Top 10 Bad Things That Happen on The Internet in 2019

The Top Ten

1 Submarine Man gets verified on Youtube

Who even is that, besides who cares? - Bores

Nobody cares. - Userguy44

Worse than shootings

Why did Youtube verify him?

2 Article 13 Controversy

This was bad.

What’s Article 13? - PhoenixAura81

3 Youtube's Algorithm Added 9/11 Facts Video on the Fire of Notre Dame Video

I don't know why Submarine man, Miley, or Justin Bieber things are on this list their not bad things in the grand scheme of things like this or the Article 13 which makes those things dumb in comparison - germshep24

This is offensive. They really need to get rid the algorithm.

Why YouTube, why? - RadioHead03

Why? - Userguy44

4 Miley Cyrus’s Wrecking Ball Got 1 Billion Views on Youtube

Think carefully about this, almost everyone you know in school has watched it a bunch of times.

How? Did Bots do it?

I don't care. - Misfire

Who cares? - Jasmine21064

5 Some Pokemon Youtubers are Confirmed to be Stalkers

People like Duncan and Nappy. As a pokemon player, I'm ashamed.

6 Moto Moto Became a Meme

This weird and creepy at the same time.

This is funny though - sadical

7 Justin Bieber's Baby has more likes than dislikes

As of 4/26/19 Baby has 11,313,291 likes and 10,463,419 dislikes.

So what. It's not a bad song to be honest. - NickelodeonYesAddminNo

Who cares? - MrCoolC

I don't care. - Misfire

8 PewDiePie is banned in India

Oh. - Misfire

Why does youtube want T-series to win? EDIT: After hearing from sadical's comment, Pewdiepie seem to have quit. Now all that's left for the war is Youtube Music vs T Series.
Don't let T-Series get ahead Youtube Music.

I don’t like PewDiePie and I support T Series, but
PewDiePie is a good person. I feel bad for him after seeing the “Ending the Subscribe To PewDiePie Meme” Video. He talks about how it was fun at first, but things went too far. PewDiePie doesn’t hate T Series either and the diss tracks were only made as a joke. - sadical

9 Verlisify was Suspended from Twitter

Twitter is oddly censoring.

It's sad that this happened.

10 People spoiling Endgame

Honestly, I have to keep telling some idiotic students to not spoil anything as I haven't seen it yet. And I know they're only trying to do it to get under my skin, so I have to threaten to throw something at them, or just threaten them in general. These student act like children, and sometimes I feel like me and my brothers are the only mature ones in our school - PandaMan

Why do they feel to ruin everything for everyone?

This is like trying my best to avoid anything Star Wars VII related you just can't escape no matter what end you turn to. - htoutlaws2012

If a movie gets released, stay off the Internet until you watch it..

The Contenders

11 Roblox Getting Rid of Events

AW COME ON! I never played much of them but REALLY?! - PhoenixAura81

Egg hunt 2019 is the last event.

I don’t care - sadical

12 Lil Meerkat becomes popular and releases the music video for his awful remix of Bohemian Rhapsody
13 Lil Meerkat gets verified on YouTube

I don't know him but ok. I guess he's a bad person.

14 Overwhelming Russell Westbrook hate
15 Justin Bieber is The First Musician to Reach One Billion Streams on Spotify
16 Megamind Memes
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