Most Badass Madonna Songs

The Top Ten

1 Erotica

Hello, it's in the title itself!

2 Gang Bang

There is no discussion, this one is the badasser of all

3 Like a Prayer
4 Ray of Light

The most beautiful intro with the most badass chords progression. The dawn of 21st century rave starts here when the 'zephyrs in the sky-y-y' makes her wonder. Strung along with continuous synth with the most badass guitar riffs ever!

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5 Justify My Love
6 Future Lovers

A re-composition of Donna Summer - I Feel Love, produce the real sound of the future with the Arabic-like vocal in the chorus with a strong New Age message...

7 Holy Water
8 Celebration

With a euro-dance and 80's new wave added with a heavy sampling of generation electro, Madonna just know how to fit in the lyrics rendering the track an amazing catchy tunes!

9 Die Another Day
10 Express Yourself

Opposed to her previous work as 'material girl', besides, lyrically this song tells us about feminism and women's power. Leaving Madonna with a mega legacy alongside with New Order, Joy Division, and U2 at the time. Musically, the sound TR-bass, synthesizers, gated synth, electronic organ, are mostly influenced by new wave, nu, and power pop.

The Contenders

11 Jump

A song quoting a truth with a melancholy 80's dance/electro pop backed up with a strings creating a true sound of the limbs of life...

12 Get Together

A simple and obvious lyrics about getting together, connecting. Backed up with a bones-igniting rave and future pop vibe projected an image of a real club life...

13 Thief of Hearts
14 I'm Addicted

A real transgression from MDNA, a reference of "Molly" (MDMA/E) at it's best. Picturing a true image of new era rave culture, pop culture, with a bit of dark and catchy sensation...

15 Human Nature
16 Give It 2 Me
17 Hung Up

A heavy re-sampling of ABBA 1979 hit, Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight), also a biggest eurodisco hit. But Madge just know how to pound the beat and manipulating the lyrics of a real club life making a cross referencing between Goldfrapp and Kylie Minogue. But it is also a perfect theme for her album Confessions On A Dance Floor as the song is about a failed romance.

18 Veni Vidi Vici
19 Bye Bye Baby
20 Vogue

The all time legendary tune. Perfect vibe of fashionista world as well as music as a muse. Vogue has it's own legacy and one of the most influential contribution to the New Age club deep-house sound. Looping a thrilling synths string backed up with energised drum beat.

21 Like a Virgin
22 Dress You Up
23 Like It or Not
24 Sky Fits Heaven
25 Bitch I'm Madonna
26 Waiting
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