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41 Gunlock Wolg V 1 Comment
42 Ultimate Drive Garuburn

It have the spike core that is very very strong.
Dragold has power mode, sniper mode, and rush mode but can't combine them, while Ultimate drive garuburn can combine three of them.

in top 10

He's so powerful.It is very good in rapid fire,control and power.

43 Ultimate God Garuburn

Where got ultimate God garuburn

Its powerful and with rapidfire mode, power mode, stability mode. It also powerful at it emblem charge. When in the last episode of crossfight b daman es, it win when his owner brother meet him. It also nice when the its gold.

V 1 Comment
44 Thunder Bearga

It is the best it beat the thunder leo

45 Thunder Bison

He is a super strong B Daman and is so cool He and his owner Gunner Arano are all so powerful needs to be there

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