Top Ten Back in My Day Jokes

The Top Ten Back in My Day Jokes

1 Back in my day, Tweeting was for the birds

Today Tweeting is for is now for people. - nintendofan126

And Snapchat should be for professional photographers

2 Back in my day, we didn't have cell phone we had 2 soup cans and a string

If it one thing the phone with 2 soup cans and a string has that the modern cell phone doesn't have
It's that you don't have to pay phone bills. - nintendofan126

3 Back in my day, yo mama was still fat

Leave is to elder people to tell you About history. ABOUT YO MAMA - nintendofan126

Back in my day, the “yo mama” jokes were still relevant. - 3DG20

4 Back in my day, the Ford Mustang was a horse and a carriage

I wonder how many miles that horse and Carriage got? - nintendofan126

Something you can't be proud of. Or is it? - Kiteretsunu

I love my good old Ford, he was such a friendly horse.

5 Back in my day, people actually talked to each other

Heard this one from old people countless times.

Um I still do.

6 Back in my day, the rarest Pokemon cards we're the holographics

Hey I think that actually was how it went when I was a kid.

300 bucks for a holo Charizard!

Today the rarest Pokemon cards are. Level X cards. Level EX cards. And mega evolution Cards. And Prime Cards. - nintendofan126

7 Back in my day, we stalked with binoculars not Facebook

I use both, I have to maximize efficiency - EliHbk

And they didn't kept the information what or whom we stalked.

8 Back in my day, we played rockball not baseball

Next thanks giving. You should be thankful that we don't use rocks for baseball anymore. - nintendofan126


9 Back in my day, we had to get up in order to change the channel on the television.

God bless you - EliHbk

10 Back in my day we didn't have paper tiles we had paper to write with and tiles to wipe with

The Contenders

11 Back in my day, fat people were treated as royalty

Not anymore. Today fat people wish they were skinny like other people. - nintendofan126

12 Back in my day, we didn't have Dora the Explorer and thank God we didn't

I was still a kid but I was too old for Dora the Explorer. So do you want to return to the 20th Century when it didn't exist and Dora was just a female name. How about the Teletubbies? or maybe a better preschool show from the 90s Rosie & Jim (Not forgetting Duck and John who never noticed a thing) Sorry but Rosie & Jim will always be my fave preschool show.

I wish I could go back in time to live those days. - nintendofan126

Dora is still relevant? - 3DG20

13 Back in my day, no one said Genwunners
14 Back in my day, we would beat up nerds without using the internet
15 Back in my day, we didn't have science we had logic
16 Back in my day, we didn't get Facebook timeline unexpectedly we got polio

The reason you didn't get Facebook back cause there was no Facebook - nintendofan126

17 Back in my day, 1 dollar could get me a gallon of milk, two loaves of bread and a carton of milk, but than they put cameras in the stores

Haha very funny and true

That's funny - EliHbk

18 Back in my day, we didn't have Donald Trump we had King Henry the III
19 Back in my day, songs were not about sex and drugs

There were always songs about sex and drugs. - 3DG20

20 Back in my day, a dime bag cost a dime

Back then we had more of a use for a Dime. - nintendofan126

21 Back in my day, cartoons use to be good

This is true. I used to watch cartoon network and now I don't. Reason Why is because The company got a new owner and now the new cartoons are more stupid and ridiculous.

22 Back in my day a hoe was a tool

Still is

23 Back in my day, me brother and I had only one pair of shoes and we had to hop to school.
24 Back in my day we used yellow snow to make snow cones, and that's when we got lemon flavor
25 Back in my day candy was so cheap when you bought it they would pay you
26 Back in my day, SpongeBob SquarePants was good

Wonder who made this? - EliHbk

27 Back in my day, we had smart presidents

Bing bing bong bong

28 Back in my day, there were no fidget spinners

We had ceiling fans

29 Back in my day we didn’t have air so stop complaining
30 Back in my day, we still all had bowl cuts
31 Back in my day we didn't have those fancy text messages, we just had to scream as loud as we can and hope that someone would hear it
32 Back in my day we didn't have butts we had cracks
33 Back in my day, sex was a life skill
34 Back in my day, everybody loved Blind Mellow Jelly
35 Back in my day we used to hunt for witches
36 Back in my day, we had a social life out of the internet where everyone could talk to and not be rude about everything
37 Back in my day, cars' wheels weren't circles they were squares
38 Back in my day our clothes were made of rags
39 Back in my day, we didn’t have YouTube, we had real jobs

Something Psycho Dad would’ve said to Jesse. - 3DG20

40 Back in my day, we didn't have granddaddy purple
41 Back in my day, we had vegetarianism too, it was called "Damn all the meat's gone!"
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