Top Ten Best Baby Einstein Characters

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1 Bard

A likeable character. I think he should've be in more episodes since he was the second character shown (The first being cute old Einstein the Caterpillar).

BLAH! He should be paired up with Snoopy from Peanuts because they say BLAH.

Why was I never scared of Bard's blah? I guess I don't know.

Bard is the BEST character cause he is funny, cute, and weird!

2 Vincent

He is my favorite character along with bard and misty

What the?! Who changed bard?

My favorite chara - Officialpen

3 Jane

She is so cute when she has a parrot on her head.

4 Lizzy the Tiger (Numbers Nursery)


5 Issac the Lion

Because I love baby newton

Funtime Luna Loves Isaac The Lion, And That’s Why I’m Voting Isaac For Him.

6 Pavlov

He is so adorable

What a great puppet. I also love Pavlov.

I love Pavlov! - JackJack8ack

He’s my Favorite BE PUPPET EVER

7 Zylon Dragon

As he so called "scary" I still kind've liked what he looked liked as a kid

8 Kangaroo Puppets from Baby Galileo

These puppets r sweet

Please why is this at number 8? Kangaroos are one of my favorite animals!

9 Beethoven the Giraffe Puppet

Beethoven the giraffe is an insult to the real Ludwig Van Beethoven

10 Misty The Mouse

I like that puppet

I like mice so I might like misty

I loved misty when I was little. I still love her.

Misty is my favorite puppet in baby einstein ☺ along with Bard Vincent van goat, zylon, stella, and Monet the Zebra I wish I could have a misty puppet though ;-;

The Contenders

11 Neptune the Turtle - Baby Neptune

He’s a cute puppet I like him a lot

No, I'm not talking about the one in Neptune's Oceans, or in Baby Van Gogh, I'm talking about the one in Baby Neptune!

Neptune the turtle baby neptune

Yep he will always win

12 Meep-Meep the Dancing Chicken (Baby Bach)

Ha Ha, they deserved it for watching this abominating rip off to classical music.

13 Cat

Bella is my favorite cat

She/he is kawaii not the mice

14 Einstein the Caterpillar

When will he become a butterfly

So cute! Love him!

He's so cute! But the 2009 design of him looks sort of creepy and when he smiles, he looks like a physcopath.

15 Pavlet

It pavolv not this word pavlet its pronounced what I just said!

16 Chirag the Hippo

He was in meet the orchestra.

17 Mozart The Koala

I Love Him! He’s So Cute!

He does well in Baby Mozart!

18 Zorra (Isaac's Sister)
19 Tiger (Numbers Nursery)

How can you go wrong with this cute little fella? Why is he only in 1 Baby Einstein?

20 Baby Noah

Yes him I love also

21 Monet the Zebra (Baby Monet)


22 Baby Mozart the Blue Thing


23 Baby Bach the Orange Thing

He's cute, and so is his little sister, Sunny!

He was in world of colors

24 Baby Da Vinci, Mimi, and Jane

Who doesn't love a bunch of cute little monkeys? No one I know! I wish they were in more videos! And what awesome names, especially Jane, who's named after Jane Goodall!

25 The Otter Puppet

Ok sure it first appeared at the baby einstein movie my first signs but the otter looked so cute I would say "mom dad can I buy it please" I just wanted it so bad that I had a crush on it and it is my favorite puppet ever!

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