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41 FBI Special Agent

These agents are the coolest people ever! With a variety of job placements available. They kick butt.

These guys protect us from terrorists

42 Fighter Pilot
43 Stripper
44 Hacker
45 Rapper

Look at Eminem! Way cooler then other jobs

46 Bearded Lady at a Freak Show
47 Stuntman
48 Hazardous Materials Disposal
49 Electric Lineman

You are all using power right now... Think about it

Ibew lineman 200k plus a year and cops and fireman call you to make it safe so they can work.

50 Producer
51 Critic
52 Singer
53 YouTuber
54 Snake Catcher

If you have the balls to do it this is the job for you

55 Journeyman Lineman

Instant death in your hands all day everyday, work in ny on hurricane sandy one day, two days later hanging under a chopper longline in California. Ya, it pays more than your job but don't worry you couldn't handle it.

Sshh it's Been a secret for decades! Even though it's the most important, most used, most dangerous, highest payed! Job in the world. Without power we are cave men


56 Author

GET to make books and make loads of money!

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57 Insurance Agent
58 Actor
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