Top 10 Bad Mario Games Trolls Would Probably Put on Positive Lists

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1 Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash

This list is missing all Wario games, and Galaxy 1/2

How is this bad? I mean, I haven't played it, but it looks good. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

I found it pretty disappointing that the gameplay is nowhere near as decent as the graphics. For a Mario game it's quite boring to play, and even the online modes are a bit of a snore-fest. - Entranced98

2 Super Mario Bros: The Lost Levels Super Mario Bros: The Lost Levels
3 Hotel Mario

Only this, Mario Teaches Typing and later games in the stale Mario Party series truly deserve to be on this list. The rest of the average ones have redeeming qualities of some sort, even if they are small. - Entranced98

4 Mario Kart 64
5 Mario Teaches Typing
6 Mario Party 9
7 Mario Kart: Super Circuit
8 Super Mario Land
9 Super Mario Galaxy

If this trash shows up on a 'best' list of positivity, then it's definitely a troll doing it.

Yeah, this one is trash people put just to troll for a quick laugh

This is a legitimate bad game, and trolls put it because 'oh it's the mario in space game on wii lol'.

10 Super Mario Bros.

The rest of the series wouldn't have existed in all its glory if it wasn't for the success of this game. Please, show it some respect. - Entranced98

The Contenders

11 Mario is Missing!
12 Mario Party 8
13 Mario Teaches Typing 2
14 Super Princess Peach
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