Most Awesome Custom Guitars


The Top Ten

1 Bullseye (Zakk Wylde)

One of the most famous finishes of all time. Used for Les Paul and Flying V models. - lilbullet111

2 Arm the Homeless (Tom Morello)

It has a killer tone and it's unique in every way possible! I hope I can make one soon.
To hear the awesome tone, just listen to Bulls On Parade!

Yes, I love it. I guess a bunch of random hippoes and big red letters will do that to you. - lilbullet111

3 Van Halen signature 'Eruption'. (Eddie Van Halen)

The fact that it also matches his outfit as well, is pure awesomeness! - lilbullet111

4 The Jag-Stang (Kurt Cobain)

Why choose between the Jaguar and the Mustang, when you can have both in one? Kurt Cobain woke up one morning and thought that. - lilbullet111

5 Wolfgang (Eddie Van Halen)

Named after his son, another one of Eddie's creations has entered my list. - lilbullet111

6 Soul Power (Tom Morello)

Yeah sure, the finish isn't mind-blowing, but hell, the sound is! - lilbullet111

7 Blackie (Eric Clapton)

Assembled from 3 different strats he bought at a store, this guitar is what we call 'A Work of the Gods'. - lilbullet111

8 Red Special (Brian May)
9 Schecter Custom (Synyster Gates)
10 Flame V (Michael Schenker)

The Contenders

11 Angel of Deth II (Dave Mustaine)
12 Gibson Les Paul Custom (Les Paul)
13 Country Gentleman (Chet Atkins)
14 Rock Discipline - John Petrucci
15 Jackson's Rhodes Series (Randy Rhodes)
16 Blue (Billie Joe Armstrong)

This is the guitar to die for! Worlds best guitar, coolest anD punkest guitar! Should be on no. 1! The best punk guitar ever... Fernadez stratocaster! Blue! 1 should be everyone's dream guitar!

17 EVO (Steve Vai)
18 FLO (Steve Vai)
19 Wolf (Jerry Garcia)

Jerry Garcia used a lot of different guitars that were either custom built or modded. After he bought the first guitar made by Alembic, he commissioned Alembic luthier Doug Irwin to make a custom instrument. He named it Wolf after a wolf sticker he put on the bottom of the guitar. Wolf was the first guitar designed expressly for Jerry. - Gg2000

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