Most Awful Times In History

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1 WW2

Definitely it's the worst time

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2 The Black Death

Aka The Plague
Happened in the 1300's.
Estimates are that 1/3 to 1/2 of the population of the planet died, including up to 60-percent of people in Europe.

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3 9/11

This is one of the worst terrorist attacks. 2 planes crashing into the World Trade Center and one into the pentagon.

4 WW1
5 The Crusades
6 The Holocaust

11 million people get executed over race, religion, sexuality and disability

This should be one this is awful 11 million died including 2.2 million children

Worst ever ten million times more worse than 9/11

This is actually a term for pure evil - Gud_Spud

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7 Rwanda Genocide
8 The Armenian Genocide

100 of thousands of people died over religion

9 The Great Depression
10 Atomic Bomb on Hiroshima & Nagasaki

As hirohiriko said.we have woke a sleeping giant.then 2 bombs just went down with there MLG glasese like here comes the y'all don't really want it now BOOM.the 2nd was like supise mother ******

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11 Sinking of the Titanic
12 The Indian Ocean Earthquake & tsunami

Worst natural disaster on record (240,000 died)

13 The Slave Trade
14 The Chernobyl Disaster
15 Holodomor
16 Vietnam War
17 Krakatoa Volcano Eruption

This made Justin Bieber's voice harmless in comparison. - nelsonerico6

Killed 36,000 people in 1883.

18 MH17 Malaysian Airlines Plane Shot Down
19 Sandy Hook Shooting
20 Haiti Earthquake

Worst than the Indian Earthquake in 2004. - nelsonerico6

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