Top 10 Awful Movies that are Overrated

Critics were way too generous, these movies are beyond awful.

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1 Suicide Squad

This is a complicated list, suicide squad was destroyed by the critics has well has the amazing spiderman 2, Ghostbusters and Frozen are the only movies in the list that you could categorize has overrated, to say overrated would means that a lot of people enjoyed the movie. You need to learn the definition of overrated - germshep24

Seriously why do people like this at first I thought it was a joke and I laughed with them but then what the hell they were serious. This movie honestly makes me want to commit suicide...squad. - HazzaInHisMazda

I hate this movie with every fiber Of my body - VideoGamefan5

Terrivle movie ruined the joker and had loads of overrated trash songs on the soundtrack - christangrant

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2 Frozen

Suicide Squad wasn't that good but it wasn't awful either. THIS on the other and was TORTURE! The songs were TERRIBLE! Elsa and Anna and Christoph were terrible characters. Olaf was not funny in any way and didn't add anything to the (terrible) movie. This wasn't funny or interesting or ANYTHING! I hated this movie before it was overrated!

This film is very overrated - Cartoonfan202

Yes, I agree so much - VideoGamefan5

3 The Amazing Spider-Man 2

To Clarify, the original title of the list was : " Awful Movies That Even Deserved A Lower Score", but for some reason thetoptens changed it, - Ale9991

For the record in movie that gets a rating below 60% means said moves is awful or forgettable and most these movies have a rating below 60% and therefore means that your beating a dead horse, with your choices you should have just left it as terrible movies that came out in the 00's till now or you should have put more research into the list. You only have two movies on this list that belong on this list. - germshep24

I agree so much, amazing spiderman 2 sucks, spiderman 1, 2, and 3 for the win - VideoGamefan5

4 Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice

Not as atrocious as suicide squid though - VideoGamefan5

5 Ghostbusters (2016)

This was a gratuitous, practically obligatory, feminist disfigurement of a good (not great) comedy. It stank up the screen, but effete and indoctrinated politically correct critics either didn't know the difference, or were too craven to tell it like it is.

Awful film with a terrible crew that accused negative reviewers of being misogynists. - DCfnaf

I'm Never Listening To Fall Out Boy Ever Again - VideoGamefan5

Not really overrated, I mean over 900K people disliked the trailer on YouTube - VideoGamefan5

6 Twilight

40? , This should be in the top 5 - VideoGamefan5

7 Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

Needs to be number one - VideoGamefan5

Awful - VideoGamefan5

8 Minions
9 Dragon Ball: Evolution

...Did... did anyone even go Super Saiyan, or did people just turn into a Monkey? - mattstat716

Who In Their Right Mind Would Like This Movie? - VideoGamefan5

10 Transformers 4: Age of Extinction

Not really overrated, even though the movie does suck - VideoGamefan5

The Contenders

11 Catwoman

This is not overrated because almost everyone who has seen it agrees that it is really really awful.

No One Likes this movie - VideoGamefan5

12 Transformers
13 Jack and Jill

Same As Dragonball Evolution - VideoGamefan5

14 Man of Steel
15 Zootopia

Overrated But Not Awful - VideoGamefan5

Not awful, just overrated.

16 Iron Man 3
17 Spider-Man 3

*Top Ten Good Movies that are Underrated* - VideoGamefan5

It's Not overrated, 63% Does Not Mean Good, It Just Means OK, First Think Before You Post (Not Talking To You Ale9991 So You don't Rage At Me Again) - VideoGamefan5

18 The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug
19 Grown Ups 2

Why did people find this funny? , really - VideoGamefan5

20 The Wild
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