Most Badass Jobs

The Top Ten Most Badass Jobs

1 Marine or other Military related jobs

Imagine getting paid to jump out of planes and spread liberty with a machine gun. AIRBOURNE INFANTRY


Imagine being able to help your country and have mad respect!

Being a Marine is the most badass job in the world. You are all over the world either destroying cities and killing bad guys or giving humanitarian aid.

2 Firefighter

Search and rescue fire, medical, hazmat, active shooter response you name it they are there

Only position you can break into somebody else's house without a search warrant! Firefighters break all sorts of things, crawl through an unknown environment seeing almost nothing and feeling heat, cut up cars, and do all kinds of other things that many people think aren't possible! We're the people everyone else looks to (yes, even other jobs on this list) when they get themselves in trouble even those "badass" fighter jet pilots crash their planes every once in a while and who's there to take care of it? Firefighters!

Firefighter is a kick ass job

They literally do everything. Take people from burning buildings, rescue people, provide medical care to those dying, cut open cars, help those who are in car accidents, and get PAYED good money to do it?

3 Astronaut

Undoubtedly, Astronaut is the most badass job ever. You need to be very competent, otherwise you will be useless in space. There is no place more hazardous, than space. If you screw up, nobody will be able to save you.

Is there anything more badass than going off of the planet in something that shoots you faster than a bullet? Nope.

I'm kind of jealous of Neil Armstrong. After he walked on the moon, when he and his friends are going out to eat and they tell stories about themselves he could just say. "I walked on the mooon" and that would be it.

I can't stand those little kids whose dream jobs is astronaut nowadays. You don't get paid that much, is a very dangerous job, and is very very boring. If you are one of those kids think 4 times again if you really want to become one. - MChkflaguard_Yt

4 Police Officer

They are just stern with me I got a stern talking to for being bad by losing my cool/temper

Awesome job! Just be careful because cops get killed everyday.

Bust criminals! Save lives!

If you don't like cops you are probably a criminal

5 Spy

How can some one get train to be a spy

You Get to sneak around and go James Bond On People. Cool Gadgets and Bad-Ass Cars

Well being a spy requires a lot of skills and experience and it's not easy to be one - byhenry

Easily the most badass- combines the killing skills and toughness of the military with the smooth man-charm of a CEO

6 Ice Cream Truck Driver

Cruising around and delivering smiles to children's faces is what REAL men do!

Just remember, never trust a gray ice cream truck. - Catception

Cruising down the streets with my I.C truck delivering ice creams, smiling at kids. Went to the park to get them scoop... what I'm I doing lol

Absolutely the most badass job. I mean, think of all those kids whose lives you're touching.

7 Lawyer

Thought they were illegal in the USA back in the day

The defense rests.

Really a badass job.

Be that ace attorney!

8 Rock Star

So totally, you dress like whatever you want and still sing your heart out. travel the wourld, and lots of other things!

I like and want this job so bad

Imagine sing to hundred people and rocking it wow.

9 Butcher

Experts in matters of impalement

If you've ever met an old school butcher? Guanteed to whoop anyone on the list. So much that everyone would be sure to keep their distance. Also, they come with the real 1000 yard stare.

10 Judge

The Contenders

11 Animator

Deserves its title. You work countless hours to keep drawing so that when filmed, they appear to move, and it only gets harder with deadlines and stuff.
Not to mention the RSIs we don't often hear about.

Yup, and I enjoyed cartoons, and when I learned this, it changed my view, - Gregory

Would love to do this

12 Cowboy

Wild, wild, west job. Nothing gets adrenaline pumping faster than leading a horse, with hands,legs, and voice while attempting to herd another animal. Total BADASS job.

If you can brand cattle, repair fences, and then wake up in the middle of the night again to help a sheep give birth, than you're a tough man.

Won the west! Might be time to play Cowboys and black lives matter soon

Through horses round bad ass

13 Pizza Maker

You don't understand this one. its badass

Haha no one gets it. It's true!

Best job in the world

So badass...beating up that dough

14 Guitarist

Playing them facemelters likes its nothing - Rocky5

Nothing compares to the feeling you get when you surprise your friends with an amazing guitar solo.

Who doesn’t wanna be as cool as us guitarists

Like drumming, it’s a musical job that involves lots of repetitive movement, which can cause injuries.
It’s important to be healthy when doing this.
But at the same time you’re entertaining the audience.
Badass alright. - Gregory

15 Weapons Tester

Weapon tester best damn job ever if there's any other job cooler than this it would be astronaut but who wouldn't want this badass job shooting guns and getting paid to do so

Get to shoot guns all day. What more do you want from life?

My dream job for sure

Make sure the military has good weapons for war bad ass

16 Criminal Profiler

Well I really wanted to be something realted in crimanels expect a cop

Definitely the most badass of them all - to be able to put yourself in the mind of a criminal and not become one? That take some serious skill, not to mention a huge time commitment (and a badge and gun to top it off).

17 Martial Artist

UFC guys kick ass. I did the training and it was legit.

Tuffest and most badass job, yet so fun

18 Movie Director

The best job in the world - Batman747

19 Doctor

Doctor is best

They make quick deductions to save people’s lives

Saving people’s lives is pretty badass

20 Teacher

If there were no teachers, nobody would be thinking about what they would want to be when they grow up. Teachers are underappreciated and under-paid. Give them more credit!

Without teachers who are you now?

