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Backstreet boys is a famous Pop Group. They're releasing their latest album "In a World Like This" on July 30th. These are their best albums.

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1 Never Gone

I like this album because The whole band matured up and played different style of music which is not present nowadays... What makes this album so special is "INCOMPLETE" amazing single - darknessmaster909

Not just the songs on the album, even the unreleased songs are great with great vocal ability.

2 Millennium

When this Album came out it CRUSHED Billboard and broke many music charts, this album came out on 2000 with 4 awesome songs "i want it that way" "larger than life" "show me the meaning" "The one" - darknessmaster909

The only songs that can make me relax

3 Unbreakable

That album was amazing because they played advanced type of music and made amazing official videos. Also it was way Mature than their all previous albums (except never gone). Best songs of Unbreakable are : Inconsolable, Something that I already know, Helpless when she smiles, Unmistakable - darknessmaster909

4 Black & Blue V 1 Comment
5 In a World Like This

This is their 2013 album when they changed their music style a lot and unfortunately began to go down. This album contains only three good songs of ten songs. The three songs are "In your arms" "in a world like this" "Show them what you're made of" - darknessmaster909

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6 The Hits: Chapter One
7 This Is Us
8 Backstreet Boys

This album contains mixed songs from The backstreet boys and new kids on the block. It's good for having top songs of both bands - darknessmaster909

10 Backstreet's Back

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11 Backstreet Boys (International)
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1. Never Gone
2. Unbreakable
3. In a World Like This
1. Never Gone
2. Unbreakable
3. Millennium



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