Top Ten Most Awesome Ninjago Masters of Spinjitzu Characters


The Top Ten

1 Jay (Blue Ninja of Lightning)

Why is Jay not number one? He's the most funny character of them all, and, next to Lloyd, has the most overpowered element. Lightning is awesome! He deserves to be higher than Dirt Clod Cole!

Jay really should be number one because all his veicles are really boss

Is my favotite ninja


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2 Cole (Black Ninja of Earth)

Cole is way stronger than all the other ninjas and he's awesome


Colle is bad bad ninja every time

3 Kai (Red Ninja of Fire)

He is a great ninja, brother, and friend he's the best


4 Zane (White Ninja of Ice)

I just like zane hair

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5 Lloyd (Green Ninja)

Lloyd was a good leader of all the ninja

I love Lloyd. He's my favourite character. When he was a child he was adorable then when he was a teen he was so handsome! X3

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6 Sensei Wu
7 Nya (Kai's Brother)

(by the way it's kids sister) Any way, she is awesome! Just saying

8 Ed (Jay's Dad)
9 Edna (Jay's Mum)
10 Lord Garmadon (Lloyd's father) V 1 Comment

The Contenders

11 Pythor (Snake)

My favourite character of season 2 and 5. I liked General Cryptor in season 4 more than Pythor but I got a shock when I saw he was alive and bleached white.

12 Moro (Villain Master of Wind)

I like Morro,s power! It was totally awesome!

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13 Mezmo (Snake)
14 Nya (Water Ninja)

Nya is amazing! I want to be like her too!

15 Ronin
16 The Overlord
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