Top Ten Most Badass Godzilla Moments

The Top Ten

1 Godzilla Completely Obliterates Space Godzilla with an Atomic Breath Onslaught (Godzilla vs Space Godzilla)

This was complete overkill, and it is awesome as hell - RustyNail

2 Godzilla Kills Zilla in Less Than 10 Seconds (Godzilla:final Wars)

Basically a big middle finger to the American remake on who is the true Godzilla - RustyNail

3 Godzilla Beats the Hell Out of Destroyah (Godzilla vs Destroyah)

The last battle before destroyah gets killed by the military ( which is BS, let Godzilla take him out! ). Especially since destroyah killed Godzilla Jr, and Godzilla is about to melt down, he lays down a bloody ass kicking that you can't help cheer. - RustyNail

4 Godzilla Rips Mechagodzilla's Head Off (Godzilla vs Mechagodzilla)
5 Godzilla Kills Kiaser Ghidorah (Godzilla: Final Wars)

Definitely one of the best ass kickings in the series. Flips him, throws him rips their heads off, throws it in the sky and blows him up with atomic breath - RustyNail

6 Godzilla Blows Up an Asteroid About to Destroy Earth with Atomic Breath (Godzilla: Final Wars)

Arguably the most important atomic breath ever, very cool - RustyNail

7 Godzilla Drop Kicks Megalon, Twice (Godzilla vs Megalon)

Cheesy, but still a sight you have to see to believe - RustyNail

8 Godzilla Literally Rips Hedorah Apart (Godzilla vs Hedorah)
9 Godzilla Destroys Entire Military Attack Fore with an Atomic Breath Onslaught (Godzilla, Mothra, and King Ghidirah: Giant Monsters All Out Attack)
10 Godzilla Flies (Godzilla vs Hedorah)

Corny and illogical - RustyNail

The Contenders

11 Burning Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah (Godzilla: King of the Monsters)
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