Top Ten Most Awkward Things That Happen In a School

The Top Ten Most Awkward Things That Happen In a School

1 Teacher makes a joke and no-one laughs

Why did the chicken cross the road, so the teacher will get humiliated

It happens every day in my class..

This just made My Day. - DapperPickle

I made the why did the chicken cross the road comment as a visitor - Nateawesomeness

2 Person is giving answer to question and mistakely reads out the stupid sex joke his friend wrote on his book

Oh my gosh this would be EXTREMELY awkward! - AnnaOfArendelle332

SIKE, that's the wrong number

Ouch - Toucan

Lol,sikkke,that's the wrong number - Nateawesomeness

3 A dude is talking and another dude spits a spitball which lands in his throat

Happened to Sheldon Cooper once

I had to sit next to a boy called Josh in my eighth grade citizenship class, and he threw erasers everywhere and once the eraser shavings landed in my mouth

What if he choked - Nateawesomeness

That happend 2 me - Listard27

4 Person gets up and their pants falls down

That happened to me in first grade the whole class was laughing at me I will never forget

I wouldn't laugh because laughing at him or her is bullying

Id start laughing! Especially if E did it. He's so funny! - LittleLovelies

Well...the invisible boy did it again - Nateawesomeness

5 Student expresses feelings for crush in front of class

I've done this in third grade. It wasn't just a silly thing. It was really complicated. I held it in, but then it just started to pour out of me. I still regret doing such a most awkward thing. Besides, who would like me anyway?

That shows you are deeply in love and you're brave.

Third Grade... even my teacher knew. - ethanmeinster

I would feel happy if the crush accepts him or her

6 Girl gives air kisses to her friend on the cheek, friend mistakely turns and they lock lips

I nearly did this once! Except instead of air kisses, I was talking to my friend and the guy isn't watching where he was going and we both fell down and our lips like brushed against each other! It was weird! - Icegirl119

I've never seen anyone do this. - Minecraftcrazy530

That would only happen in movirs - RustyNail

Uh oh,red alert,red alert,it has gotten to lockdown lips - Nateawesomeness

7 Person talks about a creepy teacher, teacher is standing behind them

In high school my friends and I started a student council where we complained about how cruel and unfair that our special ed teacher was treating us. During a meeting at lunch we were talking about it and then our teacher suddenly appeared out of nowhere and approached us.

That happened to me in fourth grade. I was sent to the principal's office.

That's why you check your surroundings before talking about teachers.

You only have half of a second to run before you're trapped in detention.

8 Getting a hanging wedgie on the flagpole the day you wore your frilly pink granny panties in front of everyone


Lol,Life lesson,avoid bullys when wearing stupid underwear - Nateawesomeness

9 Student makes joke about teacher and teacher eventually finds out

This happened to my friend once

Same with my fried

10 Student pees pants

This happened in kindergarten a lot but the teachers wouldn't let me go or that I didn't want to get in trouble for going without the teacher knowing (though the assistant was ok with those two who went, though the teacher found out and got them in trouble), like that time the music teacher came and the bathroom was 10 feet away and she wouldn't let me use it so I peed all on the floor and got away with it.

Why would you tell that to everyone?

! That happened to me in 4th grade! I think no one noticed

Happened twice in first grade. I really hope no one remembers that

The Contenders

11 Person smiles at crush just to get hit by their best friend behind him

Maybe he wants sense - Nateawesomeness

12 Getting put into the wrong classroom because you are tall and look old

One of my really good friends was called a 6th grader and sent to 6th grade homecoming by the principal AND HE'S IN 8TH GRADE WITH ME! - SirSkeletorThe3rd

This Happened to my friend, when he was in PRIMARY 2! - DapperPickle

13 Person's friend gets excited and slaps them hard on the face


14 Teacher announces to class students that got an F on the test

I'm the only one that got a 100 on the grammar test.

This happened to me once, it was awful!


15 Student does dumb thing in practical test and awkwardly covers it

I do that a lot. - spongebobgymnast2

My friend set his hair on fire in science no one was hurt and on the end o was laughing

What the heck!? Anyone would always cover their test. Nobody except you and your teacher should look at your test any way.

