Top 10 Background Ponies

Background ponies. The random fillies and colts that make the scene look busy in any episode. There is a lot of them and most of them actually have fan-given, often non-canon backgrounds, names and characteristics to make them into a more fleshed out character, often becoming more appealing than some of the mane 6.
So lets celebrate our favourite, often mute on the show, ponies by bickering about who is best background pony.

The Top Ten

1 Derpy Hooves Derpy Hooves is a female Pegasus from the 2010s kids show My Little Pony:Friendship is Magic. She is described as dumb and clumsy. Her occupation is a delivery mare.

The background pony who actually had a minor role in an episode... Before the world threw a massive bitchfit about it.
Derpy, also known as Ditzy Doo, is the creation of a accidental wall-eye'd background pony in the very first episodes of the show. Since then, Derpy has made cameo's and random appearances in almost every episode, not to mention all over fan works. Derpy is characterized by her appearance and name to be a very ditzy, dumb and otherwise mentally challenged, but extremely loveable, if not slightly childlike, pony with a heart of gold, never letting anything get her down. She is also characterized with an obsession with muffins due to her original only speaking role, and calling what has always been known as cupcakes in the show, muffins. She is also characterized as being a diligent mail carrier (to the best of her abilities) due to a number of appearances within episodes that have her as a mailmare. This allows her to drop into any number of situations because of ...more

Derpy is the perfect picture. She is adorable, a complete dork, a klutz, but also very sweet and is willing to do her best to help any pony around her.

Don't tell me you didn't see this coming, Derpy is awesome and adorable, and her ship with the doctor is just the same! She is the most known background pony by far, with her eyes, and "I just don't know what went wrong." Good for you, Ditzy Doo.

Derpy is the best don't care what anyone thinks and it's not her fault about her clumsiness so don't blame her all the haters out there and Octavia is great too but derpy is for sure better

2 Vinyl Scratch

Also known as DJ Pon3, this pony's characteristics are far more canon than some of the others on this list; put simply, she is the DJ to end all DJs. Obsessed with club music and, to an extent, dubstep, Vinyl is the first pony to think about when you think music. Also known for her "Base Canon" and being shipped with classical music enthusiast Octavia... Wait, what?

It seems like (after all the fan fiction I've read and fan made pictures I've saw) Vinyl Scratch lives a whole different life out there! Besides she looks like a whole different pony with out those weird-purple glasses. No offense but that really hits me- what if she is hiding BIG secret behind those glasses like Cerise Hood from Ever After High?

This character should be one top.

Vinyl is number 1

3 Lyra Heartstrings

I adore derpy but... Lyra is just... Amazing. Look at her. She's a pretty minty-green unicorn who plays the harp and has a pretty cutie mark related name. I love the head canon that she adores/is fascinated by humans (kinda like how I am with unicorns and pegasus )

This minty green pony was caught in the act of sitting on a bench unlike any pony ever has. Instead of laying on her tummy with her hooves tucked in, this pony one day decided to just sit like a regular old human and was forever characterised around this trait. Lyra is known for her love of humans and desire to become a human, being casted as the pony equivalent to a brony, only for humans instead of ponies. Also known for being shipped with Bon Bon due to the sheer amount of times they have been paired together in the show.

I personally look at an image with her and the background ponies and her coat color doesn't quite fit in and I understand green isn't a girl's or a creative color but with Twilight now an Alicorn somepony has to fit that second unicorn slot and I still can't forgive Sunset Shimmer and Starlight for their antagonistic actions on top of that we already have purple and yellow and also I really, really, REALLY don't like Rarity because all fashionistas are snobbish, spoiled, mean and selfish and besides green is part of the rainbow too not white

The head cannon around her is the most interesting and unique, in my opinion.

4 Octavia

Octavia is a sophisticated earth pony that plays the string instruments violin and cello (more often cello). In the brony community, she is said to be Vinyl Scratch's best friend. While some prefer to believe that she is "snobbish", or a "Canterlot type of pony", she is really just classy and believes that things should be proper, while her friend Vinyl, on the other hand, just likes to have a good time and rock out, which makes them complete opposites. Octavia has her own fan-made parody of "Titanium", with only the sounds of the piano, strings, and EileMonty singing as our beloved Octavia. IN my opinion, if you're worthy enough to have your own song, you should be at the top. Octavia is one of the only regular-colored (in human terms) ponies in the whole show, which makes her unique, because everyone else might have a bright pink coat or rainbow hair, something of the sort. Some people might think that her character is not developed enough, and I agree, her character could use a bit ...more

A sophisticated, cultured, cello playing pony who is often paired with a wild and modern DJ; Octavia is a pony of class and distinction, a mare who holds herself and everything she does in a snobbish high regard, she is often seen as more of a rival or a direct opposite to Vinyl Scratch and often seen debating over their preferred form of music, but hey, you know what they say about opposites attracting. Given the nickname Octy, she is also appears in an octopus form in some pieces of fanart, which often leads to her being seen in this form with the mythical Sea ponies.

