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81 All You Will Never Know

Best song off her album b-sides. Don't know how it didn't cut it for her actual album cause its definitely up there with one of her best songs

82 How Does It Feel

It's as intense as I'm with you... Definitely top 5 song.. Inspirational to the core..

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83 Bitchin' Summer

I love this song, it is no dobut what everybody does in the summer

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84 Sippin' On Sunshine

This is the BEST song by Avril. Most people liked her older music more, but her latest self-titled album is my favourite of hers. This song is so cool and a nice song whether you're chilling with friends or just alone in your room and bored. Let Go, her debut album, is my second favourite but the songs aren't the same as her new ones. I didn't like the albums Goodbye Lullaby or The Best Damn Thing at all, except for the songs Girlfriend, What the Hell and The Best Damn Thing. Anyway, this song is all about having fun and just kicking back with friends, at least that's what I think of it. I like the beat too. BEST SONG EVER!

85 Make Up

Sadly underrated. Contains also a strong message. I love it. Should be on Let Go.

86 You Never Satisfy Me

Why is this song so deep?
It's one of her best! It has a Spanish style, strong message.
Everybody who doesn't knows this song, you NEED listening to it!
It's a masterpiece!

87 Hello Heartache

What? Sooo low? It's her best song on "Avril Lavigne"!
One of her best lyrics. There's a bit world music in it. Kinda native American.
And then the: "Do you know oh, do you get,
It's just goodbye it's not the end! "


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88 Falling Into History

This has very low rating :( Too bad it dint make into her album inspite of being AMAZING!

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89 Stay (Be the One)
90 Touch the Sky
91 Headset

The lyrics make me smile every time.
"I'll send a big postcard, just to piss you off! "
Cool song, cool mood. Love it!

92 Tomorrow You Didn't

In this song you can clearly hear that Alanis Morissette is her biggest influence!

93 Move Your Little Self On
94 Once and for Real
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96 Think About It

Underrated. Sound like a mixture of "My Happy Ending" and "Everything Back But You".

97 Two Rivers

So pretty. I love this song!

98 You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet

Great highschool punk, pop punk song, great Green Day, Blink-182 influences! Sweet, funny and it rocks!

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99 SpongeBob Theme

I think the movie about nothing... but Avril made impossible... she gave more positive emotion to sponge Bob square pants

She makes the song go pop-punk. Funny and great!

100 Kiss Me
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