Top 10 Bad Things About Otherwise Good Movies

The Top Ten Bad Things About Otherwise Good Movies

1 Is unbelievably slow-paced and boring and drags itself out for far, far, far too long in all three of the films, just like in the original books - Lord Of The Rings Trilogy

Reading through this list, I'm afraid you may just have too short an attention span...

No I understand where your coming from, the movies are extremely slow for me, they are well acted and have some amazing scenes but the pacing just turns me off - germshep24

2 Making the film 95% CGI felt extremely gimmicky, forced and un-necessary, as did the film's incredibly infamous "Thanos disintegrating everyone" twist ending AKA the biggest forced meme to ever come out of a superhero flick period - Avengers: Infinity War

That's it. This movie is oversaturated - TriggerTrashKid

3 Focuses its overall character development way too heavily on the villains (Joker and Two-Face), effectively reducing Batman himself into a boring, generic, growly-voiced shell of his Animated Series self - The Dark Knight
4 The film's main villain, Clubber Lang, is a truly horrendous Afro-American stereotype through and through - Rocky III
5 Film is a hugely inaccurate representation of the actual history behind Queen and is extremely style-over-substance - Bohemian Rhapsody

I didn't know that Clubber Lang from Rocky 3 portrayed an afro-american stereotype. I thought Lang was just someone who thought he was unbeatable and wanted to beat Rocky for the world heavyweight title. Anyway, I wouldn't say Bohemian Rhapsody was style over substance. The movie did have inaccuracies about the singers it was about, but so did What's Love Got To Do With It. Being inaccurate in a number of places doesn't make it style over substance. At least Bohemian Rhapsody was not inaccurate to the same degree as Braveheart. Now Braveheart is extremely style over substance.

6 The film relied far too much on nostalgic sentimentality for its returning characters from the trilogy's first two films and was generally an extremely overrated and disappointing finale to said trilogy - Toy Story 3
7 The hilariously overblown "black power" controversy surrounding the film, especially when combined with the fact that one of its characters references the "WHAT ARE THOSE" meme - Black Panther (2018)
8 Has an exciting and colorful first act followed by painfully dull and boring second and third acts; also, its title makes very little sense even if you do understand what it means - A Clockwork Orange
9 The film didn't even remotely try to hide the fact that King Kandy was its main villain, and its overall storyline was themed considerably more around candy than it was around actual video games to say the least - Wreck-It Ralph
10 Is Loaded with Plot Holes, Has an Extremely Outdated View on the Internet, Missed the Opportunity to Include "Wreck" in Its Title, and Makes Ralph and Vanellope Annoying and Unlikable - Ralph Breaks the Internet

The Emoji Movie fan here. See, this is why Wreck it Ralph 1 was good, it's sequel SUCKED. Same with Avengers 1 and 2 being good, 3 and 4 sucked. Pacific Rim 1 rocked but Pacific Rim 2 sucked.

You forgot "added a Mary Sue that has a freakish cult following"


The Newcomers

? Some of the Pokemon are rendered in uncanny valley CGI - Pokemon: Detective Pikachu
? the unnecessary artstyle shift from the previous two movies - Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha: Reflection and Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha: Detonation

I mean, just look at what they did to my girl, Signum! - PerfectImpulseX

The Contenders

11 Try as it does, the film just can't quite manage to be as utterly hilarious as The Room proper, or Wacky Delly for that matter; also, the Tommy Wiseau in the film isn't actually Tommy Wiseau - The Disaster Artist
12 Film still keeps the whole stupid "Nia was an anti-Spiral all along" plot twist from the original show - Gurren Lagann: The Lights in the Sky are Stars
13 Green Goblin's Redesign is Absolutely Terrible and Makes Him Look Like a "Monster of the Week" from Power Rangers - Spider-Man (2002)
14 Its Vietnam War Segment is Notably Weaker Than Its Boot Camp Segment - Full Metal Jacket
15 Film is Absurdly Too Long, to the Point Where It Actually Has to Have Mid-Film Intermissions - Gone with the Wind
16 Doesn't Even Remotely Try to Actually Work as a Standalone Film - Avengers: Infinity War

This isn't a bad thing about the movie it was advertised as a two movie deal - germshep24

