Top 10 Awkward or Awful Things You May Do In Middle School

Ah, middle school. Some love it, most hate it and look back on it with heavy hearts. Some may insist that the constant testing, the identification of a student by their grades, or the lack of resources made the 2 or 3 years foul, but I disagree. The constant social awkwardness was enough, for me, to kill the experience. Leave your memories down below!

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1 That Awkward Roll-Call Failure

I can speak for many people when I say that the simple task of yelling "here! " often carries a lot of anxiety and worry for students. Especially for me, with the curse of a "Z" last name. From the A's to the Y's, I constantly repeat different variations of "here! " in my head, looking for the perfect technique- to not suffer a hormonal voice crack or, god forbid, yell something other than "here! ". Gosh, do I have stories to tell. - basketlord

I'm always first or second because of my last name so when they call me I'm like "What? " - AnonymousChick

Yep. They called my name once, my voice cracked. - Pegasister12

During role-call (we say our last names in alphabetical order), I was talking to the dude sitting next to me and forgot to call out my last name, then my teacher yelled at me. - Popsicles

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2 When the Teacher Calls You Up to the Board

Whenever I heard my name being called and an Expo marker being held out, I knew that Expo marker would be the knife that stabs me in the heart. I was a smart student. No doubt that I had good grades in school. But as I work on that god-forbidden SmartBoard or that squeaky chalkboard, thirty "evil, judging" eyes bore into the back of my skull. I eventually find that x=4, or something along that line. Everything is fine, I stand back proudly to show off my excellent work, and then the teacher does the evil act- he erases my answer, works it again, and finds that x is indeed equal to 5. Thoughts rush through my head. Do people think I'm an idiot now? Is this a participation grade? Dear God. That's it. I'm never appearing in this class again. - basketlord

That dreaded, earth shattering moment where you're called up to the board. This is, one day, going to be the number one cause for heart attacks.

It's like a death sentence for people who aren't huge math nerds.

We have white boards.

3 That Clumsy Fail During a Good Old Game of Dodgeball

Dodgeball is banned. So are bathrooms, girls showing bra straps, picking up rocks, touching snow. My principal is the worst.

I actually love Dodgeball. Except for when my worst enemy the 7th grader (who isn't even in the same grade, or class as me) grabbed a dodgeball and threw it at me. I still love this game. - lovefrombadlands

I got hit in the face with a dodge ball. You seventh graders. Why not give me a ice pack instead of leaving me there to play. Even though I was Okai I wanted to sit it out! I hate dodgeball. At least in Volley Ball when I get hurt it doesn't hurt! - LittleLovelies

€śDodgeball is banned. So are bathrooms...”
W t f, does your principal excect his students to go outside or wet themselves if they have to go?

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4 Puberty/Sexual Education

Ah, puberty. The fun part of life filled with hormonal chaos and hair growth. Both genders equally hated puberty education- with the girls throwing away the pads they were given and the boys wondering why they would need a razor.
Sex-Ed was even worse. I know that for many schools, the boys and girls struggle through it together. The girls- blushing and staring at some hot boy on the other side of the room, and the guys- giggling at every little mature word and doing that stupid sexual hand gesture. Yeah. You know what that is. - basketlord

When I was at 8th grade, everyone both boys and girls will laugh at every mature or at least a bit sexual word - MLPFan

I have hit puberty once. There are bangs in my hair and I got pimples every time I get them. Acne is on my forehead. And the biggest mistake of my life in 5th grade was I got on my period and I used a toilet paper instead of a sanitary pad. Gross... - DynastiSugarPop

I learned some puberty education in 4th grade then in 5th grade we took what I call the worst field trip of all time to learn even more about puberty. Good thing I haven't learned about sex ed yet. - Anonymousxcxc

We do this in 6TH GRADE. I mean, really? It's so gross :( - lovefrombadlands

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5 Project Presentations

My god. These things were absolutely awful. Either you were completely alone, stuttering your words solo, or in a group of others. Of course, misery is best shared in groups, but groups were also hell. Going solo meant that if you screwed up, you screwed up. But there were no group members that were way too energetic- volunteering your group first and completely outwitting you- or group members that just stood there and sulked. No matter how well you presented, presentations always left you dreading that deadline even more. - basketlord

I hate my video voice and I hate presentations even more. When everyone's staring at you it feels like daggers are shooting you and you feel so nervous. Murder project presentations altogether. Who's with me!

We had to make superheroes based on elements before in science and present them. I accidentally say that this was my "autistic" project - SirSkeletorThe3rd

I have a lisp and a quiet voice, which is even more annoying. - Popsicles

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6 Foreign Language

What? Other languages that come from the Latin root are so easy? I know English Spanish and I'm like, 5% fluent in Italian - AnonymousChick

I take German and love it. It's easy and fun for me, now since 7th grade my school system made the middle school foreign language system super weird. I HATE IT!

