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81 All You Will Never Know

Best song off her album b-sides. Don't know how it didn't cut it for her actual album cause its definitely up there with one of her best songs

82 Falling Into History

This has very low rating :( Too bad it dint make into her album inspite of being AMAZING!

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83 Stay (Be the One)
84 Touch the Sky
85 Once and for Real
86 Kiss Me
87 Iris (with the Goo Goo Dolls) V 1 Comment
88 Love Revolution
89 Spongebob Squarepants Theme
90 Tomorrow

A great song about waiting and hoping the best from the future the hope off tomorrow - MatrixGuy

Avril Lavigne's best non-single, one of her top 3 songs, the best song you never heard

Always fell great to hear it

I'll always remember this song when I think of her...

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91 Breakaway

I love this song, It's so beautiful and so catchy. Avril Lavigne is so amazing and really good at writing songs. I love her voice and think that Avril is better than Kelly at this song. Love it love it love it! :) I like it because of the slow part which is suddenly bursting into the high tones and etc.

! This should be REALLY high! It's one of the best songs ever! I mean, I love the way Kelly sang it but AVRIL was the one who wrote it AND her voice sounds TONS better

That was featured off the soundtrack to The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement (Disney). Long live AVRIL RAMONA LAVIGNE! Long live ANNE HATHAWAY! Long live JULIE ANDREWS! Long live GARRY MARSHALL! Long live Disney! Long live DEBRA MARTIN CHASE! Long live MEG CABOT! Long live PRINCESS MIA! Long live KELLY CLARKSON! - playstationfan66

I love this song so much! Sad that Avril gave it away to Kelly. Don't get me wrong I love Kelly's version of the song, but I also would've loved to see Avril put her own spin on the song and release it. - xxpizzasrlifexx

92 Stop Standing There


BEST SONG I HAVE EVER HEARD IN MY LIFE! Kartikey, nikunj, rhea please vote 4 it. Let it reach at least top twenty... You can't get bored of heating this song... Its really melodious... It's my favorite avril song followed by I love You... It is also at very bad place

38th place! Who the hell made this list anyway! His song should be in the top ten! 'o'

Very upbeat and catchy. One of the best of Goodbye Lullaby

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93 I Don't Have to Try

So unique and another masterpiece. Shouldn't be in the last place... Funny uptempo song. Rocks out hard.

94 Knockin' on Heaven's Door

She puts so much emotions in this song. I also love the version from the Roxy Theatre in 2007! Beautiful!

95 Headset

The lyrics make me smile every time.
"I'll send a big postcard, just to piss you off! "
Cool song, cool mood. Love it!

96 Tomorrow You Didn't

In this song you can clearly hear that Alanis Morissette is her biggest influence!

97 Move Your Little Self On
98 The Scientist V 1 Comment
99 Think About It

Underrated. Sound like a mixture of "My Happy Ending" and "Everything Back But You".

100 Two Rivers

So pretty. I love this song!

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