Baccano!: Random Anime Review

I know I promised my next review is going to be about the Soul Society Arc from Bleach, but I did it once, so why not again review another anime! And so I decided to review on of my all-time favorite anime of all time, which is criminally underrated!

[CF had a fun time reviewing the anime, simply known as Baccano!]

Baccano! plays in the 1930's and revolves around a group of gangsters with the power of alchemy! No, not THAT alchemy!
Its story is non-linear, like Quentin Tarantinos Pulp Fiction! It switches multiple times every episode between numerous storylines. One story revolves around a group of lunatics trying to hijack a train, another one is about a mafia war between two gangster families! You see, Baccano!s first strength is its non-linear story, which is perfectly paced in every episode and is just fun to watch!

Baccano!s second strength is its characters! Baccano! has an immense amount of characters. Because of its story telling, the anime has no main character, which makes it possible for every character to get the right amount of screen time! Of course all of those are great characters and are enjoyable to watch. Some of my favorites include Luck Gandor, a lunatic from the Gandor family, Miria and Isaac, a gangster couple. They are both downright hilarious and some of the funniest characters I know in every anime I've seen! Also Felix Walken a.k.a. Vino, who I can't say much about due to Spoilers.

Besides of that Baccano! also has amazing animation! It's artstyle makes it feel much more like a gangster movie. Baccano!s animation is probably one of the absolute best I know!

The soundtrack of Baccano! is great too! The entirity of the OST is memorable and oerfectly suits the anime! Besides its theme song is so catchy, it is one of the only anime theme songs I actually like!

Now while Baccano! is far too short, its brilliant story and characters makes it worth a:
9,5/10, with the adjective "amazing"
Soundtrack, animation, story and characters all round up make this to an anime masterpiece you have to watch! It's only 13 episodes long, not counting the OVA Specials, that means if you have'nt seen it, you should really do watch it!


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