Top Ten Awesome Things About Disney XD

The Top Ten Awesome Things About Disney XD

1 It has awesome cartoons

Gravity Falls, Phineas and Ferb, Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja, etc. - PeeledBanana

Some of them rule, but a few suck to be honest. - AinezoChan

2 It has more original shows
3 It's not going downhill like Cartoon Network and Nick

I do like Nick, but I hate CN. - AinezoChan

4 It has good shows based on video games

Disney is very awesome, but the one cartoon based on video games and on Disney known as Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures is aggressively overhyped by teen stereotype defenders that misunderstand the brilliance of Finding Nemo (Screw people that bash TheAnimatedHeroine2 for preferring Disney's Moana over Disney's Frozen).

Except that Disney ruins video games/video game developers big time. Simply because once they acquire a video game franchise or company, they ruin it and the company no longer exists. (Look what happened to Avalanche Software for crying out loud. Even it's own Disney Interactive Studios became defunct in 2016) Maybe shows are a different story but I would hate to see Disney buy Nintendo or any other game company, that would suck.

I kinda like these incarnations of video game franchises along with superhero ones. - AinezoChan

5 It has a lot of shows with magic
6 Chris Savino doesn't really work there
7 It has Mickey Mouse, which is popular
8 It has awesome films
9 It is sister channels with Disney Channel and Disney Junior, which makes the channel special
10 It does not have inappropriate show blocks playing at nighttime like Adult Swim and Nick at Nite

I don't mind adult shows, but still. - AinezoChan

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11 They don't try to be hip and cool
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