Top Ten B&M Inverted Roller Coasters in the United States

These are inverted roller coasters manufactures by Bolliger and Mallibard. These are known to have many inversions, for their intensity, and their smoothness

The Top Ten

1 Banshee - King's Island

This is known for being one of the largest, fastest, and longest b&m inverts. This ride's transitions between elements are so smooth and fit incredibly well. Not as intense as other inverts - coasterwatch01

2 Montu - Busch Gardens Tampa

Very large. Kind of a mix between banshee's layout and transitions, and afterburn's intensity. - coasterwatch01


One of the best Inverts in the world.Smooth and intense yet rerideable

3 Afterburn - Carowinds

This is very intense and glossy smooth. This could be easily interchangeable with the #2, but I prefer intensity over size - coasterwatch01

4 Raptor - Cedar Point

Also a large and very intense b&m invert. Awesome layout and is crazy intense when the mid course trims are turned off - coasterwatch01

5 Flight Deck - California's Great America

This doesn't have many inversions and is semi-intense. Decently smooth - coasterwatch01

I may be biased, as CGA is my home park, but I find it to actually be quite intense. That last helix by the water is AWESOME if you are in the far left seat.

6 Silver Bullet - Knotts Berry Farm V 1 Comment
7 Alpengeist - Busch Gardens Williamsburg

Best pacing and transitions of any b&m invert, very similar to montu, except much rougher - coasterwatch01

8 Batman the Ride/Goliath - Many Six Flags Parks

This is not a bad coaster by any means. Most of them are smooth, and the loops are very intense. The spaghetti section is kind of sluggish - coasterwatch01

9 Patriot - Worlds of Fun

Only 4 inversions, but looks pretty intense - coasterwatch01

10 Chinese Fireball - Universal Studios' Islands of Adventure

This is intense, smooth, and fun, but it should duel. - coasterwatch01

The Contenders

11 Great Bear - Hershey Park

This is the world's most underrated roller coaster

This ride is awesome but very underrated

Just kinda eh - coasterwatch01

12 Talon - Dorney Park

This seems like a family-oriented ride. Is very smooth and graceful, but the zero-G roll looks awesome - coasterwatch01

13 Hungarian Horntail - Universal Studios' Islands of Adventure

Just not a very good ride. Would be so much cooler if it dueled with Chinese Fireball - coasterwatch01

14 Hungarian Horntail - Universal Studios' Islands of Adventure

Just not very fun. Would be a ton better if it dueled - coasterwatch01

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