Worst Tasting Drinks

The Top Ten

1 Beverly
2 Apple Cider Vinegar

It tastes horrible.

3 Eggnog
4 Fresca
5 Diet Mountain Dew

So the reason this is up so is because of people who can't stand any thing without their precious sugary taste. or is it because they're picky drinkers who gag at the fact that they put vegtable oil in the mountain dew for the flavor

It is the worst


6 Diet Coke

Though it's still no match for regular Coke, it's definitely gotten better over the years.

Tastes near the same as normal Coke, so it's good.

Diet coke is disgusting.

I hate all kinds of soda. I haven't had soda in 7 months.
I rather drink a glass of water. So refreshing no sugar no calories. I also don't like any kind of milk, juice, and I don't like any other kids of water except for the normal kind.

7 Chai Latte
8 Disco Lemonade
9 Mug Root Beer

I love root beer!

Not bad not good

It is horrible

10 Cream Soda

It's not that bad, but if I had to choose between this and root ever, I'd pick rootbeer in a heartbeat. There's too much vanilla in this one.

The Contenders

11 NOS Energy
12 Club Soda

Ewww! This drink taught me not to try new things, even my mom knew I'd hate it and tried to stop me, sadly no avail, then she was like at least you tried new things, yeah like crap.

Horrible soda with a weird stale 2 year old tomato flavor

It tastes weird; flavorless and I guess you could say bitter

13 Mello Yello

Who thought this disgusting stuff would actually sell?

14 Code Red Mountain Dew
15 Diet Root Beer

This is a thing?

16 Brennivin
17 Vernors
18 Arizona Iced Tea

Its fake


19 Raspberry Brisk
20 Black Coffee

I hate coffee, but only if it has tons of sugar, then it's fine. - funnyuser

I adore coffee but I'd never drink it black. - RedTheGremlin

I hate coffee it has to much caffeine and suger to hot

21 Tab

Has anyone ever tried it it comes in a pink can that simply says tab it tastes like regular coke at first but the after taste is unbearable. It has been scientifically proven that it causes diereah and it just tastes like crap

22 Brisk Iced Tea

Cheap but you pay for what you get

23 Coca-Cola


24 White Out Mountain Dew
25 Kinnie

Never had it sounds disenviting

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