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21 Transformers - Michael Bay

I agree with visitor. This movie is good. Michael Bay has one or two average movies. - zxm

The only decent live-action Transformers movie - PeeledBanana

I think that this movie was what killed many people's childhood... using a mini gun. - Basementcritic

More Like
This movie is good
The director is trash

22 The Dilemma - Ron Howard
23 Beowulf - Robert Zemeckis
24 Pixels - Chris Columbus

Its Decent

25 Vampire in Brooklyn - Wes Craven

Director of:
A Nightmare on Elm Street, Scream, The People Under the Stairs, Scream 2, The Hills Have Eyes

The late great Wes Craven will go down as one of the greatest horror directors of all time, creating truly terrifying motion pictures despite the fact that he always wanted to do romances. I'm not making that up, seriously check it out. However, this was just a botched attempt at a horror comedy with an off performance by comedic legend Eddie Murphy. - phillysports

26 Alice in Wonderland - Tim Burton

WatchMojo got too much hate for hating Alice in Wonderland. And the visuals ARE grotesque.

27 Cars 2 - John Lasseter
28 Captain America: Civil War- The Russos

Whats wrong with you! This movie was Epic! This and the Jungle book should not be here!

29 The Rookie - Clint Eastwood
30 Baby Geniuses - Bob Clark
31 The Amazing Spider-Man 2 - Marc Webb
32 Australia - Baz Luhrmann
33 She Hate Me - Spike Lee
34 Even Cowgirls Get the Blues - Gus Van Sant
35 Accidental Love - David O. Russell
36 Hereafter - Clint Eastwood
37 Random Hearts - Sydney Pollack
38 Timeline - Richard Donner
39 Bogus - Norman Jewison
40 The Life of David Gale - Alan Parker
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