Top 10 Awesome Disney Movies That a Lot of People Hate


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41 The Fox and the Hound

How do people hate this movie? I love it so much! It's about two animal friends that become seperated and eventually forgive eachother! I absolutely love it!

Super sweet!

42 Star Wars: The Phantom Menace

It is from 20 century fox when it release - Thirdwind

Everything's fine except Jar Jar Binks. - SoapSoup

Jar Jar Binks!

43 The Black Cauldron

Yeah it's a bad film but it's cute, funny and I love that the books were turned into a movie. Love those books! ^^ - SoapSoup

44 Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest
45 Meet the Robinsons

What!? This movie is absolutely awesome! I've never heard any hate for it, EVER, but it is really underrated.

46 Big Hero 6

If you absoultely cannot just say "the best Disney movie ever" without telling another to "suck it", please redirect that towards Zootopia which has overshadowed Frozen thanks to the former being Tumblr in movie form.

Stinking Callahan

The best Disney movie ever!
Suck it Frozen!

47 The Rescuers
48 The Rescuers Down Under

Har, har, har! Very funny! A heavily deep, intense, emotional, action-packed, badass Disney movie is not in the top 5s. Please see AniMat's videos on The Rescuers Down Under to see why The Rescuers Down Under is one of the greatest and most underrated Disney movies of all time. - The Ultimate Daredevil, a rather obsessive Disney fan

49 The Lion King II: Simba's Pride
50 Alice in Wonderland

People hate this because it's too episodic and disjointed. But Alice in Wonderland is also loyal to its source material, beautifully animated, has a killer soundtrack as well as so many amazing characters. A true masterpeice - AngyC

51 Lady and the Tramp
52 Cars 2

The only Pixar movies that are worse than Cars 2 are The Good Dinosaur and especially Cars 1, and this is coming from a man who likes all Pixar movies.

53 Hercules

It gets hated for being inaccurate, which all Disney movies are like that plus wouldn't you want to see something different than the original tale

54 Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End
55 Into the Woods

I kinda agree. Musicals every five minutes, watching guys shirtless and the ending where the Baker's wife dies after so much hard work is VERY cringe worthy. - Perrywinks

Kind of liked it

People don't realize that this movie was originally A MUSICAL. A dramady. (Drama comedy) - insanefangirl

"into the woods! " Okay... "Into the woods! " I kind of know... "Into the woods! " Um... "Into the woods! " Please... "Into the woods! " I know... "Into the woods! " Okay, okay! "Into the woods! " I get the point! "Into the woods! " I understand! "Into the woods! " BE QUIET! "Into the woods we go~~! " I UNDERSTAND YOUR GOING INTO THE WOODS MY GOSH!

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56 The Incredibles
57 High School Musical

Who put this on here?! An Arianator?! >:(

58 Teen Beach Movie
59 Teen Beach 2

This is like the worst movie ever made!

60 Enchanted



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