Most Awesome Gems

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1 Emerald

I love emerald as much as the Minecraft villagers.

Because villagers in minecraft love them - TENTACRUEL

Great. Everything is beautiful.

2 Ruby

No doubt.Ruby is the color of my favorite color.While I say Ruby is best, Burmese ruby crystals are best.

Gorgeous shiny red gems
Fit for any type of jewelry

3 Diamond

Best in minecraft - TENTACRUEL

So rare, so beautiful.

I love it

So shiny and beautiful - ChipTheGamer

4 Paraiba Tourmaline

Check out paraiba tourmatline. Its's the most beautiful gem I've ever seen with it's neon blue green that "glows" in dim lighting. It's even rarer than Tanzanite and Canary Yellow Diamond. I think I remember reading it's one of the 3 rarest desirable gems in the World. It can be one of the most expensive gemstones also if it's fully saturated and clean.

Paraiba tourmatlines are very highly in demand if it's top gem world class in blue green or green blue.

It truly is a beautiful gem
i'm surprised its' magnificent color didn't make it first on this list

5 Aquamarine

She’s always trying to find my dad

Aquamarine is my birthstone (Bday:March 3rd) and is very precious. It looks good on anything.

YEAH BABY 2nd PLACE! #march28th

Aquamarine is my birthstone too! ;) I was born March 16 - Dappledmoon1000

6 Sapphire

Sapphire is my gemstone and or His so beautiful

Sapphires are just blue, and beautiful.

My favorite gem is a sapphire because I love bule and plus it's my birthstone.

Blue is the best color ever and it is my birthstone. YEEAH!

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7 Turquoise

My friend has a REAL turquoise.It cost a fortune.

My favorite colour so blue and green! Just so awesome come on choose turquoise!

8 Opal

Opals are so pretty I like them more than diamonds or any other precious gemstone

It's not my Birthstone (I hate my birthstone), but I'm voting for it. It is both unique and beautiful!

My birthstone

9 Quartz

The same ol' friend also has QUARTZ. It is so clear, so natural.


10 Rose Quartz

This gem is beautiful!

The Newcomers

? Moonstone

They’re found in Sri Lanka and India and very beautiful

The Contenders

11 Tanzanite

Royal rock of Tanzania.Looks like a full Amethyst.

12 Peridot

My favorite character in steven universe

13 Amethyst

I like it's colour. Love it😍

14 Alexandrite

This should be higher!

15 Mandarin Garnet

Other than it's my birthstone, Yellow Garnet is very elegant.

16 Demantoid Garnet
17 Imperial Jadeite
18 Zircon
19 Lapis

My favorite

20 Topaz
21 Padparadscha Sapphire
22 Fluorite
23 Rubellite
24 Milk Quartz
25 Chocolate Opal
26 Sodalite
27 Citrine
28 Dioptase
29 Pearl
30 Bloodstone Bloodstone

It is one of my birthstones. I used to hate it, but I've warmed up to it. It is unique and pretty, especially with Peridots (a gemstone I love as well).

31 Apatite
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