Most Badass Madonna Songs

The Top Ten

1 Erotica

Hello, it's in the title itself!

2 Gang Bang

There is no discussion, this one is the badasser of all

3 Like a Prayer
4 Ray of Light

One of the best song ever made!

The most beautiful intro with the most badass chords progression. The dawn of 21st century rave starts here when the 'zephyrs in the sky-y-y' makes her wonder. Strung along with continuous synth with the most badass guitar riffs ever!

5 Justify My Love
6 Future Lovers

A re-composition of Donna Summer - I Feel Love, produce the real sound of the future with the Arabic-like vocal in the chorus with a strong New Age message...

7 Holy Water
8 Celebration

With a euro-dance and 80's new wave added with a heavy sampling of generation electro, Madonna just know how to fit in the lyrics rendering the track an amazing catchy tunes!

9 Die Another Day
10 Express Yourself

Opposed to her previous work as 'material girl', besides, lyrically this song tells us about feminism and women's power. Leaving Madonna with a mega legacy alongside with New Order, Joy Division, and U2 at the time. Musically, the sound TR-bass, synthesizers, gated synth, electronic organ, are mostly influenced by new wave, nu, and power pop.

The Contenders

11 Jump

A song quoting a truth with a melancholy 80's dance/electro pop backed up with a strings creating a true sound of the limbs of life...

12 Get Together

A simple and obvious lyrics about getting together, connecting. Backed up with a bones-igniting rave and future pop vibe projected an image of a real club life...

13 Thief of Hearts
14 I'm Addicted

A real transgression from MDNA, a reference of "Molly" (MDMA/E) at it's best. Picturing a true image of new era rave culture, pop culture, with a bit of dark and catchy sensation...

15 Veni Vidi Vici

Makes you wanna go and get it

16 Human Nature
17 Give It 2 Me

A bit different from her then works, this time Madonna adding a bit of indie urban grooves loop into her work. Containing a real and most badass b*tchy lyrics ever! The sound of her vocal 'autotuned' mixed with the driest repetitive beat and a solo of gamelan (a cultural Javanese instrument) towards the end, making the song sounded super exquisite.

18 Hung Up

A heavy re-sampling of ABBA 1979 hit, Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight), also a biggest eurodisco hit. But Madge just know how to pound the beat and manipulating the lyrics of a real club life making a cross referencing between Goldfrapp and Kylie Minogue. But it is also a perfect theme for her album Confessions On A Dance Floor as the song is about a failed romance.

19 Bye Bye Baby
20 Vogue

The all time legendary tune. Perfect vibe of fashionista world as well as music as a muse. Vogue has it's own legacy and one of the most influential contribution to the New Age club deep-house sound. Looping a thrilling synths string backed up with energised drum beat.

21 Like a Virgin
22 Dress You Up
23 Like It or Not
24 Sky Fits Heaven
25 Bitch I'm Madonna
26 Waiting
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