Top Ten Awesome Names That Should Exist

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1 Jewelclaw

I feel that this is a totally awesome name-Jewelclaw25

Pretty silver she-cat that is good in fighting and has long sharp claws that shimmer like Jewels and sapphire eyes
Would become leader of sapphireclan and take on the name Jewelstar

2 Nightwing Nightwing Dick Grayson is a fictional superhero appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics, commonly in association with Batman.

She-cat with jet black fur and white feet
Fierce fighter
Mate of Shadowclaw

3 Shadowclaw

Black furred tom with emerald eyes
Fiercely loyal to clan
Mate of nightwing

4 Bluefire

Blue furred tom
Loyal and wise
Became deputy after speedclaw

5 Blackfire

White she-cat with jet black paws
Mate of speedclaw
Fierce fighter

6 Speedclaw

Ginger tom with sharp and unusually hooked claws
Very fast
Mate of blackfire
Became deputy of sapphireclan
Died in battle protecting his clan

7 Emeraldeyes

She-cat with emerald eyes and silver fur
Mate of silverfire
Had 1 kit named amberkit

8 Silverfire

Silver tom with Amber eyes
Patient with apprentices
Mate to emeraldeyes
Has 1 kit-amberkit

9 Amberkit

Tabby tom with Amber eyes like father
Loyal to clan
Unique skill of being able to plan for battle

10 Cindertail

White she-cat
Medicine cat
Has excellent memory for herbs

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11 El Coyote Coijo
12 Trashboat
13 Shady
14 Pipimann
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