Best Bad Girls Club Fighters

The Top Ten

1 Raquel S10

Ooh kill em Rocky she the best fighter

2 Meghan S9

Mehgan Is the best fighter hands down she fought 2 girls and didn't even get hit

Mehgan is the best

I like when she punch,kill them bitch!... She's the best fighter of all series..wohoo

3 Ty S1

One of the only bad girls not to grab hair.

All hands! She is the best fighter

4 Sarah S11
5 Camilla S8
6 Christina S9

Check out her song guys respect jay z

7 Nikki S10
8 Flo S4
9 Darlen S2
10 Priscilla S7

The Contenders

11 Tiana S7
12 Angie S7
13 Lucci S9
14 Drea S9

BBC 9 smallest bitch beat up the biggest bitch

15 Shannon S10
16 Amy S8
17 Tanisha S2
18 Jenn S10
19 Shanae S11

What to say to bad girl

20 Stasi S7
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