17 Never Got a Sequel - The Iron Giant

This might actually be a good think, imagine if they made a sequal and it absolutely ruined its charm, because the second one would have turned into a war film that was where the movie ending was heading - germshep24

18 The rushed and cheap-looking CGI - Sonic the Hedgehog (2020)
19 Film feels like a pretty rushed and long, glorified trailer for Detonation - Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha: Reflection
20 the whole Netflix English redub - The End of Evangelion and Neon Genesis Evangelion: Death and Rebirth (AKA. Neon Genesis Evangelion: Death (true)^2)
21 Having Raising Heart tell Nanoha everything she needs to do during her first battle - Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha the Movie 1st
22 about almost 1/3 of the movie arguably more focuses on Iris and Yuri than on the main cast - Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha: Detonation
23 Movie Ends with the Main Character's Death by Lobotomy - One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
24 The Ending is Disgusting - Akira
25 Took Far Too Many Liberties with Its Original Source Material - Stanley Kubrick's the Shining
26 Is Nearly Impossible to Stay Awake All the Way Through Without Fast-Forwarding - 2001: A Space Odyssey

Well, I did it, so there.

27 Sacrifices Much of the Cerebral Nature and Atmosphere of the Original Alien in Favor of Becoming a Much More Typical Action Movie - Aliens

This wasn't a bad thing it worked, one was a sci-fi the other was an action and it worked perfectly with both - germshep24

28 Its Special Effects, Though Amazing for Their Time, Have Aged Horribly - Superman (1978)
29 The General Stupidity of Having Four of Riley's Five Main Emotions Be Negative Ones - Disney-Pixar's Inside Out
30 Derives Way Too Much of Its Humor from Simply Being a Spoof of Disney Musicals and a Social Commentary About Nickelodeon Censorship - South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut
31 Zod is a Joke in It - Superman II
32 Having to Watch Vincent Die - Pulp Fiction
33 The Film is Exhaustingly Long, to the Point of Having to Be Split Into Two Separate Films, and Has Very Little Payoff in Its Ending to Say the Least - Kill Bill

Kill Bill was a very good film, the problem was the second movie which was just forgettable and boring - germshep24

34 Edna's "No Capes" Rant Makes Syndrome's Eventual Death by Cape Far Too Predictable - The Incredibles
35 The Film's Main Villain, Tommy Gunn, is a Boring and Clichéd "Jerk Jock" Stereotype - Rocky V
36 Rorschach is Horribly Characterized and Ultimately Ends Up Taking the Backseat to Dr. Manhattan in Terms of Who the Actual Main Character of the Film Is - Watchmen
37 Completely Ditches the Cerebral Feel of the Original Matrix in Favor of Becoming a Completely Stereotypical Action Flick - Matrix Reloaded
38 The Extremely Overblown "Female Empowerment" Campaign Surrounding the Film, Especially When Combined with How Dull of a Character It Turned Diana Herself Into - Wonder Woman (2017)
39 The Stupid Cgi Fight Sequence Between Diana and Ares at the End of the Film - Wonder Woman (2017)

Well at least it was better than the CGI fight in Black Panther - germshep24

40 That One Scene Where Diana Shield-Lessly Walks Through the Battlefield in Slow Motion Just So that It Can Be Put Into the Trailer - Wonder Woman (2017)
41 Film is Ridiculously Pretentious with the Way that It Portrays Humanity - Wall-E
42 Uses Way Too Much CGI - The Hobbit
43 Its Plot Makes Very Little Sense and is Largely Focused More Around Iron Man Than It is Around Captain America - Captain America: Civil War
44 The Film's Dialogue is Extremely Pretentious and is Difficult to Follow Even with Pause/Rewind Tools and the Dialogue Script on Hand - V for Vendetta
45 Its Portrayal of the Joker is Easily the Single Most Overrated Villain to Ever Grace Superhero Movies, Besides Maybe Infinity War's Thanos - The Dark Knight
46 Film Has Way Too Many Characters and Focuses Way Too Much on Thanos, Making Most of Them Come Across as Being Horribly One-Dimensional as a Result - Avengers: Infinity War

The problem with sequels, the director assumes you have watched the other movies and doesn't bother fleshing out the characters because they already did that - germshep24

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