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1 Walking into a classroom and realizing you're in the wrong class

The longer you stay in that classroom, the worse it gets. - Lina1028

This happened to me at the end of year 8 when we had year 9 early commencement. I walked into ALL of the other year 8 classes before finally finding my own.

It happened to me once. It was embarrassing. - TheFourthWorld

Oh yeah, everyone was laughing at me. - Aquastar_of_DewClan

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2 When you start talking to a stranger, thinking they're your friend

I have done that several times at school and they just stare at me I smile and go to the person I was talking to - sweetmadi11

3 Needing the toilet in a public place where the nearest toilet is miles away
4 When your device auto-corrects what you're typing into something totally different

LOL! This happens to me almost all the time! Especially 'cause I type really fast. Or try to. (LOL) And sometimes the word I typed is corrected to something that makes me laugh really hard. It's like my phone is trying to say something funny.

Ha! You clearly haven't forgotten when that happened with me! - PositronWildhawk

I hate this so much! And one day, I was bored and laughed at some funny ones. Apparently, auto correct is pretty perverted... - Turkeyasylum

Especially when it auto corrects stuff that's spelled right.

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5 First date
6 Forgetting someone's name
7 Being late

I was late in first grade once, people stared at me like I murdered five kids.

My parents are Asian, and at EVERY SINGLE family gathering:

(We arrive at party)

Ummm... because my parents are Asian and Asian parents are always late?

8 Meeting new people

This very awkward for me, because I'm a shy person. - Userguy44

9 When you say a joke but you're the only one laughing

Why are friends like bananas?

Because if you peel off their skin and eat them, they die!

... Anyone? - keycha1n

You're practically laughing at your own joke but no one else is. - Lina1028

HAHAAHA...wait a second...

What instrument do users of TheTopTens play?
A TopTenor saxophone!
No one likes that joke.

10 Job interview

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? When you buy something, the cashier says, "Enjoy this new whatever!" and you say, "You too!"
? Submitting the wrong file to your teacher for a project

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11 Walking into the wrong room

Once I walked in in my parents doing it. - WoSi

Like walking into your parents, It happend to me... scared for life - MusicWolf

12 First kiss

No thanks not into it yet I'm only 14... - MusicWolf

13 Meeting your boy/girlfriend's parents
14 Forgetting your purse/wallet at the checkout
15 When your family manages to force/trick you to dance with someone, especially the opposite gender

Why the opposit sex? There are people who are attracted to their own gender. - WoSi

16 When you wave or say 'hi' to the wrong person

...then you feel so stupid! - Fan_of_Good_Music

17 When you say 'bye' to someone and then realize you're both going in the same direction

This made me laugh. So awkward. What do you do in this situation? Do you pretend that you haven't noticed them still walking at your side for the next two hundred yards? What is the correct etiquette for this type of awkward social situation? The only possible good thing about this is the knowledge that they're probably just as embarrassed as you are. - Britgirl

This once happened to be. I was visiting my family, and we did this 6 times and realised we were going the same way every time. - gemcloben

Walk into a room as fast as possible or take a turn or turn the other way, trust me, I do it all the time. - WoSi

After this situation I always walk faster cause this situation is really made for the word 'awkward'! - Fan_of_Good_Music

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18 Farting during a test when it's quiet

I did that once in fifth grade and the girl sitting next to me leaned over and said, "It's okay everybody does it"

Someone did this before in my biology class - iimidnightstarz

I hate this it's so awkward I guess because I am a shy person

I farted in the library.

19 When you're in a quiet room but you're so hungry your stomach starts making weird noises

For example, when you're in class and suddenly your stomach makes noises that sound like a dying whale. - Lina1028

I could relate to that. - Pegasister12

20 When you think your earphones are plugged in so the volume is up but they're not plugged in

Had this in the middle of an exam. Thank God I got high scores, but what really happened earlier...

Me: (hurriedly hides earphones under hoodie)
Students: (already started answering)
Me: (forgets to plug in earphones) (presses play button)
Me: *hears guitar riff and thinks it's from outside*
Students: (stare at me)
Me: (starts stuttering) (tries to lower down volume, instead goes to the max) (gives up and plugs the damn thing in)
Nearby student: Aw dammit, that was fun...

One time this happened to me and it was in the middle of our silent art class and you hear Tiny Tim go, "HELLO MY DEAR FRIENDS.." - LizardKing99

One time, in class, this happened. At least the class got to hear the beautiful sound that is Heaven In Hiding.

This is my worst fear in school. This is why I have my volume kept on low, always. - Pegasister12

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21 When you send a message to the wrong person

One time I was on roblox and I was suppose to send "my throat hurts" to my REAL friend (they asked me why I wasn't in school that day) and I accidently messaged it to this boy in my class it was awkward

Oh god... Bad memories are returning. - IronSabbathPriest

22 When your friend(s) bring their friend(s) but you don't know them
23 When your friend leaves the room but you're stuck with their family

I don't know what's worse: Being stuck with their parents, or their siblings. - Lina1028

Both it is awkward - sweetmadi11

This is the worst

It’s not awkward at my friends moms house because I know everyone there. But at his dads house... he has sisters who think he likes me... WE ARE NOT DATING WE ARE ONLY 4TH GRADERS PEOPLE!

24 Pointing at something and saying look but when they look they don’t see it


25 Trying to impress someone you like but it goes horribly wrong
26 Tickling someone who isn't ticklish

Tickling someone you think is your friend but isn’t ticklish or your friend. - WoSi

I did this once... where I ran up to my friend and tried to tickle her and she nervously stared at me and was like, "um... what in the world are you doing?! "😂😂

27 Holding hands with your girlfriend during school

Holding hands with a friend who people think you are dateing during school. - WoSi

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1. When you start talking to a stranger, thinking they're your friend
2. Walking into a classroom and realizing you're in the wrong class
3. When your family manages to force/trick you to dance with someone, especially the opposite gender
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2. First kiss
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1. Needing the toilet in a public place where the nearest toilet is miles away
2. First kiss
3. First date

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