This is me without logging in and I just hate the weird policy, but I love the language. - Anonymousxcxc

I actually enjoy Spanish class. - Pegasister12

All my french teachers are the WORST

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7 Field Trip Bus Rides

I loved field trips. That fun romp to the planetarium, the zoo, or perhaps a science movie was amazing- a whole half day off of school. However, the bus wasn't so fun.
I admit, I'm a bit of an introvert. However, I was plenty fun at school. Even some of my extrovert friends hated the bus.
You would race into class that day, asking people if they wanted to sit next to you so you wouldn't have that period of shame where you're sitting on the bus and people pass you. Even when you're the last open bench, people just walk past. That's hell.
Once you're settled on the bus, that one annoying kid starts their rendition of "99 Bottles of Beer", although the teacher changes it to "99 Bottles of Milk". If not that, then it's "Wheels on the Bus". If a kid isn't singing, he's most likely in the back of the bus, flipping off the cars that pass or trying to get a trucker to honk. - basketlord

They aren't actually boring (usually.) but I have a tend act of getting stung by bees on outdoor field trips.

I always bring my squad onto the bus

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8 Fitnessgram During Physical Ed

Sometimes called the Presidential Test or something like that, the FitnessGram is absolute hell. For those that don't know what it is, I'll break it down.
The PACER Test, or the most dreaded test, is where the students line up on a line. They hear a 30 second instruction, and then a beep (the beep probably warning of danger to come) sounds. You run a certain length. At my school, I believe it was like 30 meters or something short like that. You get to the line. And then another beep. The running continues until kids begin to drop out from an awful burning in the chest. All this is accompanied by smooth jazz. Those gorillas I mentioned earlier? One, I remembered, got 94 laps. My high score? 35.
The next test is the Sit Ups and Push Ups. You can guess what those are. Gorillas- 75 sit ups, 50 push ups.
Then you do misc. Stuff, like stretches and your height and weight measurements.
When you do that first test, you know the next week of your life will be hell. People shame you ...more - basketlord

On my PACER test, the highest I went was 45. I outlasted ALL the girls, leaving only me and a few athletic boys. - Pegasister12

This is the worst part about middle school. I'm not good at these at all. Hey at least I don't get into the single digits when I do these. Fitnessgrams and PACER tests must be destroyed (I understand their purpose, but it still isn't really useful in my opinion). - Anonymousxcxc

The pacer test is the worst thing ever. AKA Everyone In Your Class Gets High Scores Like 78 And You Get 15 Cause You're Bad At Sports. - lovefrombadlands


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9 That Awkward Moment of Silence

This is more specific than the others, and much smaller, but it's way more common.
In a classroom, everyone's chattering. You find it logical to be spouting drama to a friend, or perhaps just telling them a secret. You assume it's safe, since you can't hear anything in particular over the racket.
The minute you say something, the entire class just shuts up.
And that's how you tell the entire class something important in one stupid move. - basketlord

Usually those moments are awesome until someone annoyingly yells awkward silence at the top of their lungs and it's ruined. I hate that!

I love those moments. I have no idea why,I just do. - cosmo

I would always be the icebreaker and fill up that moment of silence.

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10 Standardized Testing

Some kids just wanna see the test burn.

We have ISTEP and MAP tests and they are the worst.

Oh, lawdy. This one's a biggie.
Where I am, it's either the STAAR or the TAAKS. Both taken from 3rd to your later high school years. In middle school, it's the worst. You spend a week in a class with a bunch of kids you don't know since they classify you by alphabetical order, taking a stupid test for 3 or 4 hours before sitting around with our heads down for the other 4. No talking at lunch, even when the test is over. - basketlord

I live in Indiana, and they we have I step which doesn't end well because I never finish

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11 "Love"

When people brag about how many "girls they get" but all the relationships last for 3days and don't even matter I mean what people COME ON THIS IS SHNITZEL

12 Having the Answer to a Big Question Then Forgetting How to Do It

Lol happens to me a lot

This happens a lot.

I hate when this happens

13 Getting caught cursing

I've heard people use the f word multiple times in the hallways and the cafeteria. No one swears in the classroom, but then outside of the classroom lots of people swear. - Anonymousxcxc

People always say bad words in the hallway. It annoys me so much! UGH - lovefrombadlands

Everyone curses. No one cares.

I am only in 4th grade now and when I was on the bus in 3rd grade, kids curse on the bus

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14 Missing the bus, and being home alone on the first day of fourth quarter

I added this because this happened to me this year. Waving out to cars for a long time until eventually going over to you neighbor's house to have them drive you to school. The worst part about it is that my parents are divorced so my mom doesn't live with me, my dad was out of town, and my sister was already at school. - Anonymousxcxc

That happen to me. One of my students said there no oreachtra. So I left until my bus leave.

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15 Changing in front of others

Yes, you are thrown into a locker room with 29 others and thrown into near nudity and sometimes with swimming full nudity as others joke and laugh at you

16 Work with People You Don't Like
17 Getting expelled for fighting someone that should've left you alone

Believe me it sucks...

18 Accidentally Spilling Your Favorite Drink During Lunch
19 Getting Really Nervous When You Talk to the Principal

I'm so awkward sometimes: last time this happened, my face turned bright red like a tomato and I literally started giggling awkwardly

20 The Teacher Calls On You That One Time You Actually Don't Know The Answer

It's the worst. So embarassing :( - lovefrombadlands

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