Top Ten Awkward Things That Could Happen While Watching Television

Television is a great thing... but let's hope none of these happen while you waste your day watching T.V..


And don't go saying this list is inappropriate, it was meant to be this way.

The Top Ten

1 Your channel starts playing only commercials for the ASPCA and Viagra

You know those annoying commercials, that take up about 2 minutes, and are basically a montage of animals in cages with sad music in the background, brought to you by the ASPCA? Imagine those alongside Viagra commercials. I still don't get how they got a GIRL to star in a Viagra commercial! - Turkeyasylum

Viagra is for vagina. Aspca is for innocent animals being abused.

This happens a lot when my parents are watching the news


2 After watching an episode of your favorite show, a documentary about orgasms comes on

Luckily, this won't happen in the states, as they have special adult channels for that stuff. But if that DID happen to a poor 7 year old, that channel would be getting a hefty lawsuit. - Turkeyasylum

3 Your sister throws used tampons at you, and one of them lands in your mouth

If you don't have a sister, imagine it being an awkward stranger in your house. And if that happened to me, I'd wash my mouth out for hours. - Turkeyasylum

I'm just hoping that they're not used. But ladies, conserve your supply, because I'm guessing they're expensive. - PositronWildhawk

Thank god my sister hadn’t gotten her period yet

4 Your favorite characters decide to make love

This happens a lot, and always when I’m watching TV with my parents

You mean Rock Lee and Naruto? No way. Just, no... - NeptuneWater

Yes, your favorite characters in the show had such a passion, and now they are about to get into bed. Slowly, their underwear comes-
CHANGE THE CHANNEL! - Turkeyasylum

5 Your mother starts asking what you're watching, and takes the remote away thinking yu're watching an adult show, when you're watching something appropriate

This happened to me while I was on YouTube. My dad thought I was watching something inappropriate. Its really annoying and I would never watch anything inappropriate.

My mom would change it ofd of whatever I was watching or turn the T.V. off.
And... UGGH! It's so annoying! - Turkeyasylum

What are you watching?
paw pat...

6 A celebrity accidentally reveals her breasts on live TV

Ah! Look away! We don't want to see those gross, plastic... things anymore! Get a top on! - Turkeyasylum

Well, I've seen it happen to a news reporter, but that's really as far as it's gone for me. - PositronWildhawk

Oh god!

7 One of the characters from the show pops out of the TV and tries to pull you in

I hope so. I'm ready to party, Izzy!

Time's up mate, get in the van. - Rocko

Let me guess Quagmire, you've run out of desperate men and women to have sex with in Quahog? - Turkeyasylum

8 They don't cut out the sex scene

It's infinitely worse when it's a show like Teletubbies.
I knew it was controversial but this takes it to a new level... - Rocko

I hate it when I have to watch a sex scene with my parents

Meaning this: Often when 2 characters have sex in a show, it cuts to afterward. It would be so... weird if they didn't cut out the entire sex scene.
And the show would most likely be rated MA. - Turkeyasylum

9 You are on TV

One time, my third grade class got a shout-out from the local news station, including me. My aunt was watching the news that day and she literally dropped her coffee when she saw me on TV

Yes, brothers and sisters, I shot an ad recently. It was a poster for the local Iggy Azalea gig. - PositronWildhawk

Big Brother is watching you... - Turkeyasylum

I saw a news van with a camera on the Ocean City NJ boardwalk a few years ago. During the summer it does “Down the Shore” segments where the news crew goes to a random NJ shore town to have fun and do the news there live. If I went up to it and started doing something random like dance in front of the camera, I’ll probably see myself on YouTube (the station has its own YouTube channel) a few days later and I’ll realize that not only have I embarrassed my family, but also made a fool of myself on live television as well.

10 Pop-up ads come onto your TV asking to buy condoms

If they start doing pop-up ads on T.V. , the whole industry of T.V. would be ruined. - Turkeyasylum

The Contenders

11 At the end of a kid show, Nip Tuck comes on TV

Actually, nip tuck is a drama for adults. It's about surgery. I wonder how a kid would react if after watching Diego he sees surgery... - BlueDiamondFromNowhere

12 There are only commercials about former smokers.

Those commercials are freaking creepy!

Nobody wants to see that

13 You are watching movie that's R rated and up and your parents come in and tell you that's too inappropriate for you to watch
14 Your parents catch you watching an adult movie

My mom caught me watching "Showgirls" once

15 Your younger cousins/siblings asks questions about scenes that features content that are not suitable for kids

Once at a party the grownups were watching T.V. and a scene with a sleeping couple came on. They were both nude, but covered by sheets. One of my little cousins asked me what the couple on the T.V. were doing.

16 You find subliminal messaging

There’s a lot of this in Disney movies

17 Porn comes on while in the middle of a kids' show

Once I read a news article where kids were watching Lilo and Stitch when porn randomly airs on T.V..

18 You see your relatives on TV
19 A commercial reminds you of a meme/ytp

I recently saw a Flex Glue commercial. The first thing that came to my mind was "YTP: Psycho Swift's Wet and Waterproof Worldwide Destruction" by cs188.

20 You see your school on TV

One time, my third grade class was on the news

I saw my little cousins' elementary school on T.V. once

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