Top 10 Bad Things Kids Do Today

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1 Kill their parents

WHY would kids do that. Their parents brought them in to this world.

Who on earth would do that? That is just SO bad. - Neonco31

It depends on what the parent does to the child. - Jay12

Kids do not usually their parents... - Lucretia

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2 Try to act like sluts and gangsters

My class act like the same

Because Nicki and Miley are their "role models".

Yes, this would be a better number one then kill their parents. - Lucretia

Mostly everyone on middle school and high school. Not me! I’m one of the good ones.

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3 Send death threats on any social network website

I'm laughing SO hard right now. This hardly ever happens! - LordDovahkiin

Sort of happens sometimes... - Lucretia

4 Bully
5 Try to join gangs

My uncle almost was killed by a gang, because he got flirty with the leaders girlfriend

How often does this really happen? - Lucretia

Yes they do

6 Pick bad role models

Keep your children away from Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, and everyone from young money. All of this stuff is not for kids.

Justin Bieber isn't for anyone. Want suicide? Listen to Justin Bieber. - LordDovahkiin

7 Smoke cigarettes

A guy got expelled from my school for smoking weed and doing drugs. AND HE WAS 12 YEARS OLD.

I won't do this. It tastes bad!

I never smoked, and I never will. Heck, I might as well kill myself if I'm forced to smoke - cdxtreme

Again. Never heard of kids doing this. In fact, where does the guy who made this list live? - LordDovahkiin

Marijuana is actually safer then cigarettes... - Lucretia

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8 Kill themselves

Life is too fun to kill yourself.

Only ones with very bad depression or who are severely bullied... - Lucretia

So do adults. In fact, adults kill themselves more. - LordDovahkiin

That is just TOO much - Neonco31

9 Watch porn and hentai

This reminds me of the accidental comcast incident.

Anaconda by Nicki Minaj counts as porn.

Oh gosh, I used to do that. And I would HATE to have my child, ( if I even HAVE one) do the same thing.

Hmm... A minority of them do. - LordDovahkiin

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10 Have sex

Why do they want to have children at this young age or any age for that matter? They're still young. They should live a little. They only get one life of being a kid so they shouldn't waste all of it.

Sex isn't for kids. It's for married adults!

Or at least for couples who'd been together for a while (only with condoms, though) - redhawk766

Many celebrities have lost their virginity at a very young age. Youngest was 9, oldest was 13. - redhawk766

They don't do this a lot, I hope - Lucretia

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11 Twerk

Parents shouldn't be letting their kids listen to Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber, nicki minaj, lil Wayne, or any adult singer for that matter. And don't deny the fact that Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus are highly adult now.

It's the parents fault for everything that's wrong with america's children today so you should blame them.

THANK YOU for whoever made this list! - Zombieman99

Because of 2016 PPG and Teen Titans Go! - mayamanga

Twerking needs to go away, it's crappy trash movies like Sing, The Star, that upcoming Peter Rabbit flick, and crappy shows like Breadwinners and that stupid dumbass Powerpuff Girls reboot that are most likely brainwashing children into doing this. What'll happen if they're alone doing this in public and a certain kind of adult happens to notice, if you catch my drift?

Parents suck nowadays.

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12 Play M rated video games

I'm almost 13 and my parents don't let me play Call of Duty, Grand Theft Auto, any m rated games. - SammySpore

My little niece plays mortal kombat (2011). But I don't blame her. I blame her parents for it.

This ain't bad. But let me guess: "But it causes violent thoughts! " News Flash: That is not true. - LordDovahkiin

Nothing wrong with this. It actually doesn't cause violent thoughts. - LordDovahkiin

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13 Smoke smarties

They're gonna kill themselves.

When kids do this, it's a joke. So long as they aren't using a cigarette or cigar, it don't matter. - LordDovahkiin

14 Smoke weed

How many kids really do this? - Lucretia

15 Listen to inappropriate music

"I'm sexy and I know it! " said too many times by a little girl on a bus ride is already a problem.

Depends on how innapropriate it is - Lucretia

16 Get on social networking websites

Why do a lot of teenagers think the world will end if they're not on Instagram or Facebook? - CommentandList

That's not bad. - LordDovahkiin

17 Watch cartoons that are mostly for adults

Some of the kids cartoons don't seem that appropriate today either.

My little siblings started watching Naruto: Shippuden at age 8 - mayamanga

So? This don't really matter. They can watch what they want. (To an extent.) - LordDovahkiin

Kids cartoons aren't really the way I Don't watch cartoons

18 Talk back to their parents

Honestly, this one I can't agree with. For me, "talking back" is called explaining. Yes, I know, I should call myself "storyteller", but once I had a teacher who didn't allow me into the library because I wasn't a 1st Grader, and she said that was how it's supposed to be, even though the library was for the whole school. I said that wasn't fair, she called it talking back. While she used the world's worst argument. - redhawk766

But sometimes your parents make the worst reasons on an argument.

I'm 11 and I behave fully. I don't talk back, I'm not violent, I don't swear, I'm not a brat. And I was NOT raised like this. - Jake09

Talking is defending my self to my mom - Lucretia

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19 Watch R Rated Movies


I’m 13 and my mom and dad let me and my brothers watch terminator 2 and logan

20 Destroy a good console
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