Best Baby Diaper Brands


The Top Ten

1 Pampers

I wore this diaper brand as a 2 year old

Why am here again...?

2 Huggies

Huggies has more protection than Pampers. duh

3 The Honest Company

All diapers have some sort of photo on it.

I like no photo diapers. I go very neutral. So I have 5 favorite diaper.

I prefer diapers with no photos at all and that's what I call diapers. Plain regular diapers.

4 Luvs
5 Seventh
6 Generation
7 BabyGanics
8 Bumgenius
9 Skincare
10 Parent's Choice

The Contenders

11 PetPet

Fun fact: Asians (mostly the Chinese) use this word as slang for little kids’ butts

12 MamyPoko
13 Merries
14 GOO.N
15 White Cloud
16 Moony
17 Tugaboos
18 Babylino
19 Unistar
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