Top 10 Babbu Maan Songs

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1 Pind Pehra Lagda

Babbu Maan meri jaan... Love you 22

Punjabi music industry is blank without this song

Love you maan Saab

Love you maan sahb

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2 Mitran Di Chatri

I love babbu mann

No one judge maan

No comparison with this song in the whole world

Their is no one compete him in the world his thoughts are different his way of singing faboulus salute to babbu mann love you 22

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3 Kabza
4 Saun Di Jhadi

Best singer babbu mann

Babbu maan is the best

Aofff kya Awazz hai

best song

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5 Dil Ta Pagal Hai

Att sirra

6 Chandra Ishq Bada Harjaee

Dil nu chuhan wala geet

7 Challa

Babbu maan best

8 Raat Chandni

Maan de sare geet hi sira ae

I've been listening this song since my childhood.still in my favorite list..

9 License

I love this song

I love this song

Att song

10 Ishqe Da Boota

I am big fan ot babu maan
I love you maan saab

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11 Gypsy Kali

Awesome..superb..att lyrics...#respect the living legend

12 Pakki Kanak

Love you babbu maan

Love you maan

13 Pind De Morh Te
14 Babbu Maan Shab Ji Att H
15 Hashar
16 Tu Soke Raat
17 Att a Maan Saab
18 Murgi Song


19 Kabootri

Sirra song

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