Yeah right

21 Pornstar


Gay porn? Lol

22 Lumberjack

Being a lumberjack comes with man responsibilities such as having a beard and drink any non lumberjack under the table and have crazy hot females because your such a man as you can tell the lumberjack is not your average man we base our selves off the great Chuck Norris the definition of man

I'm a lumberjack, and I'm okay! I sleep all night and I work all day!

aw yeah man representing COUNTRY

Cocaine is a hell of a drug

23 Heavy Metal Drummer

Drumming of any kind involves fast repetitive motion with the hands that can cause repetitive injuries, which are common, and performers exert so much energy and sweat, and can end up being dehydrated.
It takes planning, practice and preparation.
It's pretty tough anyway. - Gregory

24 Government Assassin

A government assassin? Badass times 3

Oh my gosh I want this job, I want it bad.

You're a ghost! In. Out. You don't exist 10/10

I want this job!

25 Fighter Pilot

Heck yeah, Neil Armstrong was a fighter pilot in Korea before he walked on the moon. And those Brits who flew spitfires and won the Battle of Britain were total badasses!

26 Football Player

It's a game, and they wear tights lol! Seriously

It's a sports, those guys work their asses of, but at the end of the day, they're not baddasses


What's badass about playing a god damn sport as a career? You think a badass spends his youth destroying his body for a stupid game? Don't get me wrong. It sure is fun watching them guys slam into each other. But these guys play a game, go home to a nice house, f*ck their wife, and then go and play a game again. You see down there? Way down there at 17? "Commercial fisherman". These guys spend hours in the blistering sea, with infinitely more chances to die, and they don't get shoulder pads. You ever seen a tuna fishermen? They dive in the water and wrestle sharks out of their nets; with their bear hands, and in jaws' home turf. They get to rest of the day for 5 hours in a tide-rocked ship, and get a salary that probably ain't worth the effort. And why do they do it? Because they might as well. THAT'S a badass, gentlemen. Not the overpaid tool with a number.

27 Ironworker

Backbone of America’s structures of all types. Welding, grinding, drilling, lifting MASSIVE beams hundreds to thousands of feet in the air, all while a step from death.

One step from death what's more badass then that

More like sit on a roof for 8 hours, opening up a space for the RTU curbs to drop into.

Ironworker kick ass

28 Mining or Oil Driller

Roughnecks earn the title! Swinging sledgehammers, throwing hundred pound tongs, covered in mud head to toe to drill a hole miles into the ground.

I used to be an underground coal miner and I'll tell you this, you gotta have a big set of balls to do it! Coal mining definitely will separate the men from the boys!

Many people die in the mines.

Guys who Drill wells are brutal! Oil leads the world.
I think that's the best job ever.

29 Hitman

Tried it twice my first client didn't pay

30 FBI Special Agent

Imagine being able to stop terrorist attacks hours before they take place

These agents are the coolest people ever! With a variety of job placements available. They kick butt.

These guys protect us from terrorists

31 Prostitute

Yes prostitution!

hell yeah

32 Blacksmith

What’s more badass than making a sword and going up against that heat and sweat!

33 WWE Professional Wrestler

YOU will be famous while kicking ass and get paid loads a year!

It fake

ohhh yeah

34 Welder

We melt metal man

Who else can take two pieces of steel an make them one?

35 YouTuber

Filming videos for the audience and you do what they want to make them entertained and subscribe and they get more views.
Yet doing them numerous times to entertain fans, make money and get more views is pretty badass when it comes to the job.
Yet there are deadlines, where you have to post at the specific times at each interval, yet you do much as you’re busy spending many hours editing and uploading and doing all of it for subscribers and money.
It’s cool job, but it’s not all fun and games. - Gregory

36 Hacker


37 Actor

Imagine being in a movie just that.

Remember IU?

38 Construction/ Deconstruction
39 Shaman

Lets go shaman

40 Power Lineman

Like being a cop and getting shot in the vest EVERY day, one inch off and your dead. Fireman call us to make it safe so they can work. We work 24 hours a day literally with 8 off then do it again as long as it takes for months at a time, during hurricanes, snow storms, heat waves, from Compton to upstate New York. We are away from our wife, kids, home, friends. We work around asbestos covered wire, cancer causing emf and banned wood treatments, we have one of the shortest life expectancies in the modern world and we all have friends who died on the job, you think you have a hard job... I just got a call out gotta go

Like a cop that takes a bullet in the vest everyday on the job, one inch off and your dead. EVERY day. fireman call us to make it safe so they can go to work. We work 24 hrs literally a day with 8 off then do it again as long as it takes to get the job done for months if needed after hurricanes, snow storms, rain storms, heat waves, high winds, in Compton or upstate New York, away from our family our kids and our homes around asbestos covered wire and all that emf and banned wood treatment that causes cancer, you think you have a bad ass job... I just got a call out gotta go

99% of other jobs wouldn't even be possible without power

No comment necessary, if you don't know, they are doing their job

41 Stuntman

True dude

42 Stripper

Who doesn't want to be one?

43 Musician

Travels the world. Gains popularity, fierce competition. How can something be more badass than that? THink Beyoncé.

44 Physical Therapist

Come on! My dad is going to work as one! They help people with physical/mental disabilities. It's a REALLY important job. For example, if a child is born with a disability, physical therapists help them. TOTES BADASS

I want to work there...
I like to calm end help persons! I'm good at this!
A m I weird?

45 Counterintelligence Agent

Fighting against national threats with the FBI/CIA on a regular basis? That's pretty badass bruh.

46 Rapper

I'm a menace, a dentist, an oral hygienist
Open your mouth for about four or five minutes
Take a little bit of this fluoride rin-inse
Swish, but don't spit it; swallow it and now finish

Look at Eminem! Way cooler then other jobs

47 Critic

Movie critic for sure

48 Bearded Lady at a Freak Show
49 Hazardous Materials Disposal

HAZMAT workers are pretty badass

50 Tattoo Artist
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