Top Ten Best Az / Sosa Songs

Anthony Cruz a.k.a AZ, Sosa, Rap James Bond. Rapper from Brooklyn, but got his family in QB. His homie NaS consideres him as a part of QBC.

The Top Ten

1 Mo Money, Mo Murder (Homicide)

AZ's flow in this song is untouchable, the beat is crazy dope and the lyrics are retarded good.

- when AZ and NaS create a song, a masterpiece is born. - AZ-TheMostUnderrated

2 Ho Happy Jackie

This song's beat is just so cool and dope, plus AZ's crazzy flow! Damn - AZ-TheMostUnderrated

3 Gimme Yours

This song is a masterpiece, and as usual AZ's flow is untouchable! - AZ-TheMostUnderrated

4 How Ya Livin'
5 Doe or Die

This is a classic! Better than probably every song any new school rapper has made... - AZ-TheMostUnderrated

6 The Format
7 The Come Up
8 Sugar Hill

This songs lyrics is flawless and the beat is heaven. - AZ-TheMostUnderrated

9 Problems

This song is catchy as hell, dope flow and I dig the lyric. - AZ-TheMostUnderrated

10 Rather Unique

What a classic, this song is definitely in the top 10! - AZ-TheMostUnderrated

The Contenders

11 Uncut Raw

This has some of the best lyrics and flow of any song ever. Just listen to it.

12 Sosa
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