Top Ten Most Awesome Sonic the Hedgehog Characters


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21 Helen
22 Espio the Chameleon Espio the Chameleon

Thank you for putting me on this list

23 Nazo

This is awesome and should be number 1.

24 Scourge

I'm sorry but I HATE SCOURGE! He is mean to sonic and friends Begone Scourge. Adidas can finish you!

25 Fang the Sniper

He's my favorite, because like Fang, I'm a leader and clumsy.

26 Orbot
27 cosmo
28 Mephiles the Dark
29 Sally

What's not to love? She's a super-cool princess who's as strong as Sonic himself, and happens to be his main love interest. She's a hard worker, leader, and always willing to help out anyone.

Here's what I have to say. She stinks! Amy is better and Amy should've married Sonic in 30 yrs. Later.

30 Manic

What's not to like he's a drum player in a band a 100xbetter rider then jet the hawk and he's a thief how is he only number 26

31 Chris Thorndyke

Quite underrated. Also, please, rage for me. I wanna hear you scream!

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32 The Deadly Six - Sonic Lost World

They are on here because they are the characters that nearly killed sonic the others are Metal Sonic and Mephiles the Dark, who actually killed him! Cool, even for these incidents only happening in Heroes, 06 and Lost World.

33 Rotatatron - Sonic Colors
34 Marine the Raccoon

She knows how to have fun. She's one of my favorite.

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