Top 10 Bad Things that Could Happen with Donald Trump Being the Next President


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1 World war 3

Its funny because he actually made peace with north korea and didn't make any racist laws. The people here are mad retarded

Not gonna happen. It would have happened if Hillary Clinton was president instead of Trump. - Userguy44

Hillary vowed to go to war with russia and trump is not even president yet and the world leaders are offering alliances and you think a war is coming? - maverick88

It's going to happen no matter what. Since they now have a sexist, racist and pervert nitwit as their president. I'm so glad we chose to move out of the USA after 9/11. - Mumbizz01

2 Make racist laws

Okay, I hate Trump as much as the next guy, but democracy has spoken and I will give him a chance. Even though he is a ridiculous man, perhaps this is the kind experimenting America should be doing. Maybe he will prove effective in office--who knows?

In the end, Hillary would have done nothing. I didn't like her but she promised a neurotic adherence to the status quo and that seemed attractive. Trump promises change and he is really the only one reckless enough to risk it. That's terrifying, but I am very open and more than anything, curious as to the future of America. - keycha1n

Its really funny reading a list like this that shows the total ignorance of the Hillary lovers. No wonder you lost, you have no clue how wrong you were on so many things over the past 8 years, so now its come back to you. Pay closer attention next time.

Can you people just give him a chance before you say he's the worst president ever - Brobusky

He's been president for one day and america is in an economical crisis. - AnonymousChick

Lord, deliver us from 13 year olds who pronounce that we are having an "economical crisis", whatever that is.

3 Build a wall against Mexico

Mexico being a Catholic nation, they should be totally in favor of a wall that is identical to the one that surrounds Vatican City, with only 2 ways in, and 2 ways out. If not, then they should be in favor of the Vatican tearing down their wall.

A wall against Mexico wouldn't work because America has a huge coastline.

We would not need this if Mexico would just adopt a policy of reciprocity, where Americans could freely move to Mexico, get jobs, buy houses, etc., except that Mexico's immigration laws are very strict [not to mention complicated and subject to capricious change], and they will seize your property and deport you immediately if they catch you.

4 Make America even worse

Give him a chance! He might actually be good for America. Everyone is so quick to judge. Americans aren't stupid; they know what they want, especially if it involves their beloved country. Do you honestly think they would elect someone they think wouldn't do a good job? Well...? - Britgirl

Britgirl I totally agree that we should give him a chance. Unfortunately, he's been racist, homophobic, and he made fun of a disabled person. So I'm not getting my chances up - Yatagarasu

People need to wake up and stop being so god damn divisive. We've had bad presidents before so stop thinking "oh, America is screwed" and rioting and crap. Ain't gonna change nothing. I didn't vote for the guy, but like Britgirl said, let's at least give him a solid chance. Maybe he can surprise us, and even if he doesn't, don't give up hope. Don't be a bitch and man up. We're still a united country for God's sake, or at least I hope we are. That all depends on us. Accept the changes and move on. - Mcgillacuddy

@AnonymousChick, you've clearly bought into the lies and smear campaign that is the msm. It's been proven that those women who were supposedly molested by Trump were frauds. But you won't hear about that on Fox or CNN. Oh and he's done nothing but speak highly of his wife and daughter etc. Also, the women whom Bill Clinton raped (yes, that's right) and whom Hillary verbally abused, held a press conference with Trump to support him. *sarcasm* But let's focus on one or two "mean" statements Trump said in the heat of the moment, that he APOLOGIZED for, and hold that against him. You preach against prejudice, narrow-mindedness and bigotry...the hypocrisy is real!

Look how far our country has gone.
Gay marriage rights
Decrease in racism
Decrease in sexism
Cheap health-care
Actually no wars right now
And now, with DOnald Trump, all of this could be thrown away in seconds.

But obviously trump supporters don't care - AnonymousChick

5 Send foreigners back where they came from

Only the illegal ones, which is why they are called "illegal".

