Top Ten Bad Movies that Don't Deserve to Be in the Top Ten 'Predicted Best Movies of 2016' List


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1 Norm of the North

You know a film is really bad when the only positive reviews on IMDB are from the actual producers and makers of the film themselves. How sad is that? I easily knew it would be the worst film of 2016 and it was in JANUARY? - SailorSedna

I have never been so happy to retch after seeing Norm of the North. I rate it a 0/10 and it can compare to Foodfight!, Doogal, the Spark Plug Entertainment movies, Dingo Pictures movies, Delgo and Elf Bowling: The Movie.

2 Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

I enjoyed it. B ut it had so many flaws. - HeavyDonkeyKong

DC's worst movie so far.

3 Fifty Shades of Black
4 The Angry Birds Movie

This is the next Minions.

Which is worse Ice Age: Collision Course, Norm of the North or this

This movie has a low budget

Very disappointing

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5 The Darkness
6 Warcraft
7 Ice Age: Collision Course
8 Ratchet & Clank
9 Zoolander 2
10 Finding Dory

Why is this so high? I have seen worse movies that were released in 2016. - Discord1

This film is nowhere near that bad. - SailorSedna

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11 Nine Lives
12 The 5th Wave

The worst part is where Cassie bring her phone with no power it ruined the movie for me.

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13 Sing

How do you know it's bad if it's not out yet - Discord1

It looks terrible in my opinion! The trailers were painful to watch!

14 Sausage Party

It's a rated R movie about...sausage porn? Yeah no even if I were allowed to see it (and I'm very obviously not) I still wouldn't go and see it. - Anonymousxcxc

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15 The Secret Life of Pets
16 Trolls


17 The Brothers Grimsby V 1 Comment
18 Ghostbusters

Vote for this movie for Golden Schmoes Awards for Worst movie of the year or biggest disappointment of the year.

19 Suicide Squad
20 Blair Witch
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