Top Most Awkward Moments That Could Happen at a Birthday Party


The Top Ten

1 After cutting the cake, someone says "kiss someone, cause you touched the bottom"
2 People look at you funny when you walk in
3 When you sing the birthday song, someone ignores you and listens to rap music

During family gatherings while everyone else is singing the birthday song I always ignore them and listen to songs on my phone and/or mp3 player. (cause my songs are better! )

I'd be pissed if this happened at my party

This totally happened while I was at a Birthday Party - Mumbizz01

4 Someone puts on the song "Darude - Sandstorm" when someone asks "what's this song?"

You don't know? Oh, you poor dear. - PositronWildhawk

5 A bunch of children stare at you while you're eating a piece of cake

I'd shove that cake up their ass

6 You get forced to kiss your mother by your friend
7 There's a another party in your area and they have more children

That's sad

8 A person takes a picture of his food and posts it on Instagram

For my family this is norm


We’re Asian. This is normal in my family. The pictures are posted on Facebook and not Instagram

Receive a free concussion! - PositronWildhawk

9 The song Birthday Sex comes on

At a CHILDREN'S party.

10 Someone throws up

Oooh ma god!

The Contenders

11 People face paint using the cream that's on the cake

This is the same as smearing cake on other people's faces, which is a very common occurrence in my family (We're Asian)

12 You don't know where to look when they sing the birthday song

Every time

13 Your parents get you in trouble for no reason

This happens at EVERY SINGLE PARTY that I go to, not just birthday parties >:(

14 Someone shoves your face into the cake

It happened to me when I was 3 and they took a pic of it

15 Someone picks up the cake and throws it at your face
16 People constantly take pictures and videos of you doing random stuff

My family is Asian and this happens all the time

17 Embarrassing pictures get posted on Facebook

That happens to my mom a lot

18 Footage of the party gets uploaded to YouTube
19 A kid gets their diaper changed where all the guests could see it

My family is Asian and this is a very common occurrence during family gatherings

20 People keep doing food challenges/competitive eating contests
21 People smear the cream from the cake on other peoples' faces
22 You nearly have a diarrhea attack

Once at a birthday party I had stomach cramps and used their bathroom over 5x during the party

23 Someone plays horrible music videos on the TV

My cousins like to play One Direction and BTS during parties.

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