Bye bye to his wife then. - AnonymousChick

Yeah, the ones that are here ILLEGALLY.

6 Make selfish laws

Talk about ignorant. And what has Obama been doing the past 8 years? He's been a little dictator, that's what. Trump loves this country. He wants to make it great again. All he's done is sacrifice for this campaign. He used his own money (how is that not a noble thing to do?! ) because, guess what, the RNC wouldn't support him. He wants to help people succeed. Why is that so hard to believe? Oh yeah, he said 'mean things' that he later apologized for. "No, but we must hold it against him! because we have the moral high ground! " Ugh.
Screw the establishment. Go Trump. Show 'em what you can do!

What are "selfish" laws?

7 Go to war
8 End of the world

And this is why Trump haters are as bad as Trump supporters. - Userguy44

Yeah, I'm going to ask a scientist to bring an asteroid, that's the ticket.

By asking Google to make nuclear bomb and shoot at ISIS and accidentally shoot at Russia and make Russia angry, so President Putin ask scientist to bring an asteroid 10 km/6.214 miles wide to collide with earth

9 Entire truth about Hillary Clinton comes out, and she is sent to prison

Not going to happen, Obama will give her a full pardon.

The full truth is she never committed any crimes

LOL. That is the most ridiculous comment on this page. Everyone with one eye and half sense, who's even mildly informed knows she's been involved in crime since day one!

10 Make society go crazy

The "peaceful" anti-Trump rioters in Los Angeles sexually assaulted a female police officer last night. Ironically, the majority of Los Angeles residents were Hillary voters.

Last time I checked, it was all the intolerant, anti-Trump people who are rioting in the streets, sending massive amounts of death threats to Trump on Twitter, and beating Trump supporters up, etc.

Really? And WHO'S supporters are currently violently rioting in cities across America? Step into reality.

The supporters were bad enough already. Much worse than he is. And now they're free to do what they want. Greeaat. - AsteroidCat

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11 North Korea expanding

North Korea is the best Korea
And Kim Jong Un is actually an alien disguise as a weak and handsome human
*puts on tin foil hat*

12 Rise of dictatorships
13 Sex slavery

Totally mixing up Trump with Bill Clinton, since Bill frequently flew aboard the "Lolita Express", it's a matter of record.

Yes, Bill Clinton did turn a number of women into sex slaves. Read up on the details about what Bill Clinton made Monica Lewinsky do with a cigar before he smoked it. After that incident, Hillary moved heaven and earth to cover it up, then discredited everyone involved that tried to expose it.

14 Send African-Americans back to Africa

Delusional statement, typical of the completely made-up rhetoric of the left.

You white people sent us here via boats and ships and WE built your country and NOW you want us to go back to Africa? FOH...

He can't send us back to Africa, We were brought here on boats in the 1600s. - Arcxia

This will never happen

15 Loss of Affordable Health Care

It's not affordable NOW.

16 Losing most of our allies

You don't seem to understand that they need us far more than we need them. They're not going anywhere.

Great Britain and France will always be America's greatest allies. - Britgirl

T: Great Britain, yes. France, mostly when they need the big dog to haul their snail-eatin' butts outta the fire. The rest of the time, they're talking' smack.

17 Break the nuclear deal with Iran & 5+1

Fantastic, the "Iran Nuclear Deal" was terrible.

As I believe he looks like Ahmadinzhad the previous president of Iran who was so crazy & all the Iranians hate him,he may break this deal!

18 Climate change gets worse
19 Break up of NATO
20 Banning of Japanese products

Really? Where did you get that nonsense?

More leftist hallucinations.

21 Anime being banned

You're kidding, right? - Chaofreaks1

Uh, no. But wouldn't be a bad idea.

@Metal2003 like he has that kind of power. ugh

what - TheRemixr

22 Hillary Supporters Whining About Trump for the Next 4, Possibly 8, Years
23 Families getting separated

It already happened

24 Canada grows in population

Wouldn't take much, since the population of Canada is far less than that of California alone.

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