Top Ten Babies' First Moments

For any mum or dad these are moments simply awesome

The Top Ten

1 First Laugh

Don't you just love the first ever hearty laugh from a baby? When the baby exposes the eyes full of joy. For any person who is sensitive it is a breath taking experience. Gotta love it! - frankjackson

So cute

2 First Name Call

It is so sweet

Now how do you feel when a baby or your baby memories and calls your name for the first time? It's proven that the first name babies call they have emotional attachment to the person. "mama" - frankjackson

3 First Step

The point when the baby lifts himself or herself up and tries to move but just can't and drops again. It is so encouraging. - frankjackson

4 First Burp

Okay maybe now your baby can talk and then you feed him or her then the next response is a slow gentle burp and she or he looks at you with puppy eyes. - frankjackson

5 First Unacceptably Terrible Word

Well yeah embarrassing but on the contrary quite cool. And nope this stuff does not happen in movies alone. TRUST ME! - frankjackson

6 First Non-Relative Acquaintance

Yeah quite similar to the first name. Happens when r the baby points at a stranger and says the name. So yes babies have memories too. And Pretty fancy ones - frankjackson

7 First Game of Peek-a-Boo

Object permanency! And if it's awesome to them it is awesome to us. - frankjackson

8 First Terrible Diaper

When I was 2 my diapers were EVEN WORSE

Diaper the American word for Nappy. I'm wondering did that come from somewhere in Europe, not a word in English but became American English.

Well yerk but hey they are the boss! - frankjackson

9 First Selfish Act

By now they have high egoism. And every toy is there's! - frankjackson

10 First Scream

Throw it into a washing machine and turn it on!

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