Top Ten Bad Things That Should Happen to D.W. On Arthur

Arthur will be so happy about this stuff happening to D. W!

The Top Ten

1 D.W.'s head explodes

Come on let's girl that stupid girl - EpicJake

2 D.W. falls into a volcano
3 A bunch of wild cats scratch up D.W.
4 D.W. gets trapped in a fire

That would be so AWESOME

5 A poisonous snake bites D.W.
6 A bunch of Pokémon attack D.W.
7 D.W. sinks in quicksand
8 A giant steps on D.W.
9 Thanos disintegrates D.W.

D.W. is more powerful than thanos.

10 D.W. gets trapped in a room with no air

The Contenders

11 D.W. falls out of an airplane
12 A bird poops on D.W.

This item made my day, laugh out loud. - nintendofan126

13 A whale eats D.W.

This'll be like that SpongeBib episode that everyone despises when Pearl swallows Plankton (One course meal! Ah, ah, ah! )

14 Every fighting type Pokémon punches D.W.
15 Someone pokes a knife in D.W.'s head!
16 A horse kicks D.W. with its back legs
17 A car runs over D.W.
18 Machoke chokes D.W.
19 A elephant falls on D.W.
20 A Gila monster bites D.W.
21 A bison headbutts D.W.
22 D.W. gets killed in a rock slide
23 1,000 hard books fall on D.W.
24 A tree falls on D.W.
25 D.W. Falls off a super tall building
26 A building collapses on D.W.
27 A crocodile bites D.W.
28 Someone throws their old TV out their window and it accidentally falls on D.W.
29 D.W. gets frozen by Elsa
30 Bloom from Winx Club uses her dragon wing to kill her
31 D.W. drowns in the ocean
32 D.W. falls into a deep hole
33 D.W. gets destroyed by the Arthur haters
34 D.W. gets thrown into outer space without a spacesuit or helmet
35 D.W. gets lost in a cave and never finds the way out
36 D.W. gets sprayed by a skunk
37 Someone whacks D.W. with a huge log
38 Everyone from block house throws their blocks at D.W.
39 D.W. goes to a construction site without a hard hat and a beam falls on her
40 Monkeys throw bananas at D.W.
41 Coconuts fall on D.W
42 A bowling ball falls on D. W.'s head!
43 50 elephants body slam D.W.
44 Pikachu uses a super strong thunderbolt on D.W.
45 100 elephants body slam D.W.
46 Mega Charizard does a huge attack on D.W.
47 20 giant trucks crash into D.W.
48 D.W. gets tossed and lands hard on top of a bus
49 A python squeezes D.W. until she can't breathe anymore
50 D.W. gets hit by a thousand hammers
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