16 Student slobbers all over desk during a nap after a test

That actually happened to me once when I was in third grade I had a substitute teacher in language arts it was so boring I was napping for half a hour

It almost got bad. So it was on the day of STAAR and I had just finished,I was so tired. I fell asleep but I noticed I was slobbering. It happens people. At least people didn't see me. - LittleLovelies

17 Person messes their face with food and crush laughs hard at them

That's just sad, man.. - Navylexi

18 Teacher finds out about secret crush and tells the class

My friend had a crush,but it was me and his secret,but when the teacher told the class the secret,when she was done talking,I broke the teachers leg,I didn't care if I got suspended,my dad was understanding I did it for my friend,and even my fried missed school also so he can be with me

This has happened to me in third and fifth grade. I went CRAZY! I neglected my homework, didn't talk to anyone, and spent hours cursing to myself in the closet.

My friend has had this happen to her. That's all she talks about now, because it happened recently. It's hard listening to it all, but I take it. - Minecraftcrazy530

My teacher does this to everyone! She has no sense of privacy! - Wolftail

19 Having to poop at school

Another reason why I don't use the restroom at school, I have never pooped at school since 2nd. - LittleLovelies

Trust me, it's hell. - DapperPickle

20 Student gets stuffed in locker

Wait? That happens? ���"

21 Walks backwards and trips over some kid's shoe and lands on their crush
22 Teacher mistakenly changes smartboard background to porn

I nearly laughed my ace of, but this actually happened with my 2nd grade teacher, apparently she likes em big&black.

That would be interesting... !

You perverts

23 Getting yelled at by the teacher in front of the whole class

This happened to me in college once. I cried for the remainder of the class and for nearly 6-7 hours after class I was still massively traumatized by it.

That happen to me when I was in six grade except It happen on stage at the winter concert rehearsal

This happened to me in the 5th grade, and I actually started crying. I've hated her since. - Pegasister12

So awkward even when they stare at you. 😕

24 People staring at you awkwardly or weirdly

I really want to say, “who you looking at”. Or “do you have face disorder”. Because I was so annoyed

25 Teacher screams bloody murder

Is he a Cannibal Corpse fan? - Userguy44

I bet teachers have done this out of anger - DrayTopTens

This can be scary, too

26 Student's shirt gets caught on desk and tears off

My buttons on my shirt fell off WORST TIME OF MY LIFE

27 Student farts while giving class demonstration
28 Student gets stuff drawn on face

After a night with a bunch of my friends one of them drew a penis on my forehead and that was on a school night too! - SirSkeletorThe3rd

29 Getting pantsed in front of a crush
30 Science teacher showing students NOVA videos but accidentally shows a teacher's sex tape.

I got that idea from Family Guy.

This would be interesting.

This happened before

31 Your pad leaking when you need to do an oral report

Aw that sucks! I hope it doesn't happen to me! - Pegasister12

32 Some creepy person stalks you

My high school special ed teacher constantly stalks me

33 When you accidentally call your teacher Mom.
34 Student gets beat up in front of everybody by a freshman

Especially if the student is a senior...

35 Girl gets pregnant out of wedlock and now everyone knows

Wouldn't it be more awkward if she wasn't married? Everyone would know she's a whore

36 Making a sex joke in front of a sex education teacher
37 Having a boner in front of your crush
38 Talking about Invader Zim when it's canceled
39 Someone farts and breaks the roof
40 Talking about 1987/2003 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles when it does not show on T.V. anymore

These felt So Awkward when NO one knows what is 1987 or 2003 TMNT. I keep forgetting that not everyone has even seen TMNT (I still show it to my friends when they come over to my house.) because they watch the Newer 2012 CGI TMNT and probably do not even watch awesome Classics.
So Awkward...

41 When a friend refuses to play "it."

I cannot believe that people could stop (Especially my 11 year old Girl friend) playing something so Awesome and legendary like Tag. What has got into these people's brains?

Well when our playground was destroyed we played tag until someone punched someone he hated so that's gne now. :(

42 When all your pals have grown out of child games like tag

"Recess" has turned more into secondary gym. It's not very fun. - Icantbelieveitsnotbutter

The most Saddest day of my entire life. How can grown ups survive without such awesome games that made you Sporty and Imaginative. Life can be so Cruel. <:'( (Manly Tears)

43 Cursing while the teacher is there

I did that once. I think the teacher heard me but didn't say anything.

I accidentally did this once. Luckily it was one of the teachers who liked me, and it wasn't a bad curse word anyways. - Icantbelieveitsnotbutter

44 A person gets a song stuck in their head and accidentally sings it out loud
45 When the teacher is about to give you test but gives you the answer sheet by accident

This happened to my crush

46 You fart when a bully is in the toilet next to you
47 Prolonged eye contact with a teacher until either one of you starts talking
48 Your crush blows a kiss, you do it back, and then you realize they did it to the person next to you
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