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1 Death the Kid Death the Kid

He is of course going to be the baddest character, I nearly fainted when he fought Soul and Blackstar, he is the baddest of the bad.

Of course he's the most badass character. I mean like have you every seen someone who holds their pistols like him?...NO! because kid is a badass and badasses always have a unique way of holding things. Like levi for example he's the most badass character in attack on titan (to me) and he has a unique way of holding his tea cup. Why u ask. IT'S BECAUSE HE'S A BADASS! I rest my case. Goodbye.

The moment he smiled on his prologue episode, I was like this guy is a boss.

The way he holds the pistol, I never seen such!
His combat moves and tragedy!
He could change dramatically when someone destroys a perfect symmetry

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2 Soul
3 Maka

Maka practically Maka Chops everyone whenever she doesn't get her way. And the last episode in the anime when she had that big fight scene with Asura...

4 Stein Stein

No words to describe how amazing and hot he is

Powerful and sexy. - Kakabane

5 Medusa
6 Liz
7 Crona Crona

CRONA IS AMAZING! He may be shy and looks not strong at all but when he starts fighting he is a total BADASS! He is so crazy and sweet. I love him

8 Black Star
9 Patty V 1 Comment
10 Tsubaki

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11 Lord Death V 1 Comment
12 Kishin (Asura)
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1. Death the Kid
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1. Death the Kid
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