Most Badass Moments by Female Characters in Non Disney Animated Movies

The most badass moments by female animated movies characters from non Disney animated movies.

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1 Anastasia Destroys Rasputin's Reliquary - Anastasia

After failing to kill off Anastasia Rasputin takes it upon himself to finish her off himself but Anya shows him that he messed with the wrong princess as she turns the tables on him as crushes his reliquary which he sold his soul for to destroy the Romonov family avenging her family and destroying Rasputin himself in the process. - egnomac

2 Fiona Takes Out Monsieur Hood and His Merry Men - Shrek

Possibly one of the funniest moments in the movie after Fiona is rescued by Monsieur Hood an his merry men and while Hood begins singing she knocks him annoyed by his singing before the other merry men go after her only for Fiona to lay a SmackDown on all of them even using the matrix move and even punches through Friar Tucks accordion. - egnomac

3 Ash Sets It All Free - Sing

Ash goes throughout a lot during the competition between Buster Moon wanting her to perform a certain way and her boyfriend breaking up with her to perform with another girl due to her not being around, during the competition she is finally able to perform her way via the song "Set it All Free" which is Sing's version of "Let it Go" and really gives one hell of a performance. - egnomac

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4 Snow White Unleashes Her Animal Friends on the Tree Guards - Shrek the Third

After escaping from the dungeon Fiona and the other princess's make their way to the castle with Snow White first distracting the two tree guard by putting on a typical routine of singing happily as she is surrounded by her animal friends before unleashing a siren like scream as she unleashes her animal friends on the tree guard destroying them and allowing the princess's to get through the gate. - egnomac

5 Mrs. Brisby Uses the Amulet to Lift Her Home to Safety - The Secret of NIMH

In a surprise turn of events after Mrs. Brisby's home begins sinking with her kids still inside her desire to protect her family unleashes the amulet's power which grants her telekinetic powers that allow her to save her home from sinking as she moves her home to safety. - egnomac

6 Little Foot's Mother Fights Off the Sharptooth - The Land Before Time

The look on her face as she came to protect Littlefoot and Sarah from Sharptooth. I knew right then and there that even gentle giants can become aggressive if given the proper motivation to do so.

Little Foot's Mother was really determined to protect him from the Sharptooth and she actually puts up one hell of a fight. - egnomac

7 Susan/Ginormica Fights Off the Giant Robot Probe - Monsters vs Aliens
8 Lola Bunny Shows Off Her Skills - Space Jam

While the other Toons are preparing for the basketball game against the Monstars Lola comes in to try out for their team and after Bugs refers to her as "DOLL" she challenges him to a one on one and literally runs circles around him and makes a slam dunk leaving everyone impressed as she's leaving she goes over to Bugs and tells him not to call her "DOLL". - egnomac

9 Maria Breaks Up the Fight Between Manolo and Joaquin - The Book of Life

After both Manolo and Joaquin get into a big fight after Maria's father announces he wants her to marry Joaquin so he can stay and protect the villiage from Chakal the bandit king after laying inuslts at one another the two decide to duel one another before their fight is broken up by Maria wielding a sword. - egnomac

10 Red Beats Up Wolf - Hoodwinked

During Wolf's side of the story as Wolf is confronting Red she sprays him with a can of Wolf away spray and unleashes a barrage of martial arts moves laying him out. - egnomac

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11 Fluttershy Becomes Tougher When Her Animal Sanctuary Ends Up the Opposite of What It Should Be - My Little Pony
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1. Anastasia Destroys Rasputin's Reliquary - Anastasia
2. Fiona Takes Out Monsieur Hood and His Merry Men - Shrek
3. Snow White Unleashes Her Animal Friends on the Tree Guards - Shrek the Third


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