Top Ten Most Awesome Ninjago Masters of Spinjitzu Characters

The Top Ten

1 Jay (Blue Ninja of Lightning)


He's awesome.

Why is Jay not number one? He's the most funny character of them all, and, next to Lloyd, has the most overpowered element. Lightning is awesome! He deserves to be higher than Dirt Clod Cole!

He saved everyone in season 6. He was the focus ninja after all. He did erase nadakhan after all. - WorldPuncher47592834

2 Cole (Black Ninja of Earth)

Cole has always been my favorite he's plain awesome his vehicles are crazy his weapons are always the best and he's like the least appreciated which just makes me like him more.

Cole is way stronger than all the other ninjas and he's awesome


Colle is bad bad ninja every time

3 Kai (Red Ninja of Fire)

Best - AdiJack

He saved the world in season 7

He is a great ninja, brother, and friend he's the best


4 Zane (White Ninja of Ice)

Robots have the best jokes when they aren't even trying to make a joke.

Zane is the best nin-droid ever and can outsmart anyone

I just like zane hair

Zane is cool, especially in the funny button scene! :P

5 Lloyd (Green Ninja)

I like the part where he fights the overlord (dragon)

I used to not like him he was evil then he was trying to be cool. Sensei garmadon totally made him cool.

Lloyd is sooo brave! He fought his father and didn't even wanna! He unlocked his true potential at the same time as being the golden ninja! He deserves to be liked by so many fans! I really like him!

Dude he has golden power it is awesome also he has all of ninja elements

6 Sensei Wu

Sensei Wu is awesome as he wants to be

7 Nya (Kai's Brother)

(by the way it's kids sister) Any way, she is awesome! Just saying

8 Ed (Jay's Dad)
9 Edna (Jay's Mum)
10 Pythor (Snake)

My favourite character of season 2 and 5. I liked General Cryptor in season 4 more than Pythor but I got a shock when I saw he was alive and bleached white.

The Contenders

11 Lord Garmadon (Lloyd's father)


12 Skylor
13 Grand Sensei Dareth

My favorite character in ninjago season 5 would have been 7000 times better if they had Dareth

14 Heavy Metal / Faith

He is a SHE!

15 Moro (Villain Master of Wind)

I like Morro,s power! It was totally awesome!

You spelled morro wrong

Why isn't he #1?

16 Ronin
17 P.I.X.A.L.
18 Princess Harumi

SHES THE QUIET ONE - WorldPuncher47592834

19 Mezmo (Snake)
20 Nya (Water Ninja)

Nya is amazing! I want to be like her too!

21 The Overlord
22 Seliel
23 Misako
24 Ultra Violet
25 Killow
26 Mr. E
27 Nadakhan
28 Mistake

Underrated. This Old Lady has powerful tea that ages people up, tea that allows you to through time, and tea that allows you to go to different dimensions!

29 The Great Devourer
30 Oni and Dragon

Oni destroys stuff dragon creates they were at war once and they each wanted the first spinjitzu master on there side garmadon is the oni’s son

31 Morro
32 The First Spinjitzu Master

He has power energy golden power destruction creations and more there awesome

33 Time Twins
34 Iron Baron
35 Antonia
36 Akita
37 Unagami
38 Kataru
39 Scott
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