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21 Football Player

It's a game, and they wear tights lol! Seriously

It's a sports, those guys work their asses of, but at the end of the day, they're not baddasses


What's badass about playing a god damn sport as a career? You think a badass spends his youth destroying his body for a stupid game? Don't get me wrong. It sure is fun watching them guys slam into each other. But these guys play a game, go home to a nice house, f*ck their wife, and then go and play a game again. You see down there? Way down there at 17? "Commercial fisherman". These guys spend hours in the blistering sea, with infinitely more chances to die, and they don't get shoulder pads. You ever seen a tuna fishermen? They dive in the water and wrestle sharks out of their nets; with their bear hands, and in jaws' home turf. They get to rest of the day for 5 hours in a tide-rocked ship, and get a salary that probably ain't worth the effort. And why do they do it? Because they might as well. THAT'S a badass, gentlemen. Not the overpaid tool with a number.

22 Heavy Metal Drummer
23 Teacher

Yeah right

24 Pornstar


Gay porn? Lol

25 Mining or Oil Driller

Roughnecks earn the title! Swinging sledgehammers, throwing hundred pound tongs, covered in mud head to toe to drill a hole miles into the ground.

Many people die in the mines.

Guys who Drill wells are brutal! Oil leads the world.
I think that's the best job ever.

Ever try that without power?... No... Your welcome - journeyman lineman

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26 WWE Professional Wrestler

YOU will be famous while kicking ass and get paid loads a year!

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27 Ironworker

One step from death what's more badass then that

Fearless wield men that have the balls to go up and bild this country's skyline

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28 Government Assassin

A government assassin? Badass times 3

Oh my gosh I want this job, I want it bad.

I want this job!

Nothing can be badass than being a govt assassin

29 Blacksmith
30 Construction/ Deconstruction
31 Shaman
32 Physical Therapist V 1 Comment
33 Prostitute
34 Welder

We melt metal man

35 Commercial Fisherman

I've been a commercial salmon fisherman for two years now, awesome job. Pay, not so great.

36 Power Lineman

Like being a cop and getting shot in the vest EVERY day, one inch off and your dead. Fireman call us to make it safe so they can work. We work 24 hours a day literally with 8 off then do it again as long as it takes for months at a time, during hurricanes, snow storms, heat waves, from Compton to upstate New York. We are away from our wife, kids, home, friends. We work around asbestos covered wire, cancer causing emf and banned wood treatments, we have one of the shortest life expectancies in the modern world and we all have friends who died on the job, you think you have a hard job... I just got a call out gotta go

Like a cop that takes a bullet in the vest everyday on the job, one inch off and your dead. EVERY day. fireman call us to make it safe so they can go to work. We work 24 hrs literally a day with 8 off then do it again as long as it takes to get the job done for months if needed after hurricanes, snow storms, rain storms, heat waves, high winds, in Compton or upstate New York, away from our family our kids and our homes around asbestos covered wire and all that emf and banned wood treatment that causes cancer, you think you have a bad ass job... I just got a call out gotta go

99% of other jobs wouldn't even be possible without power

Every one has power right?

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37 Hitman

Tried it twice my first client didn't pay

38 Counterintelligence Agent

Fighting against national threats with the FBI/CIA on a regular basis? That's pretty badass bruh.

39 Surgeon

A true savior, the lifes of many lie in his hands and saving lifes is cool.

40 Bush Pilot V 1 Comment
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