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41 Thunder Bison

He is a super strong B Daman and is so cool He and his owner Gunner Arano are all so powerful needs to be there

42 Rabbit
43 Across Eagle

Across=Eagle is a hybrid Power/Control-Type B-Daman. This unique Leg Part allows the B-Daman to be swiveled in two directions, allowing the user to aim and fire angled shots.

44 Slot Beedle

Slot=Beedle is a Control Type B-Daman. The Slot Core is predominately black with orange Hold Parts and a Trigger. It is mainly used for Control Types to improve accuracy and overall Control. This Core Part also features an Under-Stroke Rail on the bottom that prevents the trigger from wobbling when pressed. Beedle's Emblem Pars are a pair of green hexagonal gems with its bumblebee motif printed on it. The design itself features a bee with a sinister expression, curling its "tail" which ends in its stinger or "needle". Also paired with a folded wing, these emblems are used to help control and accuracy of the B-Dama. a Head Scope can be used to aim at targets.

45 One Side Shark

He has a grip to do one sided fire and he has the strength to deafet sasword

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