I've always had a thing for the musician ponies, and Octavia, being the original, is no exception. She's beautiful, she's British, she's classy but not in a stuck-up kind of way - what's not to like about her? I hope she gets more dialogue on the show!

Yes! I love her accent, her music, and everything about her. I'm not big on Vinyl and Octavia, but definitely cute as friends.

5 Doctor Whooves

Doctor whooves is like doctor who... Get is? Anyway, amazing pony, and the derpy and doctor ship is definitely my second favorite, my first being fluttershy and discord.

I ship the derpy and the doctor more then I should... It's my favorite ship. But all that aside the doc here deserves to be further up on the list!

Also known as Time Turner, Doctor Whooves earned his nickname based on his appearance, a striking resemblance to the 10th Doctor from the series "Doctor Who" as well as bearing an hourglass cutie mark, it is often suggested that this was an intentional reference to the doctor. In fan works, he is characterised to be the doctor himself, transported to Equestria via a TARDIS mishap and reshaped into pony form due to the equine-centric laws of the world. He is thus given the same characteristics as the 10th doctor himself and very often paired up with a partner, as is the way of the original show. More often than not, this happens to be Derpy, simply due to her nature and popularity.

I love his character so much and ship it with Derpy. Don't ask why, just a cute couple.

6 Bon Bon

As mentioned before, Bon Bon is often known for her partnership with Lyra, though there is more to her than that. In the show, out of all the background ponies, Bon Bon has been given the most prominent roles, from being hassled by Apple Bloom, to falling ill to baked bads. From welcoming back Applejack in the last roundup to being a gossipy intrusion in new Fluttershy's wake in putting your hoof down. Though every time she has ever had a speaking role, she has always had a completely different voice from the last and given she has has 5 speaking roles in total, this fact raises more than a few eyebrows. Despite all these in show appearances, Bon Bon's fan characteristics aren't very well defined, she mainly is characterised by being around and sometimes acting as a straight man to Lyra's antics.

I think bon bon is the best!

Bon Bon definitely deserves her own episode! - BrideiMacBella

7 Berry Punch

Now here's the tale of a very unfortunate pony indeed. One of a fruit and fruity punch loving purple mare who has been characterized as more of a hard drunk than Barney Gumble. It started with wine, then onto cider after the episode featuring cider, to pure hard liquor, in all it's intoxicating forms. Berry Punch has been cast as a typical drunk who can't stand to be sober. Often shipped with Colgate, who, if you REALLY can't guess from the name, is a oral hygiene enthusiast. This stems from a shot in the show which briefly shows them standing close together from the episode Winter Wrap Up.

Berry Punch is my waifu!

8 Carrot Top Scott Thompson, known by the stage name Carrot Top, is an American stand-up comedian, actor, director, producer, writer, and best known for his bright red hair, prop comedy, and self-deprecating humor.

Lol that photo - 445956

Carrot top is much better than cheerilee so this makes no sense

Carrot Top is another pony who stays true to what little canon background she has. She is an earth pony, much like Applejack, who specialises in carrots rather than apples. Popularised by the fan work "Carrot Cake Storybook", which is also largely responsive for casting her as Derpy's best friend, a straight man to the wall-eye'd ponies zany antics. The pair of them are also well known for the phrase "I emptied your fridge" from the same book.

9 Minuette

She's the cutest and she's so bubbly and fun.

Minuette and Colgate are the same pony.

10 Trixie Lulamoon Trixie Lulamoon, is a female unicorn pony and traveling magician. She tends to speak in the third person and refer to herself as "The Great and Powerful Trixie".

She's not a background pony, she's a recurring antagonist but she's still the best - bobbythebrony

The "Great and Powerful" Trixie is just an obvious narcissist, a social loner, and an obvious wuss of a magician unicorn. That is all.

Ugh. Why is this here? I'm not a fan of Trixie, but I do love her design, so let's keep her a background pony

She should be number one she has her own build a bear plush!

