril Lavigne but... this song is her worst song so far. I thought she couldn't do something worse than Girlfriend. Well, I was wrong. Hello Kitty is just an empty song with silly lyrics and a weird and commercial sound. I know that she wanted to do something different, but it doesn't mean that it had to be that bad. I knew that it would be a single for the first time I heard the song because that was made just to sell and earn money, so this song is only useful if you want to hear something catchy (and silly).

I'm probably one of the biggest Avril fans that exists but even I would have to say that this song is not that good. The lyrics make no sense and I would forgive this if it didn't include dubstep of all things. It's not that bad, I've heard much worse. But if I were to rank Avril's songs this would be dead last.

This song is good, not as good as say I'm with you or take me away. She made this for her fans in Japan, sure this isn't her type of sound but it was a good try - FlakyCuddles43

She has many incredible songs but this one just tops them all! Best song on the planet! This is absolute perfection Avril deserves her own statue for making such a masterpiece!

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70 Falling Fast

This song is truly amazing! One of her BEST I must say in her self titled album!

Great song and amazing lyrics!

When I listen to this song it makes me emotional - Curti2594

Come on people what d hell rbu thibkin this song is just flawless. This is really underrated

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71 I Don't Give

It shows lots of self-condidence, you should totally listen to it, especially if you feel unloved...

It shoulc be at in the numbel won fourever!

72 Why

My favorite songs is:
1. Why
2. Black star
3. Heres to never growing up
4. Complicated
5. How you remind me
6. I'm with you
7. Smile
8. Keep holding on
9. Don't tell me
10. Push
11. My happy ending
12. Everybody hurts
13. Naked
14. Alice
15. Girlfriend
16. What the hell
17. The best damn thing
18. Losing grip
19. Hot
20. Runaway
21. I can do better
22. Things ill never say
23. Wish you were here
24. When you're gone
25. Darlin
26. Innocence
27. I will be
28. My world
29. Too much to ask
30. He wasnt
31. Stop standing there
32. Breakaway
33. Tomorrow not today
34. Together
35. One of those girls
36. How does it feel
37. Daydream
38. Sk8er boi
39. I love you
40. Not enough

Common its an amazing song. It can't be here. It deserves a much better place!

I love the sexy voice

I enjoy this song so much :)!

73 How Does It Feel

It's as intense as I'm with you... Definitely top 5 song.. Inspirational to the core..

This song deserves better! But you guys don't know that one I think.

Love it! <3 Favorite from UMS

74 Bitchin' Summer

I love this song, it is no dobut what everybody does in the summer

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75 Sippin' On Sunshine

This is the BEST song by Avril. Most people liked her older music more, but her latest self-titled album is my favourite of hers. This song is so cool and a nice song whether you're chilling with friends or just alone in your room and bored. Let Go, her debut album, is my second favourite but the songs aren't the same as her new ones. I didn't like the albums Goodbye Lullaby or The Best Damn Thing at all, except for the songs Girlfriend, What the Hell and The Best Damn Thing. Anyway, this song is all about having fun and just kicking back with friends, at least that's what I think of it. I like the beat too. BEST SONG EVER!

76 Hello Heartache

What? Sooo low? It's her best song on "Avril Lavigne"!
One of her best lyrics. There's a bit world music in it. Kinda native American.
And then the: "Do you know oh, do you get,
It's just goodbye it's not the end! "


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77 Take Me Away Besides

This song shares a great and very important message: do whatever the hell you want to, you won't be young forever so just BE HAPPY! It's a b-side, so most people don't know about it, though...

78 Make Up

Sadly underrated. Contains also a strong message. I love it. Should be on Let Go.

79 You Never Satisfy Me

Why is this song so deep?
It's one of her best! It has a Spanish style, strong message.
Everybody who doesn't knows this song, you NEED listening to it!
It's a masterpiece!

80 The Only Exception

That's not an Avril song. The Only Exception is an amazing Paramore song!

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