Top 10 Most Awkward Moments from Xandermartin98's TheTopTens Career So Far

The Top Ten

1 His extensively documented sexual attraction to fictional characters' brains, nostrils and ear canals

I think I should stop reading now if I want to prevent myself from having nightmares at night... - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Toriel's, Alphys' and Lammy's are sexiest - xandermartin98

2 His now-removed-by-admins list of Top 10 Real-Life Animal Species With The Sexiest P****es, which can now be found on his Top 10 So Bad It's Good Lists list
3 His list of the Top 10 Sexiest Parts Of Lammy's Body From The Parappa The Rapper Franchise, in which her brain and ear canals are respectively the first and second highest-ranked items
4 His comment about wanting to crossdress himself as a woman (complete with hot-pink glitter lipstick) and fellate a horse on his now-removed-by-admins Top 10 Real-Life Animal Species With The Sexiest P****es list
5 Mimicking RunForTheCube's infamously distorted manner of speaking in his Top 10 So Bad They're Good Youtubers list
6 Fantasizes about licking and massaging Hairdresser Octopus' feet in his Top 10 Hottest Parappa Characters list
7 "Please Stop Voting For Undertale" post on Worst Video Games Of All Time list

Even with UT actually being one of the BEST video games of all time, I still deeply regret how insanely pretentious I was in this post - xandermartin98

8 Describes Fassad (Locria) from Mother 3 as "sexy" on the Hottest Fictional Animal Abusers and So Bad It's Good Lists lists
9 Says that he wants to cover all of Bart Baker's "shapes" with lubricant on his Top 10 So Bad They're Good Youtubers list
10 Claiming that "if he's a filthy rotten disgusting pig, Um Jammer Lammy can SAY so" on egnomac's Top 10 Halloween Cosplay Ideas For Loud House Characters list
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