Top 10 Most Awkward Responses for Certain Social Situations

All of us had our awkward moments when it comes to social situations, especially introverted/socially awkward people. I can guarantee that you will relate to one of these awkward statements if you are one who is introverted. Had something awkwardly different you said to someone once? Feel free to add them here.
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1 You too - "Enjoy your meal"

I can feel some people have died inside when trying to compliment the waiter/waitress, but the real question is, what if the waiter/waitress sits beside you enjoying each other's meal after this response.

2 I love you - When having sex with a stranger

Well you know what they say nothing shows love in action like intercourse

3 Hi - When someone says goodbye

When you're so socially awkward/anxious to the point you come with this response. Worse when you don't cut that response out and replace it with a goodbye before realizing it.

That’s okay you’re just saying hi in an alternate timeline

4 You're problem - When someone thanks you

What happens when you mix up the responses "You're Welcome" and "No Problem" together when trying to formulate a sentence? This moment happens.

That’s what Rocky and Gus say to me smh

Or it could be “no welcome”

5 Thanks mom/dad! - Thanking someone who isn't your parent

Still remember one of the grade 5 students said this directly to the teacher; she got all red and flustered 😂

6 You too - "Have a nice trip"

I actually said this to someone when departing off for a trip. Worse thing is, the person responded actually wasn't going to a trip.

7 What's up bro? - Addressing a girl

Looks like someone's gonna have some trouble...

Me (female): Hey Jordan! (Random boy name)
Jordan: Yo! Wassup bro!
Me: -_- Excuse me?
Jordan: (Trying to make me feel better) Oh sorry girl, in my defence you really sound like a dude.
Me: um... thanks dude... o-O

8 You too - "Enjoy the movie!"

Another similar variant as to the "Enjoy your meal" waiter/waitress situation. Jeez, I can add countless variants of these if I want to.

9 Hello - When someone is ignoring you

People who ignore me annoy me every time. Yet I try to keep myself bottled.

Or he could be saying hello to the trees

Hello, Zuko here

10 You too - "Happy Birthday"

There is approximately a 0.3% chance that the person you say this to has the same birthday as you (1 in 365). The rest of the time it's just awkward.

Enjoy the embarrassment of dying inside while surrounded by 10 people at your birthday party.

Bruce said this to me on my birthday

The Contenders
11 Good - "What are you doing?"

A more common awkward response, when the words of the person saying it is mistaken as "How are you doing?"

12 Thanks, love you - Thanking someone you don't love

If you want to fluster a waiter, teacher, or even a stranger that helps you with a deed hit them with this response. I guarantee their reaction is priceless 😂

Oof! Have said this to my teacher while I was thinking of my mum.

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