Top Ten B-daman ES

The Top Ten

1 Gatling Deathshell

I like gatling deathshell's rapid fire.

2 Triple Gillusion
3 Stream Drazeros
4 Drive Garuburn

Stream Drazeros isn't that good plus it wastes marbles cause it shoots 2 at a time!?!

5 Sonic Dravise
6 Slot Beedle
7 Gunlock Wolg
8 Rising Dracyan
9 Kries Raydra
10 Spike Phoenix

Great power type, power should be 10, not nine.

Spike Phoenix is the most powerful B-Daman so far, and it's very rare at the same time. The emblem charge is great, and it can fuse with four other ES B-Daman to make Ultimate Phoenix. It also comes in a chrome champion version, which is even harder to get ahold of. Cool!

The Contenders

11 Assualt Dragren
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