The Contenders

11 Applejack Applejack is a female Earth pony and one of the main characters of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic. She lives and works at Sweet Apple Acres with her grandmother Granny Smith, her older brother Big McIntosh, her younger sister Apple Bloom, and her dog Winona. She represents the element of honesty. more.

LMFAO when this was on background ponies I laughed my ass off

She's One Of The Main Characters

Another option for best background pony was Applejack.

#1 backround pony 10/10 -IGN - davidcat

12 Rose
13 Button Mash

Button mash is a background pony that appeared first in the song the "perfect stallion" in "hearts and hooves day" due to the fact he was seen playing an arcade game when sweetie belle pointed to him he is seen as a hard core gamer and because sweetie belle pointed to him sweetie mash is a common and personally one of my favorite ships

Button Mash is certainly one of my favorite background ponies. I love him in his fan-made shorts.

Button Mash is adorable. I love him and he's a great background character.

I love Buttonmash almost as much as Fluttershy! He's funny, just as much satisfying and caring. I'm not sure he deserves to be on a main character course though, like Derpy. It wouldn't be the same! But at least every three episodes, the show up. I want Buttonmash with the CMC! 😕 But yeah. I want to see a lot of ButtonBelle (The Buttonmash and Sweetiebelle ship. one of my favourites! ) action in my little pony. Go Buttonmash! I wanna see you rock! Rock hard, Button! You can do this! You are a winner!

14 Colgate

Colgate is an interesting case to say the least, in that she is split between two camps in terms of her fan work appearances. On the one hand she's Colgate, so called for her mane, which bares a striking resemblance to toothpaste. In these works she is strongly linked to Berry Punch as a partner and someone who desperately wants to see Berry Punch kick the alcoholic bit for her own good, and Berry Pinch too. On the other hand, she goes by many other names for those in the Doctor Whooves camp, names such as; Ramana, Jenne or TARDIE, this is due to her hourglass cutie mark. In this situation, she is seen paired up with none other than Doctor Whooves, often in place of Derpy. Toothpaste enthusiast or Doctor's assistant? This is a mare of dual identities.

She is hot, what else should I say?

Minuet is her official name.

Quite an interesting one. Also, *minuette. - Vortexium

15 Fluttershy Fluttershy is a female pegasus pony from the 2010 animated TV show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. She is a kind pegasus and is very timid and shy. She takes care of the animals. She represents the element of kindness

More background pony than Applejack.

Fluttershy is adorable.

She is a background pony, that's a fact.


She no background pony and has no right on here 😲

16 Bulk Biceps Bulk Biceps is a male Pegasus pony who first appears in the episode Hurricane Fluttershy. He has a white coat, a dirty-blond mane, and intense red eyes. He has an extraordinarily muscular character model.
17 Cheerilee

A bbit underrated, actually

18 Lily Valley
19 Big McIntosh

Love him and everything about him he rocks


You are right😄

20 Lotus Blossom

The spa ponies are my favorite

She's so pretty

21 Rarity Rarity is a female Unicorn pony from the 2010 Animated Television Series My Little Pony:Friendship is Magic. She is the element of Generosity and her main passion is fashion.

Ugh. Why is a main character on here?

22 Daring Do

She is not really a background character, but she is pretty awesome! She is cautious but daring, like her name suggests. Who doesn't love her?

23 Fleur Dis Lee
24 Snips
25 Snails
26 Amethyst Star
27 Midnight Strike

Midnight Strike is amazingly designed! LOVE HER!


28 Star Hunter

He has the coolest design and a cutie mark (the constellation Orion).

29 Wensley

Not many notice him, but there's a lot of culture about foodies these days. And Wensley, with a gourmet sounding name and a cutie mark of apples and cheese is a big foodie.

30 Cinnamon Chai

Shes one of the best background ponies I had ever seen,i love her design

31 Cloudchaser

Her mane looks so cool and I think she's beautiful in my opinion

32 Sweetie Drops

This secret agent is here to pack a punch!

33 Cookie Dough

An adorable and cute Background pony. She's known for appearing in the Buckball episode!

34 Apple Fritter
35 Flitter
36 Sunset Shimmer Sunset Shimmer is a female unicorn pony-turned-human and former antagonist introduced in My Little Pony Equestria Girls. She is a student at Canterlot High School, a former student of Princess Celestia, and a rhythm guitarist for the student band The Rainbooms.
37 Soup Changeling

€My soup’s too hot! ”

